#1. TATCHA UNDER EYE BRIGHTENER | I got this in the shade ‘moonlight’ and it is SO good if you are wanting to brighten your under eye area! It’s super hydrating – which is the best part but whatever is inside of it brightens the area and gives a beautiful glow. It’s nothing crazy at all, just gives a beautiful, ‘illuminating’ glow to the area. I use it on days when I am not wearing much makeup – on its own to brighten the area – but I also use it on days when I am wearing makeup just to brighten & hydrate the area.

#2. DRUNK ELEPHANT D-BRONZI ANTI-POLLUTION SUNSHINE SERUM | First of all, I really love this line of products – they have an oil that I absolutely adore! I saw this this new bronzing product came out for the face so I had to give it a try. I’ve been sharing all my self tanning tips/tricks/faves on my Instagram story a lot lately and people always ask “do you use these on your face?” and the answer is “no”. I don’t like putting things on like self tanners on my face unless I know they won’t break me out. I really like this product because you can wear it alone or mix it in with a moisturizer for a really nice tan / glow. This is something I will do if I am not getting ready one day but I still want to look half-way decent. 🙂 This product has a lot of amazing ingredients as well that help your skin also.

#3. SUNDAY RILEY BRIGHTENING ENZYME WATER CREAM | Oh my stars! I adore this stuff! I got this in PR and I started using it immediately and I am addicted. It feels so good on and my skin just soaks it all up and looks so more more fresh afterwards. I was taking photos of these products and realized I have used this so much that the name is starting to come off – oops! If you are looking for a moisturizer get a sample of this and try it out – I think you will love it!

#4. DR. JART SHEET MASK | This is the water replenishment mask and I really love this one for when my skin is super dry. I do beauty posts each week and I am always talking about how my skin has become so much more dry since accutane and even since being pregnant with Luke. I have days where my skin is fine and then I’ll have days after we’ve flown a lot that my skin is parched. I always keep hydrating sheet masks on hand so that I can use them after a trip where we have been in the plane.

#5. DIOR HYDRA LIFE EXTRA PLUMP SMOOTH BALM MASK | I got this during the Spring Bonus  and totally forgot to mention it! Oh my goodness – I love this! I use this probably 2 nights a week in the bath. It is a 3 minute mask and it smells SOOOOO good [in my opinion]. It’s a plumping mask & I am all about keeping my skin hydrated and plump. I use a lot of products that have hyaluronic acid in them so that my skin stays more ‘full’ – if that makes sense. When you use products that hydrate and restore, it helps to smooth out your skin overall and give it more glow / life.

#6. SOL DE JANIERO HAND LOTION | This probably seems random but you guys already know about my obsessed with this brand – I’ve mentioned it several times across all of my platforms the past couple of months. It is a little pricey in my opinion but I am crazy over their body wash, lotion, and mostly – their Bronze Body Glow Oil. They have it where you can buy both colors in it a duo package now. This line has the most incredible smell – ever! Anytime I have on anything of theirs I get compliments. I randomly got the lotion to keep in my handbag and I do find that it is moisturizing- but it is the smell that really changes the game.

[adding in 2 makeup products, just for fun!]

#7. BORN TO RUN PALETTE | I have had a lot of you inquire about what eye shadow I’ve been wearing lately and I thought I’d mention it as well because it is my JAM lately. I travel everywhere with it and use it DAILY. I got this in PR and when I saw the colors I knew I was going to love it – but the color payoff is what truly sold me. I use the tan / light brown shades as a transition shade and then use the glitter pigment colors on my lid. I also love the white shades in the top left for my inner eye and brown bone! There are lots of fun colors in the palette as well – blues, oranges, etc. but I tend to stick with the more neutral/bronze colors for day-to-day.

#8. TOO FACED CONCEALER MULTI-USE SCULPTING CONCEALER | I saw a YouTuber raving about this and I went to Sephora and purchased right before we went to Ohio. I used it the entire trip and I REALLY like it. I like the applicator and I like the coverage – but I love that it is hydrating. It doesn’t crease or look cakey at all – it is a really nice coverage but it has other uses. You can use it for highlighting, contouring, brightening, etc. I mainly just use it to conceal the dark circles under my eyes. The bottle is HUGE for a concealer – I actually thought it was supposed to be a foundation initially so you can use this for a variety of ‘issues’.

Okay, I am wrapping it up at 8 products! Do you all like seeing my recent Sephora Haul posts?! I’ve been doing them monthly lately just to share what all I am purchasing. I had been getting requests for these types of posts quite a bit the past couple of years. Also, I try not to be redundant but I have talked about my FAVORITE dry shampoo in my last 2-3 beauty posts, ahh! But I get asked almost daily about it so I thought I’d just re-link it here. If you want to see other beauty favorites & recent Sephora Hauls – just use the Menu tab and click BEAUTY. 🙂

Thanks to Sephora for sponsoring todays post.

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8 thoughts on “SEPHORA HAUL!

  1. These are some of my fAvorite posts! I know you are a beauty lover and I know you wouldn’t post something unless you love it. some of my favorite makeup purchases were RECOMMENDATIONS from you.

  2. oh em gee…i don’t know how i missed this post!!! i found out you had this post when I saw your insta story just now…

    i can’ totally see you wearing those tan/beige shades and a bronzy type shade in your makeup routine…and i can guess which ones you may be using lol that’s how well i think i personally know your taste nowadays!

    can you do a insta story update makeup routine, but focusing more on your eye makeup like doing a close up. and i know you don’t like that too much, but i think many of us would loveee that!!!!


  3. Yes I love your sephora hauls! It’s nice to have products tried and tested by someone whose aesthetic you know you like!

  4. Hi
    I live in the Uk and I’m trying to order some products from sephora france website using my mobile phone. The website does not allow me to select a delivery option to pay to SEnd these products to the UK. Any suggestions?
    Many thanks

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