Ultimate #NSALE Beauty Guide [Read This Before Shopping Beauty]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 best of beauty, emily ann gemma


Okay, so!! 🙂 The Nordstrom Anniversary sale does goes public TOMORROW. If you are still trying to decide what to buy, I’d recommend purchasing what you for sure want today so that you get it – I have heard of SO many people ordering just a few minutes later and the item was sold out. In fact, the the sale went live to cardholders, I did a post on *Products That Will Sell Out* – just so you guys can get a first chance at them and so many of them were gone in the first few HOURS of the sale being live, it is crazy!

Any who, today I am just wrapping up what I find to be the BEST OF BEAUTY on the site. I have been covering the beauty selection of the sale for several years and I have SOOO many products that I purchased during the first NSALE I ever shopped – and I still use! I’ve collected some photos and shot more photos so break down some of the best deals! So as you scroll down you will see items that I really love & use + info on them!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 best of beauty, emily ann gemma


This is a must if you are someone who wears make-up! I have a few different brand of mirrors – I love my Simple Human & my Riki! But this one is great because not only is it more affordable, it is small enough to travel AND it comes w/a travel mirror – which is how I get ready on airplanes/in the airport! It lights up and has a mirror on both sides. I will attach a photo below! So you get the small travel one that goes into your purse and you get the one that sits on a vanity + a magnifying mirror.

On sale for $51 regularly $78

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 best of beauty, emily ann gemma

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 best of beauty, emily ann gemma


Next up are not new to my blog by any means but they are worth the mention since they are on sale!

-You all already know I ADORE my GloPro Microneedling Tool. I’ve been using it for a year now and I have covered it in a lot of my weekly beauty round ups. This tool is a game changer – I love it because I have acne scars that are stubborn and large pores and see a difference when I use it!

-I also love the NuFace, in fact I have one for face and one for body! These are similar to the GloPro but very different – I like them because they are for aging skin so they help to tighten and contour the skin. I would recommend reading up on this if you haven’t heard of them!

-Lastly, I love the Illuminage for “laser” hair removal AT HOME. I love anything that allows me to stay home and not have to go out as much, lol. I’ve had this for a little over a year and really love that I can use it at home!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 best of beauty, emily ann gemma, glo pro, lelabo


Now is THE best time to get new makeup brushes! I have a few holy grail brushes and most of them are part of the sale – as are the cleaners!

SIGMA BRUSHES [the F80 is my foundation go-to!]

Beauty Blenders [couldn’t imagine trying to do makeup w/o one of these – these are magical and are a MUST so that you aren’t cakey! I love the new storage thing that comes w/these!]


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 best of beauty, emily ann gemma



Nordstrom has always been my go-to place for hot hair products. I use a lot of T3Micro – as you all have seen for many years now! I keep a travel sized drier in my guest bedrooms along w/a travel size straightener from the brand. I keep a travel sized drier in my luggage as well – that is how dedicated I am!

-T3Micro Blow Dryer [these photos are from last summer! 😉 ]

-GHD Straightener 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 best of beauty, emily ann gemma


If you have followed me for long you already know – this is my jam! I’ve been a loyal user of Alterna for probably 3 years straight?! I ordered this set bc I go through this like crazy!


LeLabo Travel Set [oh em gee! Bought this in the store – one of the first things I grabbed!]

Of course the SILK pillowcases I talked ab in yesterdays post [HERE].

ABH LIP KIT – Kind of random and I don’t like it UNLESS I use a dark liner but it is a super pretty nude combo and looks amazing if you like a nude-pink look!

EVIAN – Also random but I keep these everywhere and swear by these when traveling!!

Anthony Wipes – These are the best! Everyone should be using these at night – I love them for when I am traveling and am worn out and can’t take time to do ALL of the night time skin care steps.

The HA I use every night and morning is also on sale! I swear by this – it was recommended to my by girlfriend Kae’La! She has amazing skin and said ALWAYS use this and it will plump up and hydrate your skin!









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14 thoughts on “Ultimate #NSALE Beauty Guide [Read This Before Shopping Beauty]

  1. great post, i just ordered the HA, cant wait to try it! Im a clarins girl usually. I would love sOmeday to see an eyEmakuP tutOrial, love your eyes. ThE eyeliner is the hardest part for me! Thanks!

  2. I see you have moroccan oil products in your shower. Dont use them!! They are so bad for your hair!! They leave a horrible residue that takes A special shampoo to remove and Their prodoucts cause major hair lOss over time!! Look at the ingredigents! It barely has Any argan oil in it. GooGle mOroccan oIl bad for hair. I just wanted to tell you so you….

  3. I love Le labo santal 33! BeEn wEaring it for 3 years! Best kept secret….lol
    I discovered Le Labo wHen my husband and I were staying at the Emma hotel in San Antonio at a darling boutique nearby.
    Before the Cologne came out I Used to take candle wax from my Santal 33 and put it behind my ears…..I lOved It that much!
    Happy Day! Love following your darling – gorgeous family!

  4. Good evening Emily this is Gina Albeek i cant find your email address otherwise i would email you. Ive never won anything before so im not sure what i need to do. You can email me at or text me at 9182194970. Thank you again. ?

  5. Hi Pretty! In the last month ive beCome obsessed wIth your blog. I love your style and insight. youve said that you dont self tan your face, but im wondering, how you match your body tan to your face so PerfecTly (and So dark!?)

    Thanks! Xx

  6. I n to get the glopro micrOneedling tool. I have been wan iT for years. I hope its not too late since i’m in my 40’s.

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