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#1 Michael Kors Watch [reminds me of a Rolex but wayyy cheaper!]

#2 Black Hat w/Leopard Trim [I adore this – the leopard piece makes it go well with browns too!]

#3 Leopard Print Duster [This has been on my wishlist for soooo long! I need to just cave and get it!]

#4 Faux Ear Cuff [I am so into the ear cuff stuff right now – I may ask for these for Christmas!!?]

#5 Burberry Scarf [I have a gauze version of this that I have had for years and it never gets old – and it goes w/so much so I love the idea of this pattern/thicker one!]

#6 Leopard Print iPhone Case [I have this phone case and get SO many compliments on it!]

#7 Selfie Light [This is the best invention ever for you and your girlfriends who love taking selfies or photos at night!]

#8 Pre-Loved LV Wallet [This style of wallet is my favorite and I get a lot of people asking what style it is – they don’t make it anymore so I thought I’d share this amazing find from Fashionphile.]

#9 Foundation Brush + Cleaner [This is my go-to foundation brush AND my go-to brush cleaner! I got this in PR and I don’t want to open it bc it is so beautiful – the gold version is soooo cute!]

#10 iPhone Carrier/Purse [My mom swears by this and I get SOO many people asking about it bc it is genius for the who need to wear their phone but want it to be cute! It has that Valentino look on the strap and it holds cards in the back!]

#11 Leather Backpack [I just really love this bag – love it so much!! It’s a backpack!]

#12 Platform Wedge Sneaker [I am so so so so soooooo obsessed w/these shoes – they look designer and are SO SO SO cute.]

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3 thoughts on “Fashionistas Gift Guide

  1. Love the pOst but so many things are sold out! Also are the steve madden Shoes, soooooo cute..are they avalible in canada? link wont bRing them up. Love you blog !!