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Our Trip To Calistoga Ranch With Lancome


You guys may remember my trip to Sonoma Valley, CA with Lancome from last month, right?! I shared a lot of behind the scenes over on my IG stories & I had a lot of questions about Lancome’s new ABSOLUE line so I wanted to do a full recap of the trip & also share a breakdown of the new products and the ones my mom and I loved the most!

First of all, I literally squealed when Lancome e-mailed me to invite us on this trip – I was SO SO giddy and excited for the entire month leading up to it. If you don’t know already, I have a lot of Holy Grail [favorite products] from Lancome and just getting a PR package from them has always been such a huge deal to me since I love the brand and their products. Anyway, my mom and I had never been in that area of California so it was just a really fun experience and trip and totally something I will never forget. My mom and I were so grateful to have been able to be a part of it.

The first morning we were there we met for brunch and it was pouring rain but the tent was SO insanely gorgeous. There were pink roses everywhere & they used roses to make chandeliers & picture frames. The details were just over the top. At this brunch we had the full Absolue line up in front of us and got a chance to learn about the new products and I was LOVING it. You guys know I’m a skin care / product junkie so to sit in that environment and get to learn the ins and outs and ‘technology’ of these products was so fun.

The Lancome team also scheduled facials for all of us and all Lancome products were used. My mom had never had a facial before and she honestly was not sure if she was down for it when the time came! I was cracking up because I love a good facial but she just had no idea what to expect! When we showed up to the spa [photos below] she was like “wow this is so dreamy!” and I could tell she was excited. They had robes with our names on them and Lancome branded towels – which I had it all shipped home because umm… they were amazing! [And UGG brand!] Anyway, we parted ways to go into our facial rooms and I knew she was still a little nervous but when we came out her face said it all! She was like “EMILY! That was the best thing ever!!” and we both giggled about how she was nervous about it. I got a good look at her skin and I was like “Mom! Did they put makeup on you?!” and she goes “no, why?!” and I was like “your skin looks insane – like they put on foundation?!?!” and she looked into the mirror and was like “oh wow!”. I am telling you – I’ve never seen her skin look so good. She had ZERO makeup on and all of these amazing, hydrating products and her skin looked so beautiful, plump, and smooth. When we got back to our room they had brought the entire collection and displayed it on the bathroom. We both were like YESSSSS!!! Seriously – we are just beyond grateful to have gotten to have this experience.

Since being back home, we have both been trying all of the different products. The other night and texted me and goes “okay, I just used a Lancome mask and my face is smooth like baby’s skin!” and I asked for her to send a photo of it so I could try it and she sent a link with all of the info?! She is super picky so anytime she raves about any type of beauty product I know it’s got to be good. I’ll break down our favorites at the end of this post now that I’ve had time to try it all!

^After our facials at the spa at Calistoga Ranch

^The setting / fireplace in the spa area.

^The bathroom in our room with flowers and new products to try.

^Travel pic after landing in SF before we drove out to Calistoga!


MOM [wearing a few of my older pieces that sold out but I will link similar!] || LEOPARD CARDIGAN [omg so cute!] | EXACT JEANS [These are insanely flattering – I used to wear them all the time before the bump!] | EXACT BELT | EXACT WEDGES [super comfy & a designer dupe!]


^What I wore to brunch on the first day!




^Little black dress for the bump snapped before dinner on the last night!


DRESS [sized up bc of bump – $37 & 40% off today!??] | LEOPARD HEELS [dupe version]

^Outfit for traveling home




Now that I have had nearly 4 weeks to try out the products I wanted to more or less answer the questions I’ve received and share what my favorite items were.

I’ll be reviewing this all over on my IG stories too so make sure you check that out today!

First of all, the new ABSOLUE SOFT CREAM / RICH CREAM were two of the stand-out products. Personally, I like the Rich Cream at night – it is thicker than the Soft Cream and is a bit more emollient. My mom prefers the Soft Cream & I prefer the Rich Cream – but I will say I use the Soft Cream under makeup. The Rich Cream just takes a little longer to melt/sink in – I guess you could say?! Both are phenomenal though and are made to target fine lines, hydrate & nourish [24 hr hydration!!], & to make the skin firmer & more radiant. The product is made of an exclusive blend of Grand Rose Extracts – which is why roses were everyone, how cool is that [just FYI the smell is amazing!]. I found it interesting that these creams are made to go from THICK – THIN – THICK – meaning that it goes on very beautifully in a thick way but quickly melts into the skin and feels like a serum, but then it gets thick again once absorbed and plumps up your skin. All of that together is like music to my ears! I need all of that! The packaging for the entire collection is gorgeous and looks like stunning home decor – which I love! 🙂 Oh and one of the best parts is that you can buy SOFT REFILLS /RICH REFILLS– which will save you money when you run out. [It reminds me of a K-Cup, ha!]

Secondly, I loved the Absolue Precious Oil. I’ve talked about this before but being pregnancy drains out my skin SO badly and I’m always parched. I am all about layering the most hydrating, nourishing products I can! I wear this oil at night & also I apply it at the end of my skincare routine before I apply makeup. None of these affect the way makeup goes on at all. This oil just gives more of a glow & lit from within look.

Next up are two of the masks in the collection. My personal favorite was the Precious Cells Revitalizing Night Mask. I just apply this before I get in bed 3x a week and I wake up and my skin feels SO SO good. I mean, to the point where my skin looks dewy?! My mom’s favorite mask that I mentioned above is the Rose Face Mask & she swears up and down it makes her skin softer than ever. It’s one that you wear for 10 minutes and remove and she sees a difference. I personally like the other one because I’m usually too tired to remove it!??‍♀️

A few other stand out products that we both use on a daily basis are the Absolue Eye Cream [amazing!], the Absolue Lip Balm, & not part of the line but we like their Invigorating Body Moisturizer.

Just FYI – one of the best products for those with dry skin who like a radiant look is THIS powder! I used this on my mom back in December when I did a makeover on my IG story and had a lot of you ask about it! It’s SO gorgeous and really lights up the skin but is not too crazy.

There are still a few products from the collection I’m trying so I’ll make sure to update you all on those soon! XO

Thanks so much to Lancome for sponsoring this post.

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16 thoughts on “Our Trip To Calistoga Ranch With Lancome

  1. Wow! What an amazing experience! And to be able to do this with your mom is even more special. i’ve stayed at calistoga ranch several times and absolutely love it. The products sound great, i so look forward to trying them.

  2. What an amazing trip and fun memories for you and Coco. Love all the information on Lancome, I’ve been considering a new line and am excited to add a few of these to my routine.
    Thanks for all the work you put into your blog. I love that your local (ba HERE too, transplant from FAYETTEVILLE ) and keep it trendy.

  3. I cannot get over how generous lancome was/is on this trip. the fact that they gifted you and coco with their entire new line in full size bottles and offered to ship what you couldn’t bring with you- that’s how you build long lasting relationships with a brand. also- can we talk about how gorgeous calistoga ranch is?! i watched your stories during this trip and have never been more jealous. and the personalized robes and roses everywhere! seriously. please adopt me.

  4. I love LanCome. For the longest time I used different foundations and about a year ago I was in Ulta and talked with the Lancome consultant and she did a makeover for me with all of the products. I have pigment issues from a bone marrow transplant and to date this is the only line that has made me feel pretty and comfortable when i go out that people notice me and not my issues. I love the camoflauge, it helps so much. Thank you for sharing and you are really lucky you got to do this. I volunteer to be your plus 1 next time lol <3

  5. AbsOlue cream is the best ever!
    Love love love Loncome!
    Been Using there products For many years.
    Thank you emily for sharing your sweetest things wiTh us. I Look forward to your post everyday, they make my heart happy!

  6. I love That you did a blog post over Lancome! I use all of their products being skin care and makeup! Reviewing products that i havent tried yet Is so helpful especially when im wanting to try a new product! Thank you!

  7. I kove that you sfill blog so much! You really include sooooo much inFo here. Youve always had great tasye and advice! Ive been following you since before lUke was born. I live in laguna And i remember at fiRst thinking u lived here part Time!! Anyways love lancome and loved this post.. your mom is so cute and i love your relationShip im also soooo close w my mom and SIster!! This line is so gorgegous ive been wanting the powder so i finally bought it!! The absolue powder!! Jaclyn hill raved about it before too and i am OBsessed with it ! I just got it and gave worn it a few times it makes my Skin look amazing! I would loveeeee to try the cream!!! I like all your pics on insta watchh all yoUr stories and follow the gemma gang ??and im leaving a comment here too for the giveaway! My instagram is @PppaigEeee… love what you do and how much effort You put inTo yoUr blog!! I always look at ue liketoknow it and the options you post on there! Congrats on the new house and the new baby girl on the way!! Xo

  8. Goes out to buy LANCOME for the first time! I always thought of Lancome as a not very hip Brand. But now that you are saying all these amazing things I’m definitely going to go try it out.

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