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Springy Chartreuse & Recently Asked Questions From Our Trip To The Bahamas


DRESS: Ulla Johnson [white version HERE & more yellow sizes HERE! See widget below for more affordable yellow dress options!] | HEELS: Zara [very old! But I actually own THESE and prefer them!] | EARRINGS: Chanel | SUNGLASSES: Chloe | HANDBAG: Chanel [dupe option HERE] | WATCH: Rolex [amazing dupe option HERE] | LIPS: ‘Iconic Nude‘ + ‘Nude Kate‘ + ‘No Color’ Gloss

I’m HOME! ? And with my Luke Bear & Fitzy at the moment! We are cozied up in the living room – with the fireplace going. We came home to an ice & snow mix! It’s been like 22 degrees – which is very cold for us here in OK!

I know this dress is a little pricy but the color & ruffles are what truly make it – so I put together some more affordable yellow + ruffly options! I’ll add them in a widget below so you can use the arrows and scroll through!

I got a lot of questions while we were in the Bahamas regarding the trip in general & pregnancy and I figured I’d share everything here so you all can easily find it one place! First of all, a lot of you were so sweet and sent me the news article announcing the travel ban! We did notice that on our phones but we didn’t plan to leave the property at all so it was not an issue for us. If you stay at a resort I would recommend just staying on property and not venturing off, just in case. Also, we arranged for a car service – which helps eliminate any weird or scary situations at the airport. There is a taxi line so just be cautious. The airport is the only place that would ever make me skeptical really. Additionally, I had a lot of questions from other expecting mamas about Zika and as always – I would recommend contacting your physician and maybe check the CDC site. We saw not one single mosquito in the Bahamas, just FYI!  A lot of people ask me medical questions since John works in medicine but he is not an OB. I actually ask my OB everything and get his take and it’s the best advice I can give because they know your situation best. In addition to that, a lot of people were asking about self tanners, eye lash extensions, can I fly while pregnant, etc. and I’d recommend chatting with your doctor about those things as well. There is a lot of mixed feed back on all of those things online and I think just for peace of mind it is smartest to ask your physician and get their take. Lol, I’m so boring on this topic. FINALLY, we LOVE the Bahamas. We go just about every year – it is my favorite water of all! It beats Maui, Mexico, Jamaica, etc. It’s so clear and turquoise and just looks fake! We have only ever stayed in Nassau. We got a lot of questions about where we stayed and I honestly don’t like to share negative reviews so I never tagged or showed the name of the resort. We have stayed at 3 different places and our favorite so far was The One & Only – which is now owned by Four Seasons. The other places we stayed were a bit disappointing – bad service, outdated, etc. I have heard great things about the Bahamar – it sounds amazing. We passed on going there for this trip simply because you have to walk through the casino to get to the rooms and its very smoky and I personally can not deal with that during this stage of pregnancy! It’s so weird – the past 4-6 weeks I’ve become even more sensitive to smells and my allergies feel heightened so cigarette smoke affects me way worse than it did the first trimester, ya know?!

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4 thoughts on “Springy Chartreuse & Recently Asked Questions From Our Trip To The Bahamas

  1. Hi, you are the cutest and I love your earrings! Can you tell me who you use as your salesperson for Chanel? I know you have posted before but can’t find her name. I would love to see if they make the same ones in white gold/silver. thanks!

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