Last Look At My Office Space / Designer Handbag Collection Before Moving + Louis Vuitton eBay Find

You guys know I’m a major designer handbag lover! I actually get so so so many questions and emails regarding handbags – lots of requests to see my collection or to share my favorites, etc. I do plan on eventually reviewing handbags at some point. Possibly once we move and this baby girl is born and we get into the swing of life, ya know?! Anyway, before we move I thought I’d do one last post in my current ‘office’ where I store a lot of my handbags & sunglasses & more. You will notice super quickly that I’m a neutral handbag lover – big time! I have tried to branch out and get colors but when it comes down to it I like cognac, black, white, beige, & browns best!

I’m partnering with eBay [again] to share a recent designer find with you all. If you have followed me for long, you’ve heard me talk about eBay’s designer handbag selection & how they have an entire section of the site for Guaranteed Authentic Handbags. I’ve done two posts in the past year or so sharing how I used this particular section of the site to purchase a Louis Vuitton wallet as well as a beautiful suede vintage Chanel packpack! You can shop for handbags on eBay but the only way to be 100% positive you are getting the ‘real deal’ is to use their Authenicated Luxury Handbag section. PRO TIP: Just a heads up – that there is actually a wider selection of authenticated designer handbags on eBay. I didn’t realize this until recently but you can search for the bag you are looking for – like “Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and look to the left side of the screen where the filters are and hit Show Only > Authenticity Verified! You will find an even wider selection by doing this! In fact, one reader purchased a Chanel on eBay and sent it off to make sure it was authentic and it was – it was an amazing vintage find, too! However, if you want to make sure its 100% the real deal and you aren’t familiar with how it works – stick with their dedicated Authenticated section. I’ve done a few un-boxings on my IG stories to show in detail but I’ll try to quickly sum it all up. Basically, when a seller wants to list their handbags under this section, they send the product off to eBay’s team of experts who verify that that handbag is 100% real. When you receive it in the mail, you actually get really amazing packaging. I have received the original dustbox & card but ALSO you get the sleek eBay dustbox, bag, & card as well. I may add – eBay also offers this for WATCHES & LUXURY/HIGH END JEWELRY, too.

Anyway, since I am partnering with eBay for todays post, I thought I’d go fully into it and purchase something designer. SO, I was browsing their Authenticated Luxury Handbag selection and found a Louis Vuitton Cosmetic/Toiletry bag [similar HERE]. If you have followed me for long you know I LOVE Louis Vuitton ‘Small Leather Goods’ and have SO many pieces. I use them for travel & just day to day things. I love their wallets, cosmetic bags, passport holders, makeup bags, etc. Well, this time I wanted something that would be ideal for travel – something to throw my travel sized bottles of face wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc. in and pack when we travel — BUT also — double use as a clutch! Just an idea if you want to get the most out of your money! 🙂


#1. I am obsessed with Chanel Vintage handbags – I am loving the classic vintage look. I just saw THIS BLACK Chanel vintage classic and swooned! I am currently hoping to get my hands on a white version!

#2. Another Chanel vintage piece – this olive green Wallet on Chain is SO gorgeous and would be dreamy in the fall and winter.

#3. This Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 is an amazing deal! I have this and purchased mine used actually sinceI knew I’d use it for travel and it would get beat up a little. It’s a great duffle and so good for travel!

#4. Okay, I have never seen this but I kind of want to order it – it’s like a clutch?!?! It would be amazing as a clutch // wallet! It’s the Louis Vuitton Saint Louis. I feel like you could fit so much in it!

#5. Since I mentioned I love Small Leather Goods [aka SLGs], I will say I do adore my LV planner. I found this LV agenda cover  and had to share!

Anyway, this makes my third Authenticated eBay Luxury Handbag purchase and so far SO GOOD! Just had to share for those of you looking for pre-loved and guaranteed authentic items! I’ll actually link a few others that caught my eye in the widget below:

Thanks to eBay for sponsoring todays post.

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4 thoughts on “Last Look At My Office Space / Designer Handbag Collection Before Moving + Louis Vuitton eBay Find

  1. Im obsessed with deSigner bags! Thanks so much for sharing this!! I lovvvvvve a good deal and 9/10 i cant afford full pRice but this is awesome! You da Ish girl!! <3

  2. Thanks for sharing all your tips! I have not tried buying a designer bag from ebay yet, but after reading this and knowing how much you love yours, I am going to take the plunge!

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