Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing's summer travel necessities. Monogrammed weekender bag, cosmetic bags, electronic equpiment, wireless headphones, battery charger, and makeup case.


#1 PORTABLE FAN [I use this each day when I get ready after using setting spray – but it comes in handy when we travel for other reasons!]

#2 MONOGRAMMED WEEKENDER BAG [I have this in the largest size and its AMAZING but it does come in smaller versions – that are still good for a weekend trip! The largest one is linked and I can fit a TON inside of it!]

#3 RIKI CUTIE MIRROR [I have all of their mirrors and always travel with either the Cutie or the Tall – you can get 15% off w/code SWEETESTTHING15]

#4 MAKEUP BRUSH TRAVEL CASE / STAND [This is the best thing ever – it protects your brushes but then folds down and acts as a stand!]

#5 MULTI USE CORD [We got one of these in January and we are cord snobs for travel now! These are genius because they have 3 types of chargers on the end so that you can charge your phone, your portable charger, your Riki mirror, etc.]

#6 OFFICIAL HOLLIS BAG [I got an entire set in PR last week and immediately fell in love! These are SUPER well made and beautiful but the inside is a material that is great for cosmetics – it literally just wipes off! SO you can spill foundation and quickly use a baby wipe or something and remove it! Use code EMILY10 for 10% off!]

#7 STROLLER HOOK + CHARGER [This is so great for airport travel or if you are going to Disney or something… this not only works as a hook to hang your bags but it also holds charge and you can plug it in and charge your phone!]

#8 PACKING CUBES [I have these – the rose gold – and I love them! I used them the morning I was having Sophia to VERY quickly toss everything in and keep it organized. It was so nice to open my suitcase and John know exactly what each cube was for and not have to dig around to find anything.]

#9 TRAVEL CASE FOR CORDS/ELECTRONICS [We got this because we travel a lot and take headphones, chargers, SD cards, etc. and I like it all to be organized and neat so that we don’t waste time searching or detangling cords. This makes it SO super easy!]

#10 ANKER CHARGERS [We swear by these – I think we have 3 now – and we take 2 w/us on every trip. When we travel we find we are out and a bout mostly and let our phones die and these can charge 2 phones at a time and they charge so quickly AND they last for a while!]

#11 MONOGRAMMED COSMETIC BAG [Brought this to Dallas with us today – I packed my toiletries in this and my makeup in my other Hollis makeup bag! Both are so perfect for travel!]

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