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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 ‼️ What May Sell Out The Quickest [GIVEAWAY!]

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts TODAY for Cardholder members at 11:30 AM [CST]. I was able to shop Tuesday in Dallas because I am an ICON member but the Northpark store was so sweet and treated me to a gift card as well!

I don’t want to overwhelm anyone so todays post is mainly about items that I think will sell out the most quickly! Also, check back tomorrow for round two of what I purchased. Also – follow me on IG to see my stories where I try it all on and show the kids stuff as well!

ALSO: If you see the ‘‼️’ it means its most likely to go the quickest! AKA add to cart and order as fast as you can!

I will be posting a new post here on my blog later today with some other items that I don’t think will go as quickly but I won’t have that up until later today!

❤️ALSO! There’s a giveaway at the end of this post!❤️ Scroll to the end of this post to enter – I’m giving away $250 gift cards to Nordstrom to FOUR winners.



TOP: Socialite Oat Thermal Henley [wearing size medium on sale for $24.90]

‼️DENIM: Mother High Waist Jeans [wearing size 29, these are TTS – I was 27 pre-baby and I have about 8lbs to lose. I got these for my mom and she wears a 26. On sale for $151.90 – usually $228.]

‼️BOOTIES: [TTS, on sale for $59Halogen Camel Booties

‼️SUNGLASSES [on sale for $196.90 – usually $295]: Rag & Bone Aviators 

‼️HANDBAG [on sale for $305]: Tory Burch Everly Saddle Bag

‼️EARRINGS: Argento Vivo Gold Hoops

BRACELET: Nadri Links Bracelet

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


TOP: Socialite Mustard Thermal Henley [wearing size medium]

‼️DENIM: Mother High Waist Jeans [wearing size 29, these are TTS – I was 27 pre-baby and I have about 8lbs to lose. I got these for my mom and she wears a 26. On sale for $151.90 – usually $228.]

‼️BOOTIES [on sale for $59.90]: Halogen Camel Booties

‼️HANDBAG [on sale for $305]: Tory Burch Everly Saddle Bag

EARRINGS: Argento Vivo Gold Hoops

BRACELET: Nadri Links Bracelet

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


‼️TOP: BP Green Sweater [wearing size small – on sale for $25.90]

‼️DENIM: Mother High Waist Jeans [wearing size 29, these are TTS – I was 27 pre-baby and I have about 8lbs to lose. I got these for my mom and she wears a 26. On sale for $151.90 – usually $228.]

‼️BOOTIES: [TTS, on sale for $59Halogen Camel Booties

‼️HANDBAG [on sale for $305]: Tory Burch Everly Saddle Bag

EARRINGS: Argento Vivo Gold Hoops

BRACELET: Nadri Links Bracelet

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


TOP: Halogen Black Long Sleeve  [wearing size medium, also got the striped – on sale for $24.90]

DENIM: Kut From The Kloth [wearing size 2 – was a 4 pre-baby – AKA: SIZE DOWN – on sale for $58.90]

‼️BOOTIES: Louise et Cie Sid Booties

‼️EARRINGS: Argento Vivo Gold Hoops

BRACELET: Nadri Links Bracelet

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


TOP: BP Lace Cami [wearing size medium – the smaller sizes typically do go quickly]‼️

DENIM: Kut From The Kloth [wearing size 2 – was a 4 pre-baby – AKA: SIZE DOWN – on sale for $58.90]

‼️EARRINGS: Argento Vivo Gold Hoops

BRACELET: Nadri Links Bracelet

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


OVERSIZED SWEATER: Treasure + Bond V-Neck Sweater [wearing size medium]

DENIM: Kut From The Kloth [wearing size 2 – was a 4 pre-baby – AKA: SIZE DOWN – on sale for $58.90]

‼️LEOPARD FLATS [on sale for $99]: Cole Haan Flats 

HAT: Something Navy Wool Fedora

EARRINGS: Argento Vivo Gold Hoops

BRACELET: Nadri Links Bracelet

‼️SUNGLASSES [on sale for $196.90 – usually $295]: Rag & Bone Aviators 

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


SWEATER: Leith Turtleneck Sweater [wearing size medium]

DENIM :Madewell High Waist Jeans [wearing size 28]

‼️BOOTIES: [TTS, on sale for $59Halogen Camel Booties

EARRINGS: Argento Vivo Gold Hoops

BRACELET: Nadri Links Bracelet

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


‼️TOP: Socialite Leopard Shirt [wearing size medium – $15.90]

‼️DENIM: Madewell High Waist Jeans [wearing size 28]

‼️BOOTIES: [TTS, on sale for $59Halogen Camel Booties

HAT: Something Navy Wool Fedora

‼️HANDBAG [on sale for $305]: Tory Burch Everly Saddle Bag

EARRINGS: Argento Vivo Gold Hoops

BRACELET: Nadri Links Bracelet

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


‼️LEOPARD HOODIE [on sale for $31.90 – wearing LARGE – medium was fine but its cropped and I needed large for length!]

‼️LEOPARD SWEATPANTS [on sale for $31.90 – wearing medium]

CURLING IRON: T3 1.25in Curling Iron


Nike Blazer Low Sneaker [wearing size 8 – TTS – on sale for $55.90]‼️


 Barefoot Dreams Blanket ‼️

Treasure & Bond Leopard Belt  ‼️

Jo Malone Lodon Soap

Anthropologie Sparkling Grapefruit Candle


I shopped for my niece [age 10] and Luke & Sophia. I don’t have photos but I’ll make two widgets with hot things I got and things I think will sell out. I’ll be posting IG story hauls and showing everything that I got and trying things on so make sure you watch those! [@emilyanngemma].

Just FYI – the strollers & carseats are the best deals and the Nordstrom employees told me that those go the quickest. See the widget below to see the different ones that are part of the sale!

❤️GIVEAWAY❤️ [closed]

Enter to win one of the 4 gifts cards to Nordstrom. The gift cards will have $250 on them. The Rafflecopter tool below has all of the details for entering!


Please e-mail me at emilysweetestthing @ gmail dot com so I can send you an E-gift card.

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481 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 ‼️ What May Sell Out The Quickest [GIVEAWAY!]

  1. I am definitely planning to pick up some of the cute leopard print items – midi skirt, sweat set, and blanket!

  2. I’m a top Fan on facebook and constantly save items On Ltk but this is honestly the first time i’m reading the blog and i can say it definitely will not Be the last. 🙂 love your style, very similar to mine.

  3. I Love how you laid out all the deEts and looks aBove! My fave look Hands down is the leopard hoodie and sweatpants outfit. Shopping online at the #Nsale was so EasY for me because of yoUr blog, iG stories, and ltk! Thanks So much! Looking Forward to your ig stOries with your beautiful family! -Annette

  4. Thanks for sharing all your great items! You made it so easy to look through and pick out some fav pieces to buy!! Hello cheetah sweat suit!!!

  5. I am such a Nordys girl! Love all your posts and how much detail you put into them! I Always come to browse through and use your lINks ! I wAnt to get the LInk bracelet and BAREFOOT dreams BlaNket you poSted! DefInitely enteriNg your giveaway!!! Xox
    Insta: PppAigeeee
    FaceBook: Paige WagoNer
    Email: Ive been subscribed to your blog for awhIle now ☺️

  6. Thank you so much for posting your recommendations for the nordstrom sale! it takes alot of time and i appreciate your hard work for making it easy for us!

  7. I just bought the camis in color white and black along with the henleys and Halogen booties you mentioned in your post. LOVE Halogen company as their shoes are always comfortable.


  9. YOU’RE my Favorite blogger i follow you everyday. Several times a day. Have twItter just to talk to you and follow you on ltk and subscribed! I want to get the leopard cardigan. Also i am looking for wIde leg raw hem jeans that are long i want my ankles covered!

  10. thank you for being so generous with the giveaway!
    u always pick the moss amazing and cute stuff. I love your blogs and obsessed..

  11. so many gems in this year’s sale! Cannot wait to scoop them up. Thanks for puttig together such a comprehensiVe list!

  12. I love the top and the tory burch bag! Actually i love the entire outfit!!!! You are seriously a style inspiration with major hair goals!!!! kEEP DOING YOU gIRL!

  13. I love you so much emily! I have been following you since my sophmore year of high school and look up to your fashion sense, decor and everyday life! scrolling through your feed, stories and blog always make my days so much better! You have been my favorite fashion/beauty/life blogger for years now!

    Ericka Martinez from WA state 🙂

  14. Really love all your fashion tips! Planning a big trip for my 30th and the leopard booties are a must for an all black outfit while exploring.

  15. Would love to win this gift card to buy some awesome beauty items! bought my clairsonic during this sale 3 years ago and could definitely use an upgrade!

  16. Can’t wait to get those booties! Thanks for always keeping me fashionable and looking my best with your recommendations!


  18. You always look the best in hats! You are inspiring me to purchase this Something Navy hat – it’s adorable! Thanks for always putting out the best content.

  19. LOVING the first outfit, i’m gonna need ot buy that thermal henley! the leopard set too, especially for jaguar football games 🙂

  20. LOVING the first outfit, i’m gonna need to buy that thermal henley! the leopard set too, especially for jaguar football games 🙂

  21. Amazing outfit Inspo! I have TROUBLE thinking of ways to throw pieces together and your posts help so much! Ive bought a few things THOUGH your links already and THEY’VE all been amazing! I just entered your giveaway! This maMa needs a shopping day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. i would definitely buy the green and lavender colored sweaters, they are so cute and versatile for both fall/winter. i would probably buy some denim since the price on the brands are such a steal. also, thank you so much posting this; i know the nordstrom anniversary posts take bloggers a long time to do and it is really helpful so thank you once again!

  23. Would love to purchase some accessories for my little fella, the little giraffe bath towels and even upgrade his stroller! THe barefoot dreams throw would be a nice gift to myself!

  24. I picked up the leopard shirt and the leopard crop top & jogger set. You are right, the leopard jogger set is selling out like crazy in the store!!! Also Got the Ugg slippers on sale and a cute north face jacket for my baby boy.

  25. Hi Emily! I Love your blog and your BEAUTIFUL family. Thank you for every PICTURE about the sale. You did amazing. Thank you again xx

  26. All your picks are super cute! I just placed my order for the henely t and of course the bp camis! Had to stock up on those.

  27. I am going to be buying some barefoot dreams items for the first time and I’m so excited about it!

  28. Thank you for taking the time to put your poSt TOGETHER. Its so helpful to have some parameters going into the sale. I know its not easy to get dressed for the day as a mamma so the fact that you change outfits 50 times and put this together is magic!! 🙂

  29. Love your Shopping guides, and all of the leopard this year! I’ve been wanting the T3 wand and a baRefoot dreams BlankeT?

  30. June 28th my hUsband and i just welcomed our first soN! He has chan our life forever. With that being said…. Momma is not quite feeling herself in her everyday clothes. Im hoping to Get some Cute breastfeeding shirts or dreSses for my new mommy bodY! 🙂 also obsessed wIth those camel booties!

  31. Love your blog! I always enjoy watching your stories & admire that you share your religious views on here! ☺

  32. If i won tHe gIft card i would DEFINITELY buy SHOES and aCcessories. I love the way you style your outfits- thank you for being so style savy and sharing ?

  33. The vince camuto GIGIETTA Snakeskin Booties, ag denim and the tHread & Supply Cream Wubby Pullover are high on my shOpping list!

  34. If I don’t get that leopard set I am going to be devastated!!!!

    I love your roundups on these sales. Sometimes it can be SO overwhelming when so much is on sale! This is a great way to boil it down 🙂

  35. Those leopard booties are definitely a must-have! ??
    I know it’s harder said than done, but ignore the haters & their rude comments. keep doing you. ❤️

  36. Loved this Post – it was simple and straight to the point – i ordered the mother jeans and some other ITEMS because of you! Thank you for always being honest about everything – and sharing your beautiful life with us all.

  37. I love this sale and look forward to it every year. This year I am pregnant, so it’s a little more limiting on what items will work now and postpartum.

  38. AbsOlutely loved all of your recommendAtions! I bought the cheetah sweat set, camis, thermal henley, and a pair of booties! Thanks for all you do ?

  39. Thanks for the helpful post! I’ve ordered the Ugg slippers, a leopard print belt and cardigan, a madewell bracelet, a couple of throws, and the barefoot dreams socks. love this sale!

  40. Best anniversary content iv seen!!! Cant wait to snag those gold hoops, jeans, and a barefoot jeans blanket!! 🙂

  41. Love all of this! I ACTUALLY love the black v-neCk sweater and Black cropped jeans look! And the crossbody bag Is beautiful!

  42. I look forward to your nordstrom sale posts every Year! You always do the best job of rounding up the best fINds for us and I know we all appreciate it? im eyeing a few cashmere pieces and loving those thermal layering long sleeves as well!

  43. I always look to you for outfit inspos…. this year i plan on getting the booties along with more cardi’s …. i also want to get some of the cami tank tops 🙂


  44. Thank you for all of the great sUggestions! I ordered the cami and blanket you suggested and already received an email sTating it was cancEled, it sold out so fast!

  45. I woulD first like to say that iM obsessed with your ig/blog pages! I also Just had a baby girl may 8th! (Big sister is 9) So it’s fun to keep up with your little mama postings. If i won A giftcard i would definitely snag the leopard suit and pink nikes! Along with some baby/sister goodies! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  46. You always put together the cutest outfits. Definitely getting the leopard booties, blanket, and sweat set. ❤️

  47. I look forward to your coverage of the NSale almost as much as I look forward to the sale itself. i can’t imagine how much work you put into this and we all appreciate it so much. you don’t post 1,000 items, you post things you would actually wear and love. thank you for all your work behind this! now i can not check social media until after the sale is over, lol!

  48. Love all yoUr picks! I always look forward to your blog posts because you are so thorough! And i love your style! ? Im Trying not to get my heaRt set oN anything because i have to wait to shop when its public access and I know most things wIll be sold out unfortunately ?

  49. i ABSOLUTELY lOve your insta and blog! i have a wish list that is miles long since i started following you! You have the most adorable family. Tha k you for Sharing! You help this OLD lady stay up with the fasHions !

  50. Thanks for sharing all of your picks for the sale! I already put so many of these pieces in my bag. When will you be doing part2?


  52. Thank you sweetness for all of your posts. Love learning about the best of the sale through you. Much appreciated!

  53. Id love to win the $250 noRdstrom giftcard. Im gonna be a new mommy and ive seen the cutest strOllers there.

  54. i always look forward to your posts for recs/tips! love that your recommendations include both high end & drugstore products. fits all budgets.

  55. Love these picks! I plan to purchase the leopard joggers if they come back in stock in my size and debating on the Tory Burch crossbody. I love it in the color you have.

  56. I cannot wait to order the pink/lilac sweater and the pink nike shoes! Oh and can’t forget the mother brand jeans!!!

  57. Loooooove these pieces, cannot wait to see the next post as well! I would love to get a barefoot dreams blanket- they look so soft and fluffy!

  58. while im out of Texas and in Park City for the summer i knew you would post some great items from nordstrom’s big sale. So,far planning to get the cUte leopard shirt, henley shirt, nike tennis shoes and cole hann Flats. Tomorrow is a new day to continue shopping for jeans and etc.
    Thanks for the help on shopping the big sale.

  59. Girlfriend, you already know i LITERALLY logged on right at 12:30 and purchased everything you posted! I cannot wait to try on. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this with us ❤️

  60. Im loving the brown and green outift!! Those sunglasses look amazing on you ? There is so much I want lol Thanks for the guidance in this major sale! ❤️ You!

  61. i would definitely like to buy the car seat or stroller, they are beautiful and It would be perfect Since i’m expecting A baby.


  63. TIS THE SEASON! Nordstrom blessed us with the Nsale, god blessed us with emily gemma ? i would love To get some new booties for fall, sweaters & a tory crossBodY to complete my Wardrobe! Xoxox~KrIStin

  64. Thank you so much for writing thIs post. You added so much helpful information for the NSale. You are the best! Thanks again!!

  65. It’s awesome to go to see this website and reading the views of all colleagues
    about this article, while I am also eager of getting familiarity.

  66. Love your blog! Went to the sale and got the leopard crOp and joggers. You are so right, they are selling out of it quickly!!! I also got the leopard shirt and some ugg slippers!!! Love the nsale ❤️

    1. Something went wrong with my comment and it is DRIVING Me nuts that i couldn’t fix the typos! *time* *on* Sorry!

  67. I need that leopard tee in my life! I also plan to buy some beauty items like face wash, hair tools, MOISTURIZERS!

  68. I love you, EmilY!! You are the sale queen!! And all your pictures are so gorgeous! Love you and your fam!! Xoxoxo

  69. So many cute Outfits! I’m looking for bras shirts, really anything. Nordstrom always has the cutest Clothing!

  70. So many nice things, and they do look spectacular on you! I’m looking to get some ecco sandals, and some fashion sandals. I keep putting more things in my nordstrom wishlist, we’ll see!

  71. How’s it going, emilyanngemma?

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    Happy image-uploading.

  72. I love all of the outfits Emily but i definitely agree with coco, that pink sweater is to die for? i don’t shop at Nordstrom regularly but this Year’s sale is going to have to be an exception!

  73. Love this(but who am i kidding i love all your posts!) i was curious if you had ever tried the beachwaver? I have two different siZes and absolUtely love it and the curls lasting Power! Was Hoping to know if you Or anyone could compare the beachwaver to the T3 iron you posted in this post? Has anyone tried both because i would love to hear your thoughts!

  74. SOo many Cute things in this sale I waNt them all hAha! i Plan to PurchaSe A
    Pretty much all the leopard print clothing items, especially the BP CarDigan. ALso, the madewell caRdigan, tory burch crossbody, and one pair of shoes….okay maybe two Hehe. The vince camuto booties arE gorgeous and the cole haAn Slip on snEakers in blush are the cutest! Love the snakE detail!

  75. Love your blog!!! Thank you for giving us all a chance To your giveaways!
    If Im a winner, would def use on buying my father a gift for hsi upcoming birthday ?

  76. you were one of the frist bloggers i started to follow and still to this day one of my absolute favorites! love everything about you and your down to earth, christian personality!

  77. Love this so much! I’ve seen so much out about the nordstrom sale, so exciting! I have never shopped it, but maybe one day! love your blog and your instagram, definitely my fav!! <3

  78. I want that leopard Shirt and it is already not available!
    I have my eyes on the Lucky Brand Yimina Wedge Bootie as well as jeans and cardigans. I always look at the beauty products also. I love all of your selections.

  79. This is my favorite post that i look forward to all year! ive been following you since 2013 and youre still one of my favorite bloggers!

  80. I’m most likely to purchase a Barefoot Dreams CozyChic throw because I need a new blanket and it seems like a good one.

  81. OMG!! You were right. So glad i got everything before it sold Out so quickly. Some items were gone before 1:30 pm. LOVE everything you shared!!!!

  82. I LOVE your bloG! I’ve been following for 5 years now and you’re still my favorite go-to blogger gal! I would lovveee to win!

  83. I am due with baby #2 in 3 weeks so I plan on shopping for baby boy and get a head start kn school shopping for my son entering Kindergarten. I also need new workout shoes to help shed the baby weight.

  84. I’m due with baby #2 (girl) next month so i’d loOove to get some lounge wear for when the baby comes & post prego clothes for this fall! And of
    Course some things for both my baby girls. Love seeing all your ideas & style – helps me soo much! Xoxo

  85. Love the Kut from the kloth denim here. I also hope to score the leipard cardi everyone is loving. I also reallt like the snake print slip On heels too. Lots of good stuff this year. Cant wait to shop.

    Thanks for sharing all of the good stUff! I love following your blog.

  86. Loved this blog post! Thanks for always being so detailed in them. I refer back to your blog alot! ❤️

  87. You are literally the epitome of your handle, the sweetest thing. I love your posts and look fOwArd to seeing them daily. You are Inspiring to me and so trendy. I have a 3 Year old boy who loves seeing luke on here too. His name is mj. We don’t have a bobo, but instead a baba and he is funny and wise too. Keep running the world Girlfriend and being a positive light To all of your followers! We are always rootin’ For ya!! Love from buffalo, Ny

  88. I’m in DESPERATE need if a new curling iron! Would love to get the one you recommended as wel as the fun pink/purple colored sweater that your mom loved also! Would love it for work :).

  89. Loved your post!! Thank you for doing try-Ons and sizing info, it was super helpful!! I ordered the leopard sweat outfit and a couple sweaters and jeans and love them all!!

  90. I would love to buy a pair of high waisted jeans with a raw hem!!
    Thank you for doing this giveaway!! xx

  91. Loving the kids stuff! Especially the Adidas outfit for sophia. I actually have a son that was born a little bit after Luke and a daughter born in may of this year, so basically the same ages as your kids!

  92. I love your outfitS, I need to buy a good clothes , i have a one year old baby Boy and my body is completely different, You’re my Fashionista inspiration everyday to look amazing.

  93. i love a lot of your nsale finds! the bArefoot blankets, leopard two piece lounge set, anD of course Tory burch bag are All on my wish lIst!! Following along wiyh your family is a lot of fun, and thank you foR always bEing so detailed on your blog.

  94. Love all the leopard? i missed the Barefoot dreams throw but i got 4 of the leopard lumbar pillows !! They make the best gifts and They travel great I Use the roll up small space bag !

  95. Really loving everyThing! Its going to be hard to choose but def the Jogger and some of the basic tees and lunch with my twO girls!

  96. I referred back to this Blog post many times before i placed my first order! I’M most excited about the bP gReen sweater, which is way out of my NEUTRAL comfort zone ?

  97. This post was so helpful for the sale! I have the credit card so I bought a bunch of stuff yesterday! I love the Tory Burch everly Saddle Bag and the Halogen booties!

  98. Ahhh i want and need all of this! the jeans are all amazing i am loving the flare bottom style, and the matching set looks so cozy

  99. Love you Em!! Always love yoUr N Sale’s postings! Your content is amazing and you are A true gem in the social media world! HOoe YOU’VE been taking time for youRself and family, especially now that sweet sophie girl is here. So precious!!

    Sending you love and hugs from texas! ☺️

  100. This is an amazing nordstrom sale blog post! So many Great ItEms – wiTh so much detaiL! You put a lot of Effort iNto your work! Its awesome! ?

  101. We just moved to Iowa which receives significantly more snow and colder Winters than we are used to so I’m planning on getting some cute tops and maybe a coat that will help me survive!

  102. I love the green Bp sweatEr! Do you think it will be available when thE sale opens to non- CardholDers? Also is it TTS?

  103. I absolutely adore your blog. Thank you for being such a big inspiration to me and for being so giving. you are a wonderful role model.

  104. LOVE the black dreSs!!! Would work well with booties or heels in the fall/winter. Love how you styled it with The s/n trench!! Xoxo

  105. SOOOOO many things on my nsale wish list!!!

    I think #1 is the zella 7/8 pocket leggings. Also really want the lace cami, TB saddle bag, the heart cozy top pajamas. sole society backpack. so many cardigans, several shoes and booties…. its going to be dangerous.

  106. I was too late on ordering the Barefoot dreams throw….. maybe when they come back in stock I will be able to snag one !

  107. Love all of your outfit ideas!! Definitely grabbing some leopard print items for fall & I’m loving that Tory Burch purse


  109. Loving all The leopard And the way yiu paired it , my favorite look is the last one with the leopard tee and the tan booties

  110. I love that what YOU’VE shared js totally DIFFERENT than most other bloggers i fOllow. Nice to have aome variety.

  111. I ABSOLUTELY love your try on haul and all of your clothes! all of the sale items were so cute but i think i’m going to try to get the socialite mustard henley!

  112. How do you MANAGE to look so great in everythiNg!!!?I am in love with thE Tory crossbody! It is DEFINITELY what I would go for if i won the giftcard!! (That is the only way Possible way for a teacher to own a tory burch! ?)

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    Hoping it flatters my post bAby body.

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