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Black + Cognac || Favorite Color Combo For Fall

fall fashion pinterest 2019, chanel quilted bucket bag backpack black, bar harbour maine, fall fashion outfits cardigans 2019 pinterest, emily gemma-2

fall fashion pinterest 2019, chanel quilted bucket bag backpack black, bar harbour maine, fall fashion outfits cardigans 2019 pinterest, emily gemma-2

fall fashion pinterest 2019, chanel quilted bucket bag backpack black, bar harbour maine, fall fashion outfits cardigans 2019 pinterest, emily gemma-2

fall fashion pinterest 2019, chanel quilted bucket bag backpack black, bar harbour maine, fall fashion outfits cardigans 2019 pinterest, emily gemma-2

fall fashion pinterest 2019, chanel quilted bucket bag backpack black, bar harbour maine, fall fashion outfits cardigans 2019 pinterest, emily gemma-2

fall fashion pinterest 2019, chanel quilted bucket bag backpack black, bar harbour maine, fall fashion outfits cardigans 2019 pinterest, emily gemma-2

fall fashion pinterest 2019, chanel quilted bucket bag backpack black, bar harbour maine, fall fashion outfits cardigans 2019 pinterest, emily gemma-2

fall fashion pinterest 2019, chanel quilted bucket bag backpack black, bar harbour maine, fall fashion outfits cardigans 2019 pinterest, emily gemma-2


BLACK TANK: Free People [love these tops!] | CARDIGAN: Privacy Please [similar styles HERE & HERE] | DENIM: H&M [old but similar style HERE] | BELT: Louis Vuitton [Tory Burch dupe version HERE] | HEELS: Alias Mae [great dupe option HERE] | NECKLACE: The Styled Collection | HAT: Brixton | WATCH: Rolex [Dupe option HERE] | BRACELETS: Cartier [Dupes for both HERE & HERE] | BAG: Chanel [dupe options HERE & HERE] | SUNGLASSES: Louis Vuitton [similar style HERE] | EARRINGS: Argento Vivo | LIPS: Stripdown + Kim KW + Love Potion

Every fall, without fail, I wear black & cognac on repeat – it is my favorite color combo! We are in Vermont this week but we shot this outfit while in Maine the week before last — the weather in Maine brought ALL of the fall feels! I was actually really enjoying summer and then we went to Maine and I came home craving fall decor & candles…. and maybe wishing for a good Hallmark movie, lol!

I am still giving away my Louis Vuitton Croisette [used] on my IG. I mentioned it last week and have had a wild week so far so I am behind on sharing it on here! Anyway, to enter to win make sure you LIKE & COMMENT my Instagram photos this week and also turn on post notifications! For bonus entries, leave comments here on my blog posts & make sure you are subscribed!

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301 thoughts on “Black + Cognac || Favorite Color Combo For Fall

  1. I love this color combo!! I love how you show high/low price points! Makes your looks so easy to create ourselves! Fave blogger?

  2. SO gorgeous! Black and camel/cognac combo is so flattering On all body types! I plan on living in this combo all of fall!! ❤??

  3. I have been loving All of your fall looks and that you been on my side of the coast? LOVE the black and cognac!

  4. Loving this look! Can’t wait For all your fall posts. This is my favorite season to Dress for so i need all the inspo!

  5. Gorgeous , beautiful , amazing women , mom and Wife . Amazing look I love the Details LV belt and hat . You look beAutiful . Thank you for sharing details . Love you

  6. Vermont looks beautiful woUld love to visit there! Are you going to do a blog Post about this trip and the places you ate at and where you stayed? Totally obsessed with the outfit as well- love it all!!

  7. I dont have an instagram but follow you on facebook. Do we still have a chance at winning if we only follow on facebook?

  8. Love ❤️ all your beauty posts and have been subscribed fo your blog for a while to make sure i’m always updated on all your makeup picks.

  9. There is nothing better than all black with oNe neutral piece. GorGeous! Also fall means football starTing up- maybe tHe hogs wont break all of our hopes this year ???

  10. You look Amazing, Emily! Did you really just have a baby? Black and tan is such a classic combo and never gets old! I’ve been a loyal follower of yours for years, and I love reading your blog posts! Your blog is actually saved as a shortcut on my google home page, ha ha! You have incredible style!

    XO, Laura

  11. Absolutely loving this color combinatioN! Black and cognac are a favorite combo. So beautiful with your skin to e.

  12. your style is seriously unmatched! You seriously have a way of making your followers feel good about themselves, and i can’t say that for many others i follow. I love how your style is a mix between affordable options and worth-it splurges. you make it so easy for us to be “influenced” by you because of the variety in your posts. thank you for being literally “the sweetest thing” and posting the dupes in every. single. one.of your posts.


  14. The pictures in vermont are gorgeous from this week. I’ve never been there but i’ll have to add it to My list of places to go one day!

  15. This is one of my favorite color combos too! Ive been curious- did y’all go to Vermont just for leIsure or do you have family there? SEnding you love and safe travels!!

  16. Hoping your bring some of that cooler weather down south! 😉 The most classic color combo, love it! You look gorgeous!!

  17. Ok 1, that coffee looks amazing. 2. i love all these pics of you. 3. you are beautiful inside and out 🙂 keep it up

  18. love this color combo as well!! I need to work on wearing heels more. they just elongate the body so much!! love your blog and family.

  19. Can’t wait to see more looks from your trip to Vermont! I’m loving your Fall looks so far and that Chanel backpack is to DIE for!!!

  20. Love these two colors together for fall! always love your outfits and appreciate you linking these gorgeous clothes and accessories!

  21. Love all the fall outfits you’re sharing.. It’s maKing me so excited for fall. I’ve already decorated my house! ??

  22. Omg i love this look!! Its perfect for faLl!! Nothing beats a camel and black combo! You truly have the best Fashion style!! I want ti get this whole outfit!! Its fall perfect!

  23. Love this outfit so much!! Trying to decide whether to invest in the louis vuitton belt oR just get the reversible tory burch belt! 😩

  24. Emily, love love your stYle all your outfits are well put togetheR. Cant wait for fall weather here in houston. Its always so hot and hUmid here. Hoping we start getting cooler weather here because you are inspiring me to put some out together!! Btw you have the cutest family ever!!! 😁😆😘💖

  25. I am in l😍ve with all your fall sweaters! And just told my husband we need to add vermont to our fall trip list!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Your family is the cutesT!!

  26. I am going to try mixing in those tans in with my black, i alays waer black! It’s my signature LOL, beautiful as always

  27. You have the dreamiest bag collection, WOW I Don’ thave a backpack purse yet, which is hyour favorite out of all you have tried?

  28. I always felt like a black outfit called for black shoes, but the cognac really breaks up that monotony and gives a sharp edge! Thanks for the great fashion advice!

  29. I love your outfit! Its so eas to ReplicAte myself. I Always look at you Page for style inspo.

    Also, can’t wait for the giveaway!

  30. What Size are you in hm jeans Those arent in american sizes, i fEel like iM a 27 or 28 but nOt sure lol bTw hot yhe cardigan and is so soft!

  31. YOU’RE so effortlessly beautiful!! Loving all the fall content! Giving me major fall vibes and outfit ideas! Thank you for your hard hard work ❤️

  32. absolutely love your website!! I love anything and everything pink, glitz and gLam! You are such an inspiration in my eyes and i love Following your feed and life! 💖

  33. Love your style girl! Also Love that bag! I no longer carry a purse since having ny daughter so this would be a cute sylish addition to my outfit when out and about with My baby girl! 💗

  34. Love the long cardigan look! I am on the short sIde, (5”4 1/2), so not sure how it will look on me…
    Ps. Love reading your blogs and following you on instagram. You habe a bEautiful family and love that you arwmt afraid your faith and keep things real!

  35. Hey emily! I love following you and your family. I love the content you share. You are a huge inspiration. I want to thank you for working so hard For your followers and being so open with all of us. I love your taste and sense of style. Seriously, I have made a bucket list of Purses and shoes i can’T purchase rIght now, but i will when i save up. Best wishes to you are yoUr family! Thanks again for all yOu do!! You have no idea how MANY girls Just like me Look up to you!


  36. Love your blog! Lots of affordable options miXed with designer pieces. Your fam is always fun to watch too! Also this hat 😍

  37. The black and coGnac is a must to transition into fall! Every single Year! You always give me ideas. I love all your blog posts and open your newsletters practically every single day — its so helpful since i cant always get on ig or i miss something! I also have a son that was bOrn about 3-4 weeks apart from luke, so i love seeing the milestones! Love this lv croisEtte too- hope i Have a chance!

  38. Hi Emily! Im a busy mom that works in the medical field who wishes she had your sense of style. I love to follow you on your blog, facebook and instagram! You hbe the most ADorable family! Thank yoi for taking time to share all your posts with us! Heres keeping my FINGERS crossed for. Chance to win the LV bag!!! Oh by the way LV is my initals!!!!!

  39. Love love love all of the fall inspo, Your blog and instagram are my go to for any amazing inspiratioN, I have defin entered the give away, always Do. 😍



  41. I can’t wait for it to get cool enough for sweaters! I definitely combine these colors, too. Just too hot in Dallas still for anything beyond shorts and tank tops!

  42. I think it is so cool and sweet of you to do such awesome giveaways so often! I love keeping up with you and your family!

  43. Love all your fall looks! You are the reason i Now have lack of color hats and make black and tan my go to looks! You truly are an inspIration and one of my favorite bloggers because you are so genuINe and real!

  44. ive been loving these neutral looks for fall! ive also been looking for a good cream/beige duster sweater, im gonna check these out!

  45. Always such a good read! Your blog is perfectly organized and detailed!! I know how much effort you put into your posts and so glad i have a place to go back and find everything i want to buy!!

  46. I totally agree about the black and cognac color combo its such a classic Duo that can easily Transform your outfit to look posh and well pUt together 😍. I am such a fan of yours and have been tHroughout the years. You are An inspIration to me to live life as you want, to seize the moment. Its sad that people judge others without having known the journey it took someone to get there. I believe with HARD WORK, AMBITION, drive, creativity, and dEdication anything is possible and clearly repResented by what you have accomPlished for youRself 👑🎆🎀💖

  47. I love your hair! I have naTural dark hair so i love seeing how the outfits look on you because it gives me ideas!

    Also, im super stoked about this lv giveaway!! It looks so perf for the fall ❤️

    Enjoy vermont Em, keep Giving us Some good combo inspos ❤️.

  48. This is my FAVORITE color combo to wear in the fall/winter! Love this look – and cannot wait for this weather to cool off so we can wear all this fun fall stuff we’ve been stocking up on all summer!

  49. LOVE this cardigan so much! this outfit is perfect inspo for fall transition weather, and i also always end up wearing this color combo lol!

  50. Loveee the Black and cognac combO for fall. I too have noticed all mt additions to my fall wardrobe have been in the same color pRofile.

  51. I always have loved your entire fashion looks especially fall time you slay with yoUr Style, Keep them coMinG. You’re an inSpiration.

  52. Loooove your bLog emIly!! ive been following since before Luke was born and you’ve inspired me ever since!! I am a studying opera sInger and our aPpearance/beauty is super important. I credit a lot to you! Thank you xx

  53. I love all the fall colors and outfits!! So inspired with Your Fall Collection!! I caN’T Wait For coolEr weather!!!

    Ig: mermaidslivelovelift

  54. HEEeyy!!🙋‍♀️ Love Following you and your family!😊 i’m also in tUlsa! Lived here all my life.
    If i ever run into you, i pray its not on a day where i look like a hot mess.😆 lol
    Ig @Tahneersdavis

  55. I am loving your Vermont photos! I cannot wait for fall and chunky sweateRs! I’m in IndIana, And its supposed to be 90 tomorrow! Yuck. Anxiously awaiting cooler temps. Love yOur stYle! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  56. Hi emily! first off i want to say how much i love your blog, instagram, lifestyle and you! you are such an inspiration to me! i have been following you for about 5 years or so, and i sware you are my FAVORITE blogger ever! you were the first blogger that i discovered and i have been obsessed ever since! thank you for being so genuine and real with your followers! i ABSOLUTELY adore your style, clothes and hair!!! you make me strive to be a better person with all your INSPIRATIONAL messages and how you always have such a great ATTITUDE all the time. your a good as they get!

  57. This is one of my favorite outfits on you!! so when are you going to come to minnesota, pick out everything i need to buy at the stores and then style me?? offer is always open 🙂

  58. Always look up to you for fashion anD even more so now that you are a mama! ThaNks for always being an inspIration. i’ve bought a few things you’Ve shared on Ltk!

  59. I purchased two of these long cardigans last fall, And loved them! I might need to refresh my closet with these tho! Cant go wrong with Nordys!

  60. i lOve this outfiT! Its Classic and chic. I always need A good coffee as An accessory and pick me up too! Everytime i comment, the site or my phone stays in All capitals, hopefully it doesn’t give anyone a headache🤣

  61. Love love love All the fall treNds from your recent trip! I Think fall is the best time for fashion. I usually live in all the things bLack and coGnac too 🙂

  62. IM a stay home mom of two kids that cant afford a LV and would love to win. I love following you and seeing your insta blog with your two adorable kids and love watching Bobo 🙃

  63. this color combination looks so cute!! wish i could pull it off as well as you:) loved getting to see you have some fun family time with john and your adorable kids. thanks for the fall inso!!

  64. You’re very stylish! From your hair to you wardrobe! I look up to your blog & Instagram on how to dress and do my MAKEUP your always on point. You have a beautiful family. I enjoy your blogs! 😊

  65. You have such awesome style from your hair to your wardrobe! I look up on your blog and Instagram for looks. Not just that your makeup too is on another level! Your on point thanks for always being real. I look up to you and get ideas on how to dress.

  66. I just want to say first off you are one of my favorites. Also i am fRom oklahoma. Love your post and also love black and Cognac. As a maTter f fact wearing it tomoRrow and wIll tag you in it!


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