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Cute, Comfy Athleisure For Toddlers [Walmart Find!]


SOPHIE’S OUTFIT: Reebok | SOPHIE’S SHOES: Nike [similar option HERE] | SOPHIE’S BOWS: similar HERE


OKAY! How fun are these little outfits from Walmart?!? I ordered a few sets online because we spend hours upon hours outside – sweating – and then come inside only to change and do some indoor activity and then end up back outside. I have done more laundry this summer than ever, lol! Luke only wears athletic clothing that is not itchy or tight so when saw this he said 3x “oh I like this!’ because I am the one usually buying him shorts that button and zip, lol. For once, I got the seal of approval. I washed this Saturday evening after he wore this outfit and he wore it again Sunday if that tells y0u anything. As far as Sophia, she is good in any dress that resembles a princess! My mom was here when these arrived and saw them on the steps to be taken to their rooms and she was like  “Okay that is the cutest girl athletic outfit ever!”.  I mean, Sophia in a hot pink skort!?!?!  I can’! Anyway, when I told Coco the price and that it was from Walmart she was impressed- you know Bobo would be the most impressed though. 😅I actually ordered several things for Sophia – I will link them at the end of the post but the ones linked are the ones she’s worn and really likes… also the quality is good on these! If you are doing back to school shopping for your kiddos – def check out Walmarts online selection because it is HUGE and you will find a lot of good stuff… you may be surprised! [PS. They made a Tiktok video that I will post on my IG today – it is so cute! They had a ball making it too. And we did end up going out for ice cream cones after these photos!]

Other items I got Sophia that were a hit: 

Gingham Set

Polka Dot Raincoat

One-Piece Rashguard Swimsuit

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post. 

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