Emily Gemma x Victoria Emerson TEST E-mail

Hi ya’ll! Ahh!!πŸ₯³ can you believe we are only 18ish hours from the launch of this incredible jewelry collection!?!?!

 My collection with Victoria Emerson launches tomorrow!! Woohoo!😍

Exact time is Friday, December 1 at 9AM CST [10EST, 8MST, 7PST]. Β Many of you subscribed to this e-mail list so that you could get an e-mail notification as soon as the collection goes live… I wanted to send out a TEST e-mail so that you can make sure that these do not show up in your junk inbox. SO! If you are seeing this- congrats! You are on the e-mail list!!🀩 We have no idea what the chances are of the jewelry selling out but we want everyone to be able to snag exactly what you want! Also, the Rendezvous ring will be FREE for the first 200 orders over $150 – and that ring has been the Fan Favorite so far!

A few little things that I thought I’d cover quickly:

There is a highlight tab on my Instagram bio called “Jewelry!!” and that is where you can see videos of the jewelry being worn & styled. I go over the names of the products, sizing information that is very important, as well as pricing. Tomorrow morning before launch, I will get some things posted for you guys on Insta-stories so that can be ready to check out as quickly as possible. We ordered higher volume in ring sizes that are most common so hopefully you all can quickly get whatever you need! Also, I do know many are planning to buy duplicate items as gifts for the holidays- which is so smart!🎁 This jewelry is going to be the PERFECT gift for your super stylish, chic, or boujie friends. I have girlfriends who wear only high-end jewelry who have alarms set because they’ve seen how well this mixes with luxury pieces. Not to mention, it is all unique – it will not be the same things you are seeing all over your Insta-feed, ya know!? So definitely the ideal gift for a friend who likes to be ahead of trends & look expensive but not break the bank.

The jewelry is made of 18K gold vermeil & the stones are Moissanite. We worked to make sure every piece was under $100 which was very important to me and the team at Victoria Emerson worked hard to make this happen. This jewelry wears so well – many of my samples I have been wearing almost daily since AUGUST! Can’t wait for you all to see the collection!! XO, Emily

Victoria Emerson x Emily gemma

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8 thoughts on “Emily Gemma x Victoria Emerson TEST E-mail

  1. Oh my gosh. I love all this jewelry. I have my eye on a particular bracelet I’m getting for my friends and myself. Your style in everything is amazing.

  2. Such a cool collaboration! Congratulations Emily, you are doing Big Boss Lady things girl!! πŸ‘πŸ½

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