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Sneak Peek👀💍 Victoria Emerson X Emily Gemma

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Ahh! Okay, tester e-mail for those of you planning to shop the big launch tomorrow! Also within this e-mail I will answer a lot of the questions being asked about the 10 pieces in the Victoria Emerson X Emily Gemma Collab. [You will be able to shop the collection w/this link!]

First of all, I am so excited about this collection because I didn’t know I would end up doing a second round. If you shopped my first round [December], you probably saw that after over a decade of blogging- I had never collaborate with a brand. Years and years of opportunities came along and nothing ever sat right with me until I posted about a VE ring last spring. I loved that their Demi-fine jewelry was well done and that it mixed well with my Cartier, Van Cleef, etc. I am a jewelry lover [obviously] and I will totally invest into certain pieces but TBH – I do get tired of things – especially if they are trendy. That being said, Victoria Emerson was so kind to let me design pieces, create a metal color that I love [which took many months and is the trickiest part], and they also worked with me to make sure that it would not be overpriced. It was important that everything stay under $100 even though I see jewelry of this caliber priced over $100 mostly. All of that to say that when our December launch was a success- I began working on a spring/summer collection. I wanted to make sure that we had necklaces this time around because I love the look of layered necklaces with swimsuits, tanks, and dresses in the hotter, summer months. There’s something so chic about a good pair of denim with a white tank and amazing jewelry. It’s like an easy, instant outfit – the jewelry, handbag, and some are the toppings to give it a personality and edge.

I am doing this tester e-mail today as a preview / sneak peek so that you all can confirm you are on the e-mail list. Last December the collection was mostly gone in 3 minutes and many were disappointed. We did a restock but hundreds missed that too. I highly recommend staying subscribed so you don’t miss updates. Also, I am not planning a restock. We went ahead and ordered extra this time around so that everyone can get their order placed. I will warn you that many people came back after Christmas wanting more after seeing friends and family receive pieces as gifts – so definitely order duplicates if you have a piece you love. Restocks are tricky because it takes over 2 months to do and I do not want anyone to have to wait!

Important & fun info!! This time around we are giving away the Charmed necklace to the first 200 shoppers spending over $200+. When we did this in December with the ‘Rendevous’ ring it was gone in under 60 seconds so just be ready! 😊

See my Instagram stories, Reels, and Highlight Tab to see videos of the pieces styled and get more info!


What are the materials used? The pieces are 18K gold vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver & the stones are moissanite.

What time will this go live? Round 2 of this collab will go live Thursday, June 20 at 11AM EST / 10AM CST / 9AM MST /  8AM PST. 

What are the necklace lengths? Each necklace is different – so that they can be layered well. The Gold Digger tennis necklace is the shortest at 15.7″ w/3″ extension. The longest is the Sisters necklace at 20″ w/a 3″ extension. You can see in photos below that I wear the tennis necklace layered w/other pieces & use it as more of a “chocker” style to start the layered look off. The Chance and Charmed are 17″ and the Wish is 16″. [all necklaces have the 3″ extension so that you can adjust!]

What size rings will be available? Sizes 3 – 9 will be available in all rings.

Will your old collection be restocked? Yes & no. One thing I did before this launch was ask that the Rendevous & Secrets hoops be available since I am wearing them in some of these photos. Both pieces are inquired about constantly. I am making those available w/this collection and will definitely consider making them permanent. Make sure you read the blog posts or highlight tabs on that specific collection for sizing reference.

Any sizing tips for this collection? All pieces will be true to size this round since none of the rings are bulky / thick. You can go with your regular size. I personally love pinky rings so we made them available in smaller sizes for those of you who would like pinky rings. Most people wear a size 4 in pinky rings but totally check your size before! The Summer Fling ring & the Delicate rings are amazing on other fingers– I need to snap some photos of them on other fingers.

Do you swim or bathe in these pieces? I personally do not – the only items I wear in shower / pool are my Cartier Love bracelets simply because they are a hassle to get off. I do not like to wear any high end or costume jewelry in water or to sleep in. As for the Complicated Huggies – I do wear those 24/7 – in shower, pool, etc. They hold up amazingly but when they get makeup on them – they def need a little scrub to maintain the sparkliness of the baguettes. I would just say it is up to you – I don’t like running the risk on any jewelry whether high end or costume.


Below are photos of the pieces styled from over the last few weeks!

Emily gemma jewelry, Van Cleef dupe necklace, Van Cleef dupe ring, summer necklace trends 2024, Victoria Emerson x Emily Ann Gemma jewelry collab

Victoria Emerson x Emily Ann Gemma jewelry collab


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3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek👀💍 Victoria Emerson X Emily Gemma

  1. Beautiful pieces! New subscriber … can’t wait to buy some items tomorrow. Wondering if u Hv half sizes in the rings but I suppose I’ll see tomorrow!!


  2. I am so excited! The collection looks beautiful! Setting my alarm and crossing my fingers for the ring. 🩷🩷🩷✨✨✨

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