This shirt IS online. Find it here!
Sweet Becca, a co-worker/friend, of mine gifted me this incredible mirror covered in anchors with my monogram. Hello cutest thing, ever! Find it here! Find lipstick here. Dress is J.Crew
Margo, a golden doodle, came shopping in Serendipity this week. I see no reason why I can’t have a pet like this? Hypoallergenic… cute… walking eye candy… yes, John. We need him.
Got this little number from Elysian Boutique! Seriously loving the versatility of this dress… it’s got a tank + tulle skirt! I wrapped up a gingham shirt to make it more fair appropriate!
Yummo new Starbucks drink + Favorite Derng Bracelet= Happy Last Day of Work! If you haven’t shopped Derng yet, you better get ALL over it. This silver + gold wrap is fabulous for the wrist.


                                 Have you heard of The Hunt yet?

If you haven’t you’ve got to visit the site and get an account. Here’s why…
So remember those wedges I had on a while back that had black & white stripes across the front? 
Okay wait…
Yes, those.

Well, it was a hassle and a half trying to get those. It all started when a girl wore them into my store. She had purchased them over a year ago and only knew the brand. I Google’d every combination of words I could think of to find these things… but no luck. Fast forward several hours & many Google searches later…. I finally was able to huntthem down on Ebay (& cheap, too!)

So, The Hunt is made for situations like this. Ya know, when you see a cute top or something on Pinterest, Instagram, a blog, Tumblr, etc. You see the product but have no other information. So all you have to do is post a photo of what you are looking for on The Hunt and fellow members will help you track it down. Also, you can also help something they’ve been searching for! 

Today’s discussion provided by The Hunt.
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22 thoughts on “Anchors…

  1. I'm so glad you told me about the hunt. I've been looking for a certain pair of shoes for over a year. Hopefully this will help me out! You know I love the dog…but hypoallergenic is a myth 🙁 Found that one out the hard way! You should still totally get one!

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