Robes, Pajamas, & Summer Dress Solutions..

I love a cozy robe or a comfy set of pajamas, once I find favorites, I stick with them! I have 2 robes that are favorites, one is a Betsey Johnson robe similar to the pink one above & the other is #2, which is a lighter material so I’ve been wearing it a lot this summer! Usually, if I am at home I am in pajamas and/or a robe, oh and with my hair on top of my head, lol. 

On a totally different note, I thought I’d share some of my favorite undergarments for summer dresses since it is the season for backless/strapless tops & dresses, lighter color fabrics, lighter weight/sheer material, etc. So my first must-have is #5! I call them Sticky Bras and they are hands down the best thing ever! In the past 2 mos. I have collected 4 of them because they are so amazing & I always pack extra when I travel. They are adhesive to your skin and they do. not. come. off! Unless you pull them off. I actually wear them sometimes even if I am wearing something that is strapless or backless! (Sizing: I usually buy the A or B size.) Secondly, I wear so much white during that summer months that nude undergarments are the only way to go — I love THIS nude slip for sheer white dresses! I should probably buy an extra one of these, too. 

While I am at it, wedding season is here & I’m sure I’m not the only one shopping for gifts for a bride, right? I love THIS robe & THIS robe for a bride. 

Below are several more picks for tricky summer dresses, gifts for a bride, & more…

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22 thoughts on “Robes, Pajamas, & Summer Dress Solutions..

  1. The sticky bras are a fab idea. I was looking for something for when I wear tops that are slightly halterneck but you don't really want your bra straps to be peaking out. Thanks!

  2. I absolutely adore the pink pajamas! Comfy PJ's are a must and I definitely need to try out the "sticky Bras," I think they will come in handy this summer! Thank you for sharing these tips to help keep comfortable this summer!

  3. I used to wear my Nubra all the time but for some reason, it stopped sticking to me, especially when I sweat. I've tried cleaning it per their instructions but it still comes off me. I've resorted to using pasties now. They're great if you don't need much support.


  4. I always use nude slips for see-through dresses. I am always stunned that most women do not use them. I guess you really don't know about how sheer your dress is until you go out and are exposed to natural light.

    Eleni xo – Bijuleni

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