TUNIC: Lush ($27 – wearing XS) | DENIM: J. Brand | WEDGES: BP (on sale!) | BAG: Celine (love this one!!) | NECKLACE: old (similar here) | BRACELETS: Rustic Cuff (on sale – #nsale!), David Yurman | WATCH: Michael Kors | EARRINGS: Gorjana (part of #nsale – I can’t stop wearing them!) SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

Hopefully I don’t drive you crazy with my Lush tunic craze, but really, they are a must-have – all year round. I wore this one on Instagram HERE and I wear the white one so much that I decided to get yet another! Ooops. (You can see how I styled the white on HERE). PS. I just got THIS vest in and it looks so great w/this tops.

In other news, don’t mind my messy hair! Yesterday was a crazy day.. it’s a long story really but John found me on the floor in my office and had to call 911 before he went into work. All of the tests came back normal. praise the Lord. It actually felt good to semi get ready and do something normal by the end of the day because I was so shaken up in the morning. 

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51 thoughts on “Best Tunic Ever, again!

  1. Hey Emily! I love the color combo of this outfit & the Gorjana earrings. More importantly, I'm glad to hear that you are ok after your scare yesterday! Take care!

  2. Make sure you follow up ( I inow you won't publish this but that is oaky). ER docs do not do every test – they rule out what is immediately life threatening and leave the rest to specialists ( can't tell you how many people get mad my husband can't give them a definite answer … His answer is he has ruled out thing that require hostilityton and the rest may take awhile to figure out). It is good news nothing came back on the initial tests but stress does not leave a person unresponsive and blue lipped – please do your follow up appointment and see your PCM or specialist – not being mean just making sure you got that message in the ER. I know you have your husband to help make sure you see the right people. Hope it all turns out okay.

  3. Oh my goodness! I truly hope you are feeling better!! I absolutely love your blog, you have amazing style!! Love this tunic, I may have to order in a few colors 🙂

    Take care! All my best!