10 Rave-Worthy Products In My Shopping Cart

I thought it would be fun to share a post on the things from Sephora that I’ve been adding to my shopping cart online the past couple of weeks. I’m constantly looking at New Arrivals and watching YouTubers so I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for products that are rave-worthy. I’m heading to Sephora after church today to pick up these items and I’ll try to review them ASAP (or just update this post tonight quickly!) I need a few days to try them but some I can try today.
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I LOVE the darkest formula by St. Tropez. It looks and sounds intimidating, but it is definitely the best color. (I’ll tweet a photo later of my legs – one with the tanner and one w/o and you will know what I mean!) Anyway, I’m constantly running errands and busy – from 8am to 11pm. The downside to self tanning is that you have to wait 4-6 hours before you can dry, so I love the idea of being able to shower in ONE hour! Also, love that there’s no bad smell to this one..
This is a highlighter & bronzer in ONE. I was backstage the Rebecca Minkoff show at NYFW in September and the Kevin Aucoin team did the models makeup – I was so impressed with the products and just how beautifully pigmented and natural they are… We don’t have this brand in Tulsa so I guess I will have to order online! However, this one is supposed to be a ‘natural’ bronzer which is perfect for spring & summer if you hide your face from the sun (like me!)! 🙂
Okay, this is a long story.. BUT…
Last weekend I was hosting an event at the Macy’s in Houston. Before the event started I ran into this gorgeous woman that reads my blog. Honestly, when I first saw her, I was thinking ‘dang how can I get that skin?!?!’ So as soon as I realized she was a reader & she wouldn’t think I was crazy, I was like “umm what is your skincare regimen?!” And we got to talking & I found out that her husband is finishing his plastic surgery residency this summer (which means she knows the scoop on skin!). She was telling me that all of the doctors her husband has worked for said you HAVE to wash with a glycolic face wash. Anyway, I was thinking I’d have to find some doctor’s office to get her exact face wash — but then she said she gets it at Sephora! And it just so happened to be this product! Needless to say, I am for sure picking it up today. Along with the toner – and I have been told this is best for acne prone skin & also good for those with cystic acne. 
A few weeks ago, I saw this girl on Instagram with the PRETTIEST makeup. I’d seen her before on Instagram but I had never seen her skin look so flawless and glowy. I found her profile and visited her YouTube channel to find out what foundation she used and it was this one… only….. it was something she got to try before the product hit the shelves. Luckily, it is now available so I am trying it out today. I love the idea of a full coverage foundation that is still hydrating – usually they are more drying if they are full coverage. (Also it has SPF15 w/no chemicals.)
 The bad thing about aging is that your eyes age – and you can’t (easily) back track like with your skin. I was told in HS to find a good eye product and splurge because it will be worth every cent. Just in the past couple of years I’ve been splurging on eye creams because I know how delicate that skin is & I don’t want to have any regrets with not caring for that area. Anyway, my sister has a friend from college that is a ‘face nurse’ lol (thats what we call her!). She doesn’t live in the same state as my sister, but my sister recently called her to find out what product is worth the money for eye care and she said “you have to get this *** (attached screenshot). ” She said its the best for the eye area and worth every dime.
I love love love my agave lip mask by Bite Beauty… I recently found out that they just came out with a new line of lip colors and I am kind of obsessed. The color selections are on point – but they are also formulated to be hydrating and creamy. I’ve not been wearing as many matte lipsticks lately because I’m still dealing with dry lips from Accutane but I’m dying to try these!
So, I’m a curling iron collector.. I probably have 10 in a basket in my bathroom right now!! I’ve found that for me – the more expensive ones create curls that last longer (like a couple of days). I love my GHD straightener and blow drying so I am contemplating trying this curling iron. It heats up in 20 seconds and I’ve been told that the curls this one makes are really pretty!
Ugh, I wish I had this in Cancun last week! My hair was cray! The wind was insane and I washed my hair with a cheap shampoo and it made it look so messy. I’m really wanting to try this product just to seal the look and leave my hair super shiny & smooth looking. When my hair is straight I have no problems, but when it gets warmer, my curls don’t look as polished.
Oh boy.. Did I read that right?! Pore VANISHING stick?!?!? Oh, this is for sure in my cart. I am willing to try ANYTHING that claims to vanish or minimize pores because I need it badly. I’ve said before that I don’t think those of us who are cursed with pores can ever be w/o pores – but I am willing to try. Estee Lauder has always been a brand that I trusted (they have amaze long wear products) so I am for sure ordering this!
Now that I have balayage in my hair – I need a good gloss every 2 months. My hair dresser is so good and I love how it looks after a fresh gloss but sometimes I can’t get in when I need it (bc of travels) so I am dying to try an at-home gloss. You use this in the shower and it supposedly creates a shine – or a shine + tint. So even if you don’t have color on your hair you could try this for extra shine!
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25 thoughts on “10 Rave-Worthy Products In My Shopping Cart

  1. Have you ever tried La Mer products? If so, could you do a review on them?! Out of all of the foundations you've tried, which one do you like the best? I love a full coverage foundation and have been using a Chanel one for a while, but was just wondering if you suggest a different one. Thanks! Love all of your posts!!! You're so gorgeous!!! <3

  2. Emily! Love the post, especially number 3 🙂 It was so refreshing to see how genuine and sweet you are in person. I hope you are doing well and congrats on the home news! One question I meant to ask you, what is your biggest fashion "no-no" or something you would never wear? And what one beauty product could you not live without? You are beautiful and such a doll!!

  3. Ugh this post just gave me serious anxiety! I do nothing for my eyes, skin OR hair. I am going to be 30 this year so I need to get on it!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to do this round up.
    Xo, Tara

  4. Great post!! That pore vanisher, foundation and lipstick sound very nice. I will have to check those out. Thank you so much for sharing and for being so detailed. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend too!! 🙂

  5. Did you like the pore vanishing stick?! I am dying for a good "no pores" primer.. I have terrible skin texture! 🙁 I haven't found a good cleanser and moisturizer yet.

  6. Did you like the pore vanishing stick?! I am dying for a good "no pores" primer.. I have terrible skin texture! 🙁 I haven't found a good cleanser and moisturizer yet.

  7. I'll triple the request for a review on the Tarte foundation…I really want to try it but my skin is super oily so I'm not sure how it would work! Love to know what you thought 🙂

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