Just wanted to do a quick round up on the best of the Shopbop sale!

So much of what I wear on a daily basis is on sale from Shopbop including AG jeans, boyfriend shorts, Tory Burch sandals and handbags, iPhone cases, hats, etc.

Details from the sale are on the Shopbop home page

(PS. These are all outfits from my Instagram & blog so if something is not linked you can find details in both of those places. My IG name is @emilyanngemma)
(Blog post HERE).

Shopbop products:
AG Raw Hemmed Denim (fave!) (TTS or size down!)
Janessa Leone Hats (75% of the hats I wear are by Janessa)

Shopbop products:
AG jeans w/ripped knees (I own two pair of this exact style.) (TTS or size down. I have them in 27 & 26)

Shopbop products: Coffee Table Books

Shopbop products: HATS

Shopbop Products: Michael Kors watches

Shopbop Products: Sundry graphic tees, Sonix iPhone Cases (my phone is the 6 Plus)

Shopbop products: Ray-Ban sunglasses

Shopbop products: Rag & Bone Boyfriend shorts (I purchased these during this sale last March – I LOVVEE THEM!) *true to size*

Shopbop products: Red Tory Burch Tote (larger size) 

Shopbop products: Clare V Leopard Clutch, Red Wallets, Karen Walker Super Duper (highly recommend these)

 Shopbop products: Sundress Cover Up (ALL colors here)

Shopbop Products: Leopard iPhone Case

The one teaspoon shorts are much shorter than the Rag & Bone BF shorts..  I am almost 5’7 so I sized up in these so they sit lower on my hips and are a bit longer!

Shopbop Products: Ray-Ban Sunglasses
I do not know the exact style name/color of these but the top is the brown pink, then next is the blackish green, fuchsia, green, & silver mirrored.

Also, the all black Ray-Bans & brown gradient are part of the sale as well. 

Shopbop Products: Tory Burch Tote (this is the larger size)

Shopbop Products: Tan Tory Burch wallet

Happy shopping! Would love to hear your picks, too! Anything I should check out?!

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