Springtime Sunday Brunch


 DRESS: Tularosa | WEDGES: Schutz (similar under $100 here) | BAG: Chloe (similar style) | EARRINGS: BaubleBar c/o | RINGS: Cartier, Natalie B | BRACELET: David Yurman | LIPS: Whirl, Nude #1, Undressed
John and I had such a fun weekend. He’s on a rotation where he has Saturday and Sunday off (praise the Lord!) and  we spent almost all weekend enjoying the outdoors. We snapped these photos yesterday after church – we went to grab brunch at a coffee shop called Hodges Bend here in Tulsa. John’s not a coffee drinker but he likes anything chocolate sooooo I got a latte and we split french toast covered in strawberries (lol no pix be we were starving!). 
I’m going to Arkansas to see my mom today – she had a biking accident over the weekend. She and my dad go biking several times a week, they are in way better shape than John & me.. :/ They wear all the gear including those dangerous things that connect your shoes to your pedals (I don’t know the terms!). Anyway, she fell going around a curve on a trail &ended up fracturing 3 different bones in her arm & shoulder! I don’t think she could get her foot loose in time to catch herself, poor thing. Speaking of bikes – my Zumba class was cancelled last week so I tried Spin and holy cow! Let’s just say it was a good thing the lights were off bc I would have been so embarrassed. I’m wanting to keep trying so maybe I’ll get better?! Any of you do spin? I mean… I’ll take any tips!


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42 thoughts on “Springtime Sunday Brunch

  1. I actually love spinning, and whenever I'm in a phase of going to the gym I do it. Not sure if I have a lot of tips, mainly just work your way up. So when they say to turn up the intensity, if I feel like it's too much already then I just won't turn it up. Eventually you will be able to do it with the same intensity as the instructor, but until then, as long as you are going and trying I think that's what counts 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Love the outfit… love all of yours actually! I love spinning and have been doing it for about a year now. I promise that it gets easier- I found that it was actually one of the quickest types of exercise to get "good" at fast. After a month or two I was starting to feel energized throughout the class rather than so tired and in pain. (And I promise your butt gets used to the seat 😉 ) Keep with it girl! You'll see results in no time!

  3. You look so beautiful in these pictures! I love that dress on and those wedges are SO cute. That is great that your husband has the weekends off right now too, woo hoo! That coffee shop looks so cute too. I have never tried spin but it does look fun. I'm so short though that I'm worried that I won't be able to reach the peddles lol. I hope that your mom feels better very soon too!!

  4. hey gorgeous! Sorry about your momma!! That's terrible!!! Hope she has a quick recovery! I haven't done spin for almost two years and did it again on Thursday – it was so great! I had to remind myself in 3rd position to stay low and move my butt back over the seat!! That helped the bouncing but it was really hard lol also, I've been doing a step class and it's amazing and SO fun!!

    Super loving this dress on you! It's absolutely adorable!!


  5. Como me encantas!!!! El look es ideal y eres elegante 100×100!!!

    Un beso guapa y feliz dia!!!!



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