My Vanity + My 5 Favorite Make-Up Brushes





I’ve totally forgotten to share the vanity details on here so I thought I’d do a quick re-cap of this area of my room really quickly! 
My vanity is here.
My x-bench is here & the bowl is here.
My fig tree is from Silks are Forever – this is a 6” but I prefer 7” but it sold out. The ceilings in this room is 10” or 12?! Need to ask John, lol! I will say these aren’t as nice – I wish I would’ve gotten this one that is the same price and better quality.
My rug is c/o of Lulu & Georgia.
The mirror is here, BUT I had to order this twice & it was broken both times so I finally just got it replaced in Tulsa. (they did give me my money back both times!)
Now for makeup brushes… if I had to pick 5 makeup brushes it would be these 5- these are my top five favorite!
1. Sigma F80: For foundation application – its a must have.
2. Beauty Blender: I use it in several steps of my makeup application.
3. Sigma E40: I use this for my transition color in my crease which is my favorite & to contour my nose.
4. Sigma F40: For perfect application of blush.
5. Chanel #1: I use this for powder & bronzer.
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26 thoughts on “My Vanity + My 5 Favorite Make-Up Brushes

  1. I recently started using the Beauty Blender *Pure* – the white one- made specifically for people with sensitive skin. It is denser (great for concealer application) and also dye-free. A great alternative to the pink one!

  2. I love your vanity set-up! I'm in the process of making over my 'blogging/getting ready/office room' and I love this style! I'd love to have a live fiddle leaf plant but I've heard they are kind of difficult to care for, so I may need to go the artificial plant route too! Love the pot you have it in too!


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