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TUNIC SWEATER: Halogen (this sweater is SO good!) | DENIM: AG Jeans | BOOTIES: Sam Edelman | BEANIE: BP | SCARF: Zara (similar  here) | TOTE: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM (similar here)
Okay, okay, I know this is a super basic outfit – in fact, I wore this on my blog two years ago! But people are always asking abut the leopard beanie so I thought I’d bring it back. 🙂 These were taken one day in Paris – while it was raining of course. The blanket scarf trend is definitely phasing out but I don’t dare get rid of mine because they are the best for travel! I always keep one in my handbag for our flights.
Yesterday I asked if you all wanted pregnancy updates and it was very clear that you all are super interested so in order to make this ‘basic’ post more exciting, I thought I’d share 10 (lengthy) facts about this pregnancy so far.. I’ll just jump right in..
*Disclaimer.. before reading this keep in mind that I am surrounded by close friends and family who are medical professionals of all sorts who look out for me and the baby. This is just me sharing the real side of pregnancy!*
1. Pregnancy Fatigue is a real thing. If you have followed me for long, you may be aware I have struggled with severe fatigue since undergrad. I’ve seen different doctors, had sleep studies, blood work, changed diet, etc. and nothing really has ever helped.. except for my BFF Coffee. Anyway, you add in pregnancy fatigue and boy! everything changes!! I used to stay up working until 1am and suddenly I couldn’t stay up past 8:30pm. I also couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than 3 hours at a time. My work schedule is unique since I run my blog completely by myself so I would wake up at 5am and work until 8am, take a one hour nap and then work in 3 hour increments the rest of the day. It was the only way I could figure out how to get my work done, but not over do anything. And don’t get me started on how I was able to travel so much…  that was so hard but somehow I was able to do it. The month of September I was in NYC, Vermont, North Carlina, and Seattle. I think I was home maybe 7 days the whole month so it was interesting! When I was in NYC for Fashion Week, at one point I was backstage of a show and the fatigue kicked in.. so I found a quiet hallway with a bench and rested my little eyes. Caitlin walked around the corner looking for me and was like maybe you should just go to the hotel and sleep – and that’s exactly what I did. Anytime I had a flight I would be asleep before we even took off!
2. Since I just mentioned my BFF Coffee… guess what!  We are no longer besties (I think we will work things out once the baby gets here though!). No but really, in my family coffee is our dessert. We drink tons of coffee and of course love the benefits but it’s also a relaxing to us to have a hot (decaf) coffee after dinner. One of the first things I noticed was that I had NO interest in making coffee OR smelling it. I mentioned it to some friends who said it was very normal. 
3. HUNGER! I’m almost embarrassed to address this because I became a WHOLE new person during the first trimester… because of crazy hunger!! Now, let me tell you something I have learned… never, ever judge a pregnant girl, ever! I always told John, “when I get pregnant, I’m still going to count calories and work out, I’m not going to be like some girls who eat extra”… HA! I am totally EATING my words now, pardon the pun. Basically, the first trimester I was opposite of most women, I was ravenous. In fact, I bet Chic Fil A saw an uptick in sales (specifically breakfast sales!) I no longer craved salads and grilled chicken… I craved pasta, pizza, carbs, cheetos, bread, oh! more carbs. It was shocking because it wasn’t me at all – and it wasn’t like I thought I had a pass because I was pregnant, I was truly starving ALL day. I would feel ill if I went more than a 2 hours without eating something.
4. Nausea is a game changer. I can’t tell you how hard it was to be extremely nauseas and uncomfortable all day and not be able to throw up. I would feel so sick that I wouldn’t even want to move – mostly at night time.. ok scratch that, it came at all different times! And there typically was nothing I could do except to suck on a Preggie Pop or something similar. Now that I am out of my first trimester, I have started throwing up which actually gives me relief. (sorry if this is TMI).
5. All of these ^^ things are normal for pregnancy and I don’t want to seem as if these are ‘complaints’ because honestly, I feel grateful to feel this way. It is definitely not easy and I have a whole new appreciation for mothers who do this with young children. However, before getting pregnant, there were some tough months with negative pregnancy tests that  caused me to pray and beg to have morning sickness and all of the other downsides to pregnancy if it resulted in a healthy baby. Honestly, trying without success all of those months prepared me mentally to appreciate this journey and taught me to embrace it. Again, I don’t blame any women  for complaining honestly – but I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I feel so fortunate that I get to experience this and share it with you all!
5. I have been getting a lot of questions about how I shared the info with John and close friends and family so I thought I’d touch on that with a few funny stories. First of all, as I mentioned before, trying to get pregnant and not having any luck was VERY hard on John and me. 95% of the women (including family) I talk to and am around on a weekly basis got pregnant the first time trying so I thought I would be just like them. Especially considering I am a ‘by the book’ kind of girl – I read and studied and followed all the rules, lol! Anyway, it got old taking tests and being crushed by the “not pregnant” result. I was out of town one weekend and I was logging my temperature on my Ovia app and noticed that my temperature had stayed pretty high and wasn’t dropping (!!!) and during this trip I had extreme lower back pain. This of course got my hopes up but I had already taken a test and it said ‘not pregnant’. Anyway, I bought wifi on the plane and texted John and said “I’m going to take a test when I get in today” and he replied with “no, I don’t think you should try another one… but maybe you could try tomorrow morning.” (AKA: Take the test when I am not home so I don’t have to be around the sadness!) Anyway, I landed and he picked me up at the airport and we drove straight home. I grabbed a test out of the cabinet and sat it on the corner of the bed and said “lets say a prayer”, so John grabbed my hands and started praying and I open my eyes and look over and Fitz Gemma is laying on the bed with both paws crossed over the test where we couldn’t see it! (If you are new, Fitz is our golden doodle who is 50% human and loves being center of attention.) Anyway, John reluctantly let me take the test and to be honest, we didn’t expect good news. We were about to watch a show and I said “hey wait its been a few minutes, let me look” and I grab it and it said “pregnant” w/the weeks and I started screaming! John grabbed it from my hand and calmly looks at it and says “Hmm… I think you should do another before we get too excited.” So he drove down the road and got more tests from Walgreens. At this point I knew for sure I was pregnant but John is always a little slower and more calm so once he saw the positive results of these tests he got excited. This getting pretty long so I’ll wind down on this part… but in my screaming excitement with the first test I snap chatted my mom a video of it.. so special right?! She called immediately and was like “Emily you were shaking that test so I couldn’t see what it said!” 
6. Our first appointment was the most special thing I have ever done! The doctor was showing us the baby and of course I found that so fascinating and unbelievable, but when the heartbeat played I immediately started crying! I got really embarrassed to cry and said “I’m sorry but this is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard and seen!” Hearing the heartbeat and knowing it was coming from inside of me made it all so real and so special. 
7. Bumpdate! During weeks 8-11, my stomach looked like a legit bump every evening and it was kind of painful. It was as if the carbs were swelling inside of me causing extreme bloat. Luckily, we took all of my blog photos earlier in the day so I never really had anything to hide but at night it was a bump. I didn’t really start getting a ‘bump’ until Paris. The first day we were in Paris, I put my jeans on and they were snug and uncomfortable. Anytime we were sitting down to eat, I had to unbutton my jeans get relief! Now that I am home, I am ordering some more comfortable jeans. 
8. I feel like a fire breathing dragon on a daily basis, truth. So, when I was really little, I started getting heartburn and I’ve had it my whole life. You can probably imagine how bad it got with the pregnancy. It’s crazy!! It’s a whole new ballgame now. What makes it worse is that I prefer spicy foods so it is inevitable to feel like I am on fire every evening! 
9. Unique Cravings: the first month I wanted a steak! I never got one, but it was a unique craving considering I don’t eat steak ever! Also, I have a new love for orange juice and lemonade. I limit myself because it causes heartburn for me but an ice cold, refreshing lemonade or orange juice is everything! Also, I don’t have quite the sweet tooth I used to have.. I guess the carb cravings replaced it. I prefer salty food over everything.. and if we are going to be totally honest – comfort food is my favorite. Mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, rolls, soup, etc. There’s a place in Missouri called Lambert’s Home of the Thrown Rolls and I keep asking John if we can make a road trip there, lol! The main aversion I have is to grilled chicken.. I have tried it a few times and sadly it didn’t stay down for too long. 🙁
10. Skincare & Hair: My skin is not bad – but I am getting really small blemishes. They aren’t huge or painful but I haven’t had acne in over a year. As for hair, my hair is not growing at all right now! Everyone says it grows quickly with all the vitamins, but that is not the case for my hair. It is the case for my nails though. Also, my hair is dry and not as shiny unfortunately. That’s kind of a buzzkill, but I will survive. 
Alright! Hello.. longest blog post ever!!! I am so sorry but now that this is done, maybe my updates won’t be as lengthy… maybe! 
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105 thoughts on “Basic Fall Outift + 10 Facts About This Pregnancy

  1. This post made me so happy!!! I've been following you for years and years and I've always thought you would be an amazing mom. You and John deserve every bit of this happiness you feel! It's amazing how God works in our lives and how much He blesses those that believe. Congratulations again!

  2. First, I totally have been eyeing this leopard beanie forever from so many of your blog posts and finally ordered it a few weeks ago! It was on backorder and should be arriving soon and i'm soooo excited to recreate some of your outfits!!!! 🙂

    Also, it's almost weird how excited I am about your pregnancy!!! I can't wait to follow along this journey with you! You are going to be the best mom ever.


  3. Congrats! This is so exciting 🙂 My husband and I are expecting our first child the end of April so I totally get what you've been going through. AG maternity jeans are literally a LIFE SAVER! Im sure you already know about them but buy 5 pairs. I am living in them every chance I get. I also got 2 pairs of seven for all mankind and they are great as well! Good luck with your pregnancy and I will be excited to see how you style maternity items since I am in the same boat!

  4. This post made me SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! I love hearing about it all so please share and keep us up to date. You know what i love about this is that it's a game changer for fashion now, you'll be styling a hot mama! I'm so looking forward to those outfits. Saying prayers for a Happy healthy baby!!!!! xoxo

  5. Aw girl, this post is so special! I'm so so happy that you and John are expecting you're first child! Seriously, you guys are going to be amazing parents and I'm so so happy for you! and THANK YOU for sharing these details, so heart warming <3

    xo, jess


  6. Love the pregnancy update. Totally understand the fatigue. I remember it like it was yesterday, and it was actually how I suspected I was pregnant with my son (who will be 2 in December). I know you said you are due in the Spring, but can you share your due date, or month? The all day nausea is awful, too. I kept crackers by the bed for middle of the night queasiness, and it helped. But the anti-morning sickness pill was a gamechanger for me. I am a lawyer, and had to travel a lot during the first seven months, driving two to four hours a day and sitting for depositions, and it was so hard to be that nauseated and have to focus. Snacking on crackers helped for sure. Anyway, enough about me – thank you for sharing! Are you going to do pregnant fashion posts? I bet you are going to be such a glamorous preggo mama to be!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing all of this! It's so great to hear the ups and downs of pregnancy and what to expect along the way. Although thats a few years down the line for my fiancé and I, I always love reading and hearing about peoples' experiences to mentally prep 😉 So excited for you and John and can't wait to read updates along the way!

  8. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. For someone who has been trying to conceive for many years now, I appreciate you embracing your pregnancy instead of complaining like so many others do. Can't wait to see how you style your bump and continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy 🙂

  9. Congratulations!! I had a feeling you were going to be having a baby soon and I'm so happy for you! I'm 21 weeks right now with my first so I'm excited to follow your pregnancy and your style as you go. It will be a nice help as I've always looked at your blog for inspiration. May God bless you and good luck with the babe!!! It's really the coolest feeling in the world

  10. I am so excited for you! I was pregnant during this time last year so everything that I experienced during my pregnancy is still fresh in my mind. Pregnancy fatigue is definitely real! Also, I think buying belly bands might be a good investment. Maybe you've already heard of it but you wear your pants unzipped and the band helps hold your pants up. I never bought maternity pants when I was pregnant because belly bands were a life saver!


  11. I am so excited for you!! You are by far my favorite on instagram and I just started following your blog and I'm in love! You are my fashion/beauty inspiration 🙂 loved this post on the pregnancy too! My husband and I are planning to start trying in January, and I have the fear of not getting pregnant right away, so that part of the blog was encouraging! Thanks for the transparency! 🙂 keep posting!
    XO Caitlan

  12. Have you been drinking any caffeine? I am due in June and have had a hard time finding drinks at Starbucks that are lower in caffeine. Any recommendations you have would be great. I am so exhausted of googling everything.

  13. Thank you for sharing! I am sorry about that you were feeling sick though and also the heartburn. :-/ You look beautiful though and this is so exciting!! 🙂 I also love that sweater!! Hope that you are feeling good today too!! xo

  14. Emily! OMG congrats once again! I'm 38 weeks and 1 day and I have to say that the most exciting thing ever was seeing/hearing the baby. I cried too! It's so amazing what our bodies can do and even though I complained A LOT and got alllll the symptoms (breakouts – so I thought I was having a girl for the longest because they say the girl "takes her mothers beauty" – nope I'm expecting a boy!, heartburn which for me, it never went away. I'm still experiencing it and even though the morning sickness stopped after around 20 weeks, I still throw up from my heartburn/acid reflux being so bad, major fatigue, headaches, food aversions, all that!) but to know that you're carrying a little life inside of you is amazing and I will take this as long as it means I'll deliver a healthy baby! I cannot wait to see the nursery. I secretly hope for a little boy because I can totally see you being the cool sporty mom, and how unique the nursery will be because lets face it – little girl nurseries are SO easy to decorate, but little boys are hard! I pray you have a healthy and safe pregnancy and keep us updated – don't feel like you'll lose us with the pregnancy updates and posts… WE LOVE THEM!

    P.S. Do you have a P.O. box?! You're my favorite blogger and would love to send you a letter and gift in the mail to congratulate you all (You, John, & Fitz!)

  15. Emily, I have been following your blog for a long time now and honestly, I loved this post because it was long, it felt like we were chatting it up as friends and also, your personality really shone through <3 I am so so happy for you and your hubby and so excited to see your maternity fashion so I can get some inspiration and ideas! God bless you and I pray you have a wonderful and safe pregnancy and pleaseeeee do long posts! I love them! <3

  16. Pregnancy can do some absolute crazy things to your body. But it's also amazing at the same time. My hair didn't grow much faster, it just didn't fall out at all the entire time I was pregnant. So it got a lot thicker. Not to worry though, it all feel out in globs about 4 months after having my baby haha.


    La Joie de Vivre

  17. I'' so glad you are sharing your pregnancy with us!! Your food adversions and cravings sound just like mine during my first pregnancy. At first, My hair wasn'6 the beautiful shinny sharing hair I expected with pregnancy but towards the end it was amazing!! I'm 12 weeks into my second pregnancy right now, and I also hate coffee which is extremely challenging with a 13 month old!!

  18. Hooray! I love this news! I follow you on Snapchat and am an avid reader of your blog. I'm due with our first on April 21st, so it's awesome to be able to follow your journey knowing you're somewhat close to mine!! I'm in love with the Paige maternity jeans right now. So comfy!!

  19. I totally remember the fatigue and the coffee aversion and nausea and ughhhh…. so glad I do not have to do that again! But 3 healthy kids were well worth it. Wishing you all the best!!!!

  20. I don't think your post was too long- I love it!! So many of the things you're experiencing with pregnancy are things I experienced- like the INTENSE carb cravings!!! Don't worry though, it doesn't mean you'll gain a ton of weight- I ate everything in sight during my pregnancy (despite thinking and saying I wasn't going to do that- lol….) and only gained 25lbs. As long as you just keep moving, which it sounds like isn't a problem for you, busy girl, everything will even out �� And citrus was so good for morning sickness- I craved grapefruit for the duration of my pregnancy. But anyways, girl, I'm so excited for you guys!! Getting pregnant is one of the best things in the world. I'll never forget the feeling when you share the news with your hubby! ❤️ Keep the updates coming- I may be feeling a little baby fever coming on….. ������



  21. Thanks for sharing about your pregnancy!!! I craved steak and all things carbs sooo bad and was extremely turned off by chicken. It was the oddest thing, since I ate chicken ALL the time pre-pregnancy. My baby boy is now almost 11 months old, and it is the absolute greatest thing on this earth to be a mom. You are going to be obsessed! Can't wait to hear more about your journey!!

  22. So exciting, congratulations!!! Your pregnancy sounds so much like mine did! I was famished the first trimester and basically all I wanted was savory/salty stuff; totally unlike me, since normally I have a huge sweet tooth. I also am a major coffee addict, and wanted nothing to do with it while pregnant. We have a boy, whose now 13 months. Enjoy it all, it goes by so fast! Can't wait to see more pictures/updates!

  23. I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first, and so excited to follow along with you!! I have been lucky in that I haven't had any nausea or vomiting at all, but I now require daily naps (soooo tired!!!) & I'm super into orange juice (and ALL THE carbs) too! Meat, in general, grosses me out. I'm hoping to get back to a healthier diet soon. I don't want to gain too much weight! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing!!

  24. Congratulations!!!! This was a fun post to read.

    On the fashion front though…thumbs down to blanket scarves going out, I have like 20, with 10 still to wear…

  25. I'm so excited for your little family! I'm also so impressed with how open and honest you always are about your life. I look forward to many more style the bump pics. When I first saw your snap about wanting to thank everyone for the support I instantly knew you were pregnant. I got so excited and my boyfriend was so confused which one of our friends was pregnant. It's so funny how close your readers feel to you especially during these big life moments. I'm sure a lot of your readers feel this way. Lots of love your way. Xo. -Abby

  26. Your story is precious!!! I love every detail of it. You are such a beautiful girl, tall, tiny, and obviously fashionable!!! It's actually nice to read you have normal struggles like the rest of us. You are going to make a wonderful mom. I think of the verse: 2 Corinthians 12:9 – My grace is sufficient for you, for My (God's) strength is made perfect in weakness. Pray over your baby every day and God's sweet plan to happen!!!

  27. The coffee thing is exactly what's happened to me! I'm 11 weeks and haven't wanted anything to do with coffee since the beginning, weirdest thing ever. Same with the food too, my usual salads and light meals don't sound good at all anymore. It's been an adjustment for sure! Congrats again 🙂

  28. I just found your blog, but I wanted to let you know how happy this post made me! You seem so genuinely excited and thrilled for this pregnancy and the mood is just so contagious! Good luck with your pregnancy, I'm sure you're going to be a wonderful mother-I'll be looking for more updates!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  29. This was so fun to read! I´m truly happy for you guys and I´m keeping my fingers crossed that you will have a healthy baby 🙂 Best wishes all the way from Sweden 🙂


  30. I would love to see your pregnancy updates on your blogs and can't wait for baby updates! 🙂 I am up in the middle of the night right now feeding my 6 week old son, catching up on the blog! Thank you for sharing about your struggle to get pregnant, I could have written that section! We tried for 4 stressful months, which doesn't seem long, but as you know feels like eternity when trying the first time and you don't know how long it will take or if there are any complications. Like you said I was thrilled to finally feel the nausea and fatigue, and it really made me appreciate it that much more. I also felt that everyone got pregnant on the first try! My best friend even started after me and got pregnant right away! One friend told me my journey was preparing me for parenthood, not having any control over what would happen. Everything happens for a reason. Can't wait to continue to follow your journey!

  31. Congrats! I'm a mom of boy/girl twins that turned 3 on Monday and an 8 month old boy. All of those pregnancy thoughts and experiences are totally normal. It's crazy how changing hormones can have such an impact on your body.

  32. Congratulations! I have been following your blog for some time now, first time commenter though! I feel like I can really relate to some of the things you post about, I am an osteopathic physician as well so it's always cute to see your take on things being married to one. I am also recently pregnant and experiencing many of the symptoms you have after praying for a baby for many months as well. I enjoyed your pregnancy update and can't wait to read more. God bless!

  33. Thank you for being honest and open about the difficulties of trying to conceive. It's refreshing to know that I'm not alone. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 6 months now, we just started with the ovulation kits 2 months ago. It's been soooo frustrating and the feeling of disappointment after seeing the not pregnant line when you know you did everything you thought you were suppose to do in the time frame you were suppose to do it on. Do you have any advice for someone trying to conceive? Was there a certain kit or test you used that you really liked? This may be too personal but may I ask how long you tired for before getting pregnant? I made an appointment with my Dr to make sure everything checks out, am I stressing out too much about this lol 🙂

  34. So exciting Emily! I've followed you for years, and I'm excited for your new growing family! I live in Mobile, AL, and we have a Lambert's about an hour from us in Gulf Shores! Those rolls would probably be worth the drive and it's all comfort food so right up your alley!

  35. I also just entered my 2nd trimester and I relate so much to everything that you just wrote. I am finally able to start enjoying salads and vegetables more now. All I wanted was carbs & junk food & I was so upset about it because I know that my baby needs those vitamins. Also, I had no idea that pregnancy fatigue was a thing. I literally had to close the door to my office & take naps because I just couldn't even sit up I was so tired. We traveled around Europe for a month and I was so happy to be there, but even happier to hit the pillow at the end of the day!

  36. Congratulations! I'm a fairly new follower of your blog from London and must be about the same point in my first pregnancy as you! Am 17 weeks. Really enjoyed reading your post about your pregnancy – it's so nice to hear someone is experiencing the same things at the same time! Your blog has given me lots of ideas for cosy knits and scarves which have proven lifesavers in the recent weeks for covering my growing bump! Sending lots of love and best wishes, Julia x

  37. Congratulations! I loved your story about the pregnancy tests! It brought back happy memories!! I had the same cravings for things like steak and potatoes and lost my sweet tooth so I'm guessing you're having a boy like I did! I hope you enjoy this special time!!

  38. I was starving in the first trimester too! People thought I was just being "that girl" who wants to eat for two right away, but the hunger was real! I would literally wake up at 6am soooo hungry. Blessings to you and your family.

  39. I've been following your blog for quite some time now, I just love it! Congrats on your pregnancy!! I read this and I literally started tearing up about when you and your husband first found out you were pregnant. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over a year and the negative tests month after month are devastating. I'm so happy for you and wish you all the best in this journey.

  40. It is so crazy how our bodies work!!! I guess we will never fully understand why it all happens but I think it is for the good of the babes!! <3 You’ll have to update me as your pregnancy goes on!

  41. I am so sorry! 🙁 I hate that for you – as soon as I type this I will say a prayer for you and your husband. I know how heartbreaking and sad that can be. After reading taking charge of your fertility that really helped us!

  42. I’m so sorry 🙁 I hate that others have to go through this! I wouldn’t wish that type of pain and heartache on anyone! The good news is, it takes most young, healthy people 12 months… but gosh, that seems like forever! I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility (SO good – a must) and followed every instruction and tip. I took mucinex, baby Aspirin, charted everything! IT was exhausting but when I finally did EVERYthing, we got pregnant. I’m sure you read it already but if not – it is a must. Many women who struggled w/fertility told me to read it and it would be a game changer. It was!

  43. Emily, this is such a sweet post! I just love your beautiful life! Thank you for sharing this with us! You the bomb, girl!


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