Gifts For Your Beauty Guru Bestie (My Holy Grail Beauty Products)

I thought I’d quickly share a quick gift guide for those of your with besties who love their beauty products! (Or for those of you looking for some new beauty products to try out ;)). I actually have and use ALL of these products. They are all personal favorites of mine. Also, if you have a friend who has ‘everything’ – these gifts are really good and functional. My family always jokes that I am hard to shop for and if they got me any of these I’d be happy! 

1. HOURGLASS PALETTE: The marble packaging is STUNNING. It comes w/a blush, bronzer, and highlighter! It makes your skin look very soft and angelic.
2. TRAVEL KIT: I keep this in my cosmetic bag because I’m constantly needing something out of it! It is ideal for your purse as well in case you see a stray brow hair in the car… :/ (happens to me all the time!)
3. COZY WINTRY ROBE: Oh-em-gee! Order one of these ASAP. They are perfect for sitting around getting ready and so soft.
4. SIGMA MAKEUP BRUSH & CLEANER: This is the only foundation brush I will use – and I clean all of my makeup brushes w/the pink mitt. (PS. buy them together for the best deal!)
5. T3MICRO CURLING IRON: I get asked about my curls DAILY. This is the only curling iron I will use because it gives the BEST curls and they last for ab 2-3 days.
6. TRIPLE SEC: This will be your new BFF. SRSLY. Its a texturizer and dry shampoo. Since my hair is very soft, it doesn’t like to cooperate and this product gives it some grit to make it curl better, stay in braids, have volume, cute ponies, etc. 
7. TSA TRAVEL KIT: I had to get this in Ohio before flying home and I am obsessed. Its perfect for travel and keeping your products home and safe while still having the actual product. I put some of my moisturizer in the little bottles so that I don’t weigh down my bag w/full size products.
8. SILK PILLOWCASE: Oh em gee. I have 3 because I literally can’t sleep w/o them! These save your hair and skin – you have to read up on them. Also, they are cold feeling which I love.. 🙂 
9. SHEET MASKS: I use a sheet mask 2x per week now that I am pregnant because my skin is awful. It looks so dead and gross. Sheet masks have saved the day. They plump up my skin and make it look bright and glory. (AKA I didn’t get the pregnancy glow everyone talks about!)
10. DIOR LIP PLUMPER: I have been using this for almost 4 years. Ever since I started using this I’ve had people ask if I get filler (I don’t!) so I know it works! I use it very consistently to keep my lips looking fuller! It also is just beautiful as a gloss alone!

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21 thoughts on “Gifts For Your Beauty Guru Bestie (My Holy Grail Beauty Products)

  1. Exquisitely professional thoughts. I merely hit upon this web site and desired to enunciate that I've definitely delighted in reckoning your blog articles or blog posts. Rest assured I'll subsist pledging to your RSS and I wish you write-up after much more shortly

  2. Love all these picks!! I've heard those pillowcases are amazing for your hair and skin so I may have to try it out 🙂 Also love that curling iron!

    Lauren Lindmark

  3. I just got a silk pillowcase as well and we LOVE them!! I didnt know it was good for hair or skin but now I'm kicking myself for using cotton my whole life! Hopefully this helps minimize breakage because lately my hairs been needing extra love!

    xo, jess

  4. Hey Emily!
    What skin care products (besides these sheet masks) are you using now that you are pregnant? I'm always looking for the next best thing thats safe! This time around…..I didn't get that glow either! Gotta Love those hormones! xoxo Jackie

  5. I never heard of using a silk pillowcase to protect your hair! I think you may have answered my dilemma! I have 3 boys, and then we were blessed with a little girl who is almost 2. I have been at a loss over what to do about her hair! Her hair is so soft and fine, but with a tangled mat in the back! She has so much breakage on the back of her head. It's so frizzy and damaged. I realized a month ago that all the breakage was coming from her head rubbing on her carseat and her pillow at night. I just ordered a silk pillowcase for her, and will be sewing a silk patch to her car seat too! Thank you for saving my baby's hair!

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