The $40 Black Sweater Dress You MUST Have This Winter!






SWEATER DRESS: BP (under $40 – a must have!) | FAUX FUR VEST: old (almost identical HERE) | LEGGINGS: Zella (*must haves*) | BOOTIES: old (similar HERE & HERE) | BEANIE: BCBG | RING: David Yurman | WATCH: Michele | HANDBAG: Chanel (Classic in Maxi) (dupe HERE
Okay, guys! This dress is everything. I ordered it from Nordstrom for our trip to Ohio (to wear to John’s 10 year school reunion!) thinking it would be great for my growing bump, but holy cow! I am going to be living in it this winter – it is flattering and crazy soft & comfortable! I thought I’d share full outfit photo because so many of my girlfriends have wanted to order it. My mom and sis were even fighting over who was going to wear it in NY this weekend. Size wise – it is pretty TTS.. maybe a little big. It’s definilty not body con or short, that’s for sure. It’s a sweater dress that can be worn to work and then to dinner at night!
My sister and mom came to Tulsa the night before we left for NYC to go through my closet and take clothes to wear. My sister was in my closet and asked “Emily! what is this BP brand and where do I get it? I love everything!” And I was relieved to tell her it was Nordstrom and it is all very affordable yet good quality. She sometimes gives me the side eye because I sometimes… (eek) have expensive taste! It’s more of a running joke. Anyway, she’s sold on the Nordstrom BP line now! 
I also got the green version of this dress while in Columbus btw – it’s a dark green color! It looks cute w/riding boots! 
Any who, I’m in the air flying from NY to Tulsa! My mom and sis are sleeping next to me! We loved NYC – it was my mom & John’s first time there so it was fun seeing their reactions to it. My mom is obsessed and is already planning another trip!
Hope you all had a fun weekend!! <3
Also – the winner of the monogram necklace giveaway never e-mailed me! I selected a new winner so e-mail me if it is you! (
Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post.


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42 thoughts on “The $40 Black Sweater Dress You MUST Have This Winter!

  1. I can't get over those Chanel bags… and that sweater dress is so pretty, I'll definitely have to get myself one! Love your posts!

  2. Hi Emily,
    I read your blog daily! this comment is not about your post necessarily, but I wanted to know if you would let us (me) know exactly what color/toner you get done on your hair… I am looking to do something similar and don't want to end up with orange or too blonde hair. TIA.

  3. This whole outfit/setting combo is just magical! Love it! My love for beanies has also grown substantially since I started following your blog. You always make them look so cute and polished instead of just slapping it on when it's a dirty hair day! 🙂 Side note – did you use your nifty 50 mm lens for these photos? Or your new camera? Just perfect! – Tamara J.

  4. Your beanie game is always so strong! Love love love!

    This thanksgiving i’lL with my sister in law helping her decorate her tree. I’m the designer like your sister haha!

  5. For thanksgiving i will be Cooking thanks giving dinner for my family for the first time, wish me luck!
    AnywAy, i would be so thankful to win! ❤️❤️

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