Now that I am pregnant, I am in pajamas by 7 or 7:30 every evening. I don’t think the fatigue is ever going to go away! I have been living in robes and leggings around the house. 🙂 I feel like a new person because I used to be such a night owl. Anyway, I’m hoping for my energy to return soon – any thoughts? I’m way past my first trimester so I just keep waiting!
OUTFIT DETAILS: Black Turtleneck (highly recommend) | Flats | Ripped Black ‘Mother’ Jeans | Ring | Prada Handbag  (we had to hunt this one down – found it at the Prada shop inside of the Bellagio in Vegas.. while in NY I tried to hunt it down and the Prada store that was supposed to have it was blocked off bc of protests!) | Scarf is Louis Vuitton – I got it in OH over Thanksgiving and it was the last one and on a display so I don’t know the style name – it is very similar to my gray Logomania scarf but it has a gold, glitter on it! (edited: I think this is it!) I also love this blush scarf w/the fringe!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look HERE. (One of my fave outfits, ever.)

This was snapped at a cafe in Paris before our breakfast one morning – missing all those crepes.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Similar leggings, Similar sweatshirts HERE & HERE, Socks / w/lining here (the best ever!!), Peppermint-Hot cocoa spoons 

John and my nieces and nephews LOVE those peppermint, hot cocoa spoons! I found mine locally this year but they are also online. You can just stir them into a hot cup of milk and it makes hot cocoa. (My nieces and nephews basically just eat the spoon tho, lol!)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Coat (highly recommend – plus it is on sale!) | Leggings | Boots | Celine Phantom Handbag in Black (for those asking the phantom only comes in one size!)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Robe | Leggings | Boots (these boots are basically the best things that happened to me – I’ve had them for years and wear them SO much!) 

The camera I am using is the Canon M5  w/a 20mm lens! We love it. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look HERE

Tulsa just got fall in the past couple of weeks and we saw this beautiful spot with neon orange and red leaves so we shot here… and the next day we drove past there and the leaves were almost completely gone out of the trees!! Kind of sad! Needless to say, we got a very quick fall. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweatshirt (under $40 and comes in a ton of colors, Beanie, Denim, Flats

OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look HERE.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Beanie, Bag, Similar Coat

My mom snapped this pic at the skating rink at Central Park while in NYC. It is a favorite pic of mine!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look + room + wrapping paper & decor HERE.

I’m still getting so many questions about our whimsical, living area so I am just including this so everyone has easy access to that post. We haven’t had any sunshine in Tulsa in almost a week so I haven’t been able to get good photos of our Burberry’ish tree but I am crossing my fingers this week!


OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look HERE.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Ugg House Slippers (best. gift. ever.)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Coat (wearing sizing 2) | Beanie | Booties 

OUTFIT DETAILS: This full look from our gender reveal is in a full post HERE.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look HERE.

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Denim | Flats | Grey Cardigan (I have 3 grey cardigans and I wear them ALL the time!) | Similar handbag

OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look HERE.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look here.

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Denim | Sweater | Pumps

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweater via Zara | Denim | Hat | OTK Boots (my faves and they are a knockoff of the $800 Stuart Weitzman)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Full blog post on this look HERE.

This look is from our Aspen trip – just thought I’d share again because I’ve received lots of questions about it lately.

OUTFIT DETAILS: It’s hard to tell but this sweatshirt has ruffles on the sleeves! (More here, here, & here + similar denim here

Just FYI, I really like the raw hem, with lots of tears trend that is currently happening with jeans! I basically tear them a little myself and John helps by kind of shredding/fraying with scissors. There’s not really a technique for it because you don’t want them to look perfect! 

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25 thoughts on “Massive Instagram Round-Up (November – December)

  1. Allegedly the second trimester you're supposed to feel great and energized- HA! I've had two children now and was throwing up well into the third trimester with both of them. I was exhausted the entire time, so every woman reacts differently & some of us just don't luck out with the energy part. Or nausea.

    I'd say embrace it and sleep when you feel like it. Now is the time to indulge yourself and be totally selfish!

  2. It took me a few weeks into my second trimester for my energy to come back. But I made an effort to walk around the neighborhood after work. I think that helped!

  3. That picture of you and your husband ice skating is sooo cute! Definitely a keeper! I love your blog, have been reading for a couple years! These Instagram round ups are my favorite posts, thanks for sharing, I'm sure linking and rounding everything up is time consuming!

  4. All of these outfits are perfection! As gorgeous as your hair is curled, I also really, really love it straight. It's so pretty! Thanks for sharing all of this inspiration and eye candy!