Park City

Cable Knit Cozy in Park City (+ What We Got Our Dog For Christmas!)


 SWEATER: H&M (sold out 🙁 ) (similar HERE & HERE) | DENIM: Frame | BOOTS: Steve Madden (under $100 – I  wear these all the time and they are a knockoff of THESE) | HANDBAG: LV Pochette Metis (similar here) | HAT: Janessa LeoneWATCH: Nixon | BRACELETS: The Styled Collection c/o, David Yurman 
I’m home from Park City now but I’ll be sharing some of the warm looks I wore while there! A ton of the stuff I got was on sale after Christmas so some has sold out but others are still in stock. Anyway, regardless – had to share in case you are on the hunt for some cute winter gear for any trips you may have coming up the next 3 months or so. OH, but get this – it snowed in Tulsa while we were gone and it is going to be 70degrees on Wednesday… SEVENTY!  So wild. I really love cold weather so it annoys me, haha. 

In other news, I thought I would give you all the scoop on what we got Fitzy for Christmas. It is the best invention ever (if you like to creep on your dog 24/7). So it is called the Furbo and it has a camera, microphone and treat dispenser. It is easy to use – you just plug it in and get the app on your iPhone and sync them (takes under 5 min) and voila – it works! So, basically you can watch your dog while you are gone – and you can give him/her treats all from your app. So last night we went out to grab dinner and I pulled up my app and hit the microphone button and said “Fitzy!!” & I saw him run through the kitchen looking for me. So I was like “hey Fitzy, want a treat?!” and I hit the toss treat button and saw the treat get ejected and there he was getting the treat and then he turned around and looked at the Furbo so confused lol! (I gave him 2 more treats but don’t tell John bc he is all ab not over doing it – insert eye roll emoji!). Okay so then, this morning the UPS guy drove by and Fitz went nuts (per usual) so John and I both got alerts on our phones (I’ll attach photos on my twitter – @emilyanngemma) & John was able to look at his app and see what was going on! Anyway, just a cool gift idea if you need to get your pet something (lol). I had to share – and no this isn’t sponsored! 🙂

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