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Today I’m writing from snowy, cold Utah! Before traveling here, I snapped a few photos of the skincare I would be packing for this trip & I’m so glad I brought extra moisturizing ‘stuff’ because it is so much drier here. Ever since doing Accutane I get a lot of questions about how my skincare changed after that and basically, it just never went back to being super oily. It is mainly just dry now. I’m a major product junkee – like I’ve bought every skin care product on the market for dry skin, large pores, to get glory skin, etc. and so far this routine has been what stuck with me! Also – keep in mind I am pregnant so no retinol right now! 
1. MAC Cosmetics Makeup Wipes: Hands down my favorite wipe. They smell so good and take off all the stubborn makeup super easily. When we landed in Utah, I went straight to the Nordstrom MAC counter to get a travel size because I didn’t want to pack my huge package. These don’t irritate my skin & it doesn’t take a lot of rubbing to get any product off.
2. When I am home I use this Tula Facewash but when I travel I use this Philosophy face wash. Both are gentle & effective – and neither cause breakouts. I always use my little pink Clarisonic with this product to get all of the leftover makeup off. I don’t use my Smart Profile Clarisonic anymore really – mainly just the travel one bc it has less power and doesn’t seem to dry out my skin. I’m hanging on to my Smart Profile though because I know my skin will change after baby and I may get oily and need it more!
3. Next, I use Baby Wash to get my mascara and eyeliner fully removed. I’ve mentioned because how much I love this – it doesn’t burn your eyes, but it also strips away all of the leftover makeup. It is very gentle but also quickly gets off the waterproof liners I wear!
4. As for eyes, on days where I am actually going to wear makeup and get fully ready, I apply a tiny bit of THIS to my under eye area. I’ve been using it for a while and really like it because it makes my eyes feel more awake and also works to brighten them and reduce lines. The key I think though – for eyes anyway- is using something crazy moisturizing at night! The only eye cream I use at night is THIS one by Tata Harper. I wake up my and eyes still feel like the product is there. I know I’ve said it before but moisturizing that eye area is a huge deal for keep them from getting tired/aging/puffy looking eyes. This product is rather expensive, but it actually lasts a year bc you don’t need much. I use this nightly instead of 2-3x a week like the recommendation.
5. As for hydration on my whole face, I use HA5 by Skin Medica. I get it at my derm’s office. (DO not buy it on Amazon or anywhere random- Dr’s office only) It keeps my skin VERY plump looking! If you don’t want to invest in this product, try a Face Mask like THIS one 2x a week. I always pack a sheet mask when I travel for my first night, just to get life back into my face. I have a drawer full of masks at home and I try to use them weekly. The one I brought to Utah works really well and it is HERE. (Personally, I do not recommend Sephora brand masks – but all the others they have there I have tried and liked.)
6. Okay, last but not least.. and not cheapest.. is the moisturizer and concentrate. Honestly, I was not a huge believer in La Mer. I tried it before Accutane and hated it. Now that I am dry, I tried it again and I actually liked the heavy cream. I didn’t buy it though until it got super cold in Tulsa and it was the only thing that got rid of my dry patches. The concentrate is not necessary if you have normal skin – but I like it because it does calm down my dry and helps it heal. For me, the heavy cream is worth it – I love how my skin and makeup look when I use this and my skin stays so soft and plump! 
Okay! That is is for now!! Hope this helps answer some of your questions. 
My makeup bag was a gift from John – I had my eye on it for a while and then it was almost completely out of stock! He found one left in like Florida? or something! I actually use it for makeup when I travel and love it. (NICE BB is style name.)


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25 thoughts on “My Winter Skincare Routine

  1. I love La Mer's products! Their foam wash is also super good 🙂 I've never thought about using baby wash for eye make up – I'm going to try it!

    Lauren Emily Lindmark

  2. Gosh, I'm dying over the makeup bag!!! Have to put that on my wish list for sure!! Love all your advise and its VERY helpful. Keep them coming. Safe travels and can't wait to see the post of Baby Gemma room!

  3. What is it about the Sephora masks that makes it so you wouldn't recommend them? I've tried some recently, but I also picked up loads of other brands, so I'm curious as to how you compare them.

  4. Hi Emily! I did one round of accutane at the end of high school but eventually my acne came back. I am 26 now and was wondering at what age you did accutane and if it only took one round for your skin to clear? I am considering trying it again. Thanks!

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