My Easy 60-Second Bun Tutorial

I think so many outfits are made cuter with a messy (or neat) top bun/knot. I prefer mine to be a little undone but too crazy! Also, I usually only wear a bun when my hair already has curl in it – I use THIS curling iron to curl my hair on a regular basis. The Sweetest Thing.
The past few weeks I’ve been tossing my hair up in this ‘messy’ top bun weekly and each time I do, I get a lot of questions about how I do it.. whether I use a ‘donut’ or a sock, etc. And to answer that question, I don’t use anything! This hair style is CRAZY easy and can be achieved in under 60 seconds. Most days I don’t even do it with a mirror around (including for these photos – I had no mirror so I couldn’t see what I was doing!). That just goes to show that this is super easy!! 
I think so many outfits are made cuter with a messy (or neat) top bun/knot. I prefer mine to be a little undone but too crazy! Also, I usually only wear a bun when my hair already has curl in it – I use THIS curling iron to curl my hair on a regular basis.
Anyway, sorry of the poor lighting! We have had kind of poor weather around here so I used artificial lighting to get these shots. 
Step #1: Make sure you start with brushed neat hair – get all the tangles out! I swear by THIS brush – it is really good for your hair and is incredible. I know it is pricy, but it truly is an investment – you will love it!
Step #2: If you like your bun or knot to have some texture or volume (or if it is dirty), use a dry shampoo/texturizer on the roots. My go-to product for this step is THIS – it gives your hair some grit, while also soaking up extra oil! The grit helps create volume & give the hair some life.
Step #3: Work that spray through your roots and then grab a teasing comb and tease the hair around your face. 
Step #4: I have a lot of hair so I always flip my hair over to get it all together for a good pony tail. I call this pony tail my cheerleader pony – I like it to set high on my head & be perky. 🙂 I do not like for my hair to be slicked to my head which is why I tease & use volumizer before this step! TIP: If you want your hair to look thicker & fuller, make sure you don’t slick your hair down! 


Steps #5 & 6: These steps are just like 2&3 – use that texturizer on your pony tail – trust me – you will want your hair to have some grit so that it will stay in the bun! My hair has a sleek, smooth texture which has a tendency to slide out of ponytails and bobby pins so having grit on my hair is a MUST. Also, notice in Step #6 I am teasing (using this brush) my ponytail – this gives the appearance of a thicker and fuller bun. If I skip this step, my bun just looks smaller and my hair doesn’t look as thick. 


Step #7: OKAY! This is the big step. It is so hard to photograph since I have dark hair! But, you want to start by TWISTING your pony tail. You just need a quick twist – don’t think too hard about what you are doing!
Step #8: As you twist, simultaneously start wrapping that twisted pony tail around. You’ll see my hair looks kind of messy as I am wrapping – don’t worry about that – just wrap until you are at the end of the ponytail.


Step #9: When you are finished wrapping, tuck the end of the ponytail back into the ponytail holder. I have TONS of layers in my hair so not all of the layers make it all around, but by tucking in that last little bit of hair, it secures everything that’s been twisted. (Does that make sense?!!?)
Step #10: At this point, I tug and pull on the bun to loosen it up, give it volume, and make it fuller! This is the key to really making your bun look big & voluminous!
Steps 11 & 12: The last thing I do is use two large (roller) bobby pins to secure the bun. If there are any loose pieces, I pin those down, and any questionable spots, I secure with the bobby pins. Also, if you don’t have a heavy bun or super thick hair, just use regular bobby pins bc these longer ones will definitely show up more if you don’t have hair to hide them! 
And there’s the final result! If you want your to be super neat, definitely spray hair spray and secure it! I like to pull my flyaways out and let my bun remain a little messy on casual days!
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If you have any other questions – let me know in the comments! 
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5 thoughts on “My Easy 60-Second Bun Tutorial

  1. Love this! I have fine/Thin hair and this tutorial still worked! I have never thought of teasing the pony before twisting! Works like a charm! Thanks girl, love your blog!

  2. Okay, I love love love this tutorial on your messy bun. It is so perfectly messy. I’m going to give it a Try! ?

  3. I use to love your stYle. Now I just cringe when I see you. Seriously, you are doing a hair tutorial with $745 shoes on?!? All your LV bags and other expensive bags you show off to these youNg women is quite disturbing. You are worse than the Kardashians with all your materialistic Needs. No one needs that much stuff and it is unatainable for the majority. If you get all this stuff free, tell the people that follow you. If you are So rich that you can afford these things why don’t you show your followers that you have a giving hearT! I never see you mention that you are helping or donating to the victims of Irma or harveY. You just continue to flaunt your expEnsive makeup, haircare, handbags, shoes, jewelery, etc., around. That is a pretty useless way to live your liFe. Why so much makeup?!? Are you that UNATRACTIVe?!? You eyelashes look like giant terantuals on your eyes. Get off your high horse, you are not all that!!

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