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8 Books to Cozy Up & Read This Winter




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*edited! Blanket was a gift from Elle’s mom for Christmas! I found similar HERE & HERE & HERE
Last June I did a post on 10 books similar to Gone Girl & Girl on the Train (read it here) & holy cow! It was one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done. Personally, I love that- I get asked about hair and mascara and my fave books! 🙂 Just a heads up though, my favorite reads are mystery/murder/kidnapping – so if that’s not your thing you may not love my recommendations. My mom is a reading specialist so she raised us to be super into reading at a very early age. Now, as an adult, reading is like my ‘dessert’ at the end of the day. I literally tell myself “finish up x-amount of e-mails and you can go read your book!
I actually was thinking I’d share my fall reading list in October but truth be told, I didn’t have enough books I loved.  That could be because I was in my first trimester and sleeping instead of reading! I’m back on board now & just over Christmas my mom told my sister and I to download one book and we literally read that book overnight it was so good! It was by far the best book I’ve read in years and I’ll be sharing it in this list. It’s the main reason I am doing this post bc you guys will probably DL and finish it by tomo!
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The Widow by Fiona Barton
This one was recommended last June by you all – when I did that last post. My mom also recommended it. I didn’t read it as quickly as I have some of the others on this list but I’d definitely recommend it. Stick with it for sure if you think it is slow moving!
The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
Okay, this one was a quick read for me…  it has a few twists in it and will definitely keep your attention.
This is a popular one – I feel like most people have already read it?! I’m not going to lie, I thought some of the other books on this list were better, but I do get the hype on this one!
Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica
I really like Mary Kubica, but a few of her books I just couldn’t get into recently. (I was listening to hers on Audible at the gym this summer so that could be why!) But, this one, though it was tough to get into initially, has a pretty twisted and interesting story line.
The Widower’s Wife by Cate Holahan
Oh my gosh, I downloaded this one randomly and had no idea I’d love it so much! It’s a page turner and I buzzed through it in a couple of nights. I think you all will like this one!
The Best Friend by Shalini Boland
This was a more recent read so it is fresh on my mind, and boy, it is really good. Very twisted (like all of these) but such a crazy story line! It will be one you’ll read quickly.
Find Her by Lisa Gardner 
I feel like this book is getting a lot of hype lately and I actually can see why! It is a bit longer and it may be a little dark for some of you so just a heads up. Personally, I liked it but I also love Law & Order SVU… (this may only make sense to other SVU lovers!) You won’t be able to put this book down once you get started!
Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris
And the best for last – literally – the best! This is the one I mentioned earlier that my mom told my sis and I to read at Christmas! It is easily the best book on this list! It is fast paced, easy to get into, and you will love it!!
That’s it for now – happy reading!! And please leave your recommendations in the comments!


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69 thoughts on “8 Books to Cozy Up & Read This Winter

  1. Read Maestra if you want something kind of twisted but also with art, fashion, and travel! It's not strictly a mystery but has some cool twists and will definitely keep you interested.

  2. Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter is great! It's a quick read because it is so intriguing! Very twisted book and would only recommend it to those who really like thrillers/mysteries!

  3. These all sound so good! We have the same taste in books so I always love when you do these round-ups! The best one I read this year was All the Missing Girls, if you haven't read it, you should add it to your list 🙂

  4. I loved that top 10 list you did last time, I bought a few of them right away. SO SOOOOO glad you did another one. Also, your sweater game is always on point. Get it girl.

  5. Love these kinds of posts! I'm always looking for books to add to my TBR list on goodreads! Thank you! Planning on downloading the last book on this list as soon as I finish my current read!

    Kaila @

  6. I loved the 'Couple Next Door' – the ending totally surprised me! I read 'Behind Closed Doors' next and thought it ended so abruptly! It was definitely an interesting/fast paced read and had a couple twists I wasn't expecting. Thanks for the other recommendations!

  7. Ok, I was deciding between Women in Cabin 10 and the Couple Next Door and I still can't decide which one to download and start reading. I'm kinda bummed that they are more hype 🙁 I'm going to check out Behind Closed Doors. I love the same kind of books you do. Have you read The Nightingale or The Husband's Secret? Those are great reads too!

  8. Who knew you liked reading twisted stuff!! I read some of the reviews for Behind Closed Doors. Im going to upset if the husband kills her dog. I want to read. But there are others. i love twisted to. Also Danielle Steele. Love you BTW.

  9. Yay! Some of my favorite posts are the book posts! I get so excited to get new book recommendations because I think it's so hard to try and research and find good ones unless someone else has read them. The Obsession by Nora Roberts was probably my favorite book I read in 2016! All the Missing Girls was a good one too! Thanks for all you do Emily!!!

  10. Ok. But seriously, got Behind Closed Doors this morning per your recommendation & got OBSESSED! Just finished the entire thing in one day! It was So GOOD! Thanks for posting your favs!

  11. Hi Emily,
    First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy, it is the most exciting period of a woman`s life:))
    I really wanted to write you to ask your opinion about something. I am also a christian, so we are practically sisters in the Lord;)
    Today I was having my quiet time and I read Romans 8:5-6 which verses, as always, really talk about and into my life. Paul talks about our sinful nature which rules above us and is full of selfish wishes that lead to death(not only eternal but also death of relationships etc.)Then, it talks about being under the authority of the Holy Spirit and concentrating mainly on developing our inner being to perfection because that is God´s main and only interest, as it is only our soul and not our body which is going to have iternal life.
    I have to be honest with you, watching and following blogs (including yours)became a huge problem for me, because looking at the perfect style, hair , make-up etc. makes me craving for those things and thinking about them all the time. It is like Eve in Paradise staying under the tree looking at the beautiful juicy fruit thinking about biting in it. Rome 8:6 says that those who let themselves led by the Holy Spirit gain Life and Peace. Since I have been following blogs (not only yours) haven´t been peaceful at all. I`am constantly craving, then buying, and after the thing arrived I am shorty satisfied and want the next thing. Please don´t misunderstand me, I am not blaming it all on you, because it is my own choice and own decision what I look at, or buy. However, today I am making the decision to concentrate on my inner developement instead of wasting my time and money on unneccessary things that lead to death and will parish. In heaven there will be no Chanel or Prada, but Jesus:)thank God!
    I am really curious about your opinion on the verses I mentioned and how you can adjust blogging and your christian life, because I think that we are sooo misled as chirstians by the world that shows us only its fashionable face but is sooo dead on the inside. I would be so happy to get an answer.
    I am praying for you and me staying on the right path all the time and being every day more like Jesus to gain this peace and life that are beyond our understanding.
    Please forgive me if I hurt you in any way, it was not my purpose!!
    God bless You, John and the little Baby growing in you!:))
    Diana Szeles

  12. Love your book recommendations! I just finished The Couple Next Door and I'm now reading The Shining Girls. Cant wait to pick up some of your recommendations at the library- I still love to hold a book!

  13. Such a great post! Random question do you have the macbook pro or macbook air? I am in the market for a new one and can't decide between the 2 and getting the 13 or 15 inch

  14. Emily I am so glad you shared this – I was in dire need of some new reads! I tried finding it first before asking but I didn't see it…can you tell me which Kindle you have and do you love it? I have an original kindle but I'm ready to upgrade. Would love to know if you recommend yours! XOXO

  15. I LOVE your posts about books and your feedbacks!!! Thank you so so much!! I already finished Behind Closed Doors (In 2 days) it is soooooooooo Good !!! Now onto Find Her. I can't wait for the next one!

  16. Great selections! The author, Ruth Ware, who wrote Woman in Cabin 10
    also wrote In a Dark Dark was AMAZING…couldn't put it down! Try it and see what ya think…

  17. Thanks so much for sharing! I've resolved to read more in 2017 so I'm always looking for new recommendations. My recommendation isn't a mystery/thriller but I think everyone should read it. It's "When Breathe Becomes Air". It's a memoir about a neurosurgeons struggle and ultimate passing from cancer. It's sad of course but carries so many amazing life lessons and his writing his so gripping that I can't stop recommending it to everyone. Thanks again for sharing!

  18. Do you remember the exact name of the headboard you have? I just love it. I looked on the link you provided and cannot seem to find it.

  19. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that you also love murder mystery books!! I love getting book suggestions and hearing other’s opinions on books but many are not into these books but my mom and I love them!! They are by far my favorite books ever! Mostly my favorite authors are James patterson, Agatha Christie etc, HOwever, I fell in LOVe with BIg Little Lies last year! It’s such a good mystery book!! I finished it in a week at the beach!!

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