If you saw on my Instagram last night, John and I are getting some sunshine in with a quick little ‘baby moon’. Follow on Snapchat (emilyanngemm) to see where we are and what are are up to!! Anyway, I thought I’d share a few things I always pack for warm weather trips.. some are obvious while others are just little tricks for a better trip!
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The shorts above can be found HERE. I always go up one size in them to make them sit lower on my hips, therefore be longer. I brought these with me – but I can’t button them! Still planning on wearing them though! I wore these shorts to pieces last year and had to get extra pairs bc they quickly became a go-to. They look cute paired w/a swimsuit and sandals, or wedges and a cute top!
#2. Oversized Sweaters/Sweatshirts
I always pack a few sweatshirts or sweaters for the AM and PM. I loved this little striped one because it has a nautical feel and the back cut out is too cute!


#3 Sheet Masks + Eye Masks
I use these weekly when I’m at home, but when I travel I need them even more desperately. My skin gets dehydrated from flying and needs a pick me up. I love the Dr. G Sheet Mask – it is hydrating and brings some life to your skin! Also, since I lose sleep when we travel – I pack these under eye masks that de-puff and brighten my under eye area. 


I have been getting asked about what bra I wear with off the shoulder tops a LOT lately. I love sticky bras – they are easily my favorite for spring and summer! I usually pick mine up at Target. You’d be shocked how well these stay on and how amazing they are – I was actually skeptical to even try them. It seemed silly and not so practical! 


#5 Hats
You guys know I am a hat addict. I wear hats all the time and any time I travel I take a minimum of 3! I get tons of questions about how I travel w/them w/o squishing them so I thought I’d share my trick here. First of all, sometimes when you order a hat online it may come w/this clear hat thing to keep it puffed out. 🙂 SAVE IT. This little piece of plastic is perfect for storing your hats so that they keep shape and for travel. I stack all of my hats on top of each other and place it in my suitcase FIRST. Then, I neatly pack my clothing around it. (you can see in the next two photos). If you don’t have a clear hat deal – then stuff your hats w/swimsuits or scarves or something. Anything that helps it keep its shape!




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One thought on “5 Items To Pack For Your Next Beach Trip

  1. I love your blog! I just started wearing hats, but I was unsure of how to bring them along for all my fun trips without having to pack a hat suitcase/hat box to bring on the trip bc usually space in our car is limited. This clever idea will definitely help me moving forward! Thanks for the tips. xoxo