10 Trendy Items To Amp Up Your Spring Wardrobe

I thought I’d round up 10 trendy, fun items to incorporate into your wardrobe this spring! These are a few of my favorite pieces!
How CUTE  are these?! This brand has the comfiest shoes so I’m considering ordering these!
{I love straw handbags for summer time!
Easily my favorite lip product lately. It’s all I wear – I want every single color!! My sephora is sold out of this color, ‘Swag’ so I’m ordering online!
This top has been popular this spring – if I weren’t expecting I’d order it in a heartbeat!
Can you believe these are $12?? And an exact Celine Dupe – the Celines are three hundred something?! I always see the Kardashians wearing these!
Invest. In. These. Seriously, make sure you invest in white skinnies for summer. They go with everything and the better the quality, the better they look. I wear the same pair of white ripped skinnies all summer and have for 2 years!
I love funky, fun earrings for spring and summer! Just pair them with the simplest outfit and you automatically look chic and on trend.
You all know I’m a hat lady – I live in them! I feel like hats are the ultimate accessory and elevate any look!
This is one of my favorite watches and I’m so  glad I finally caved and purchased it. It only took me 2 years, lol! A nice watch is something that you’ll get your money’s worth out of so quick because you’ll wear it daily!
Ok! I can’t believe these are under $50 — So impressed. Plus, I love the dark wash!! I want to order them so badly!


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