Summer Staples To Buy Now

1. Ruffly Tops: I love this pink ruffly, seersucker one shouldered top! It’s perfect for a concert or date night! And it is only around $50!

2. Oversized Sunnies: My go-to pair of sunglasses lately are an oversized pair of Chloe sunglasses. I think they are the perfect accessory for even the most simple outfits. They are also great if you are like me and don’t want to put on eye makeup – they cover it all. 🙂

3. Statement Earrings: Always a staple for summer! During the Shopbop sale I ordered a pair of neon tassel earrings that were $100 – and I felt a little guilty ab that purchase. Luckily I found this dupe for $34! (They come in like 5 colors?!)

4. Tory Burch Sandals: Over the years I have collected a few pair of these because they really do go with everything! Even jeans shorts, a white tee, and these flip flops make a cute, simple effortless look.

5. Bright Color Tote: I really, really love this green! It i is a little loud but I think it is fun! It comes in a few colors – so there are options. However, I find myself carrying large totes all summer – for daily use and travel.

6. Long Wearing Lip Color: I love this formula in ‘Perla’ – and wear it quite a bit. It’s a soft pink and its is very flattering on all skin types.

7. Ruffled, Off The Shoulder Swimsuit: This is my fave style of swimsuit! I got this one in a blush color last spring when we went to Cancun and if I weren’t expecting I’d order this navy one!

8. Little White Dress: A little white dress is one you will wear ALL summer long – and can accessorize differently so you won’t get caught re-wearing it too much. I love the eyelets and cut of this one.

9. Turquoise Necklace: For YEARS now I have loved and gravitated toward turquoise jewelry during the summer. It is so flattering and bright!

10. Cut-off short: A given. I love finding a good pair under $100 to wear over and over during the spring and summer.

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14 thoughts on “10 Summer Closet Staples To Buy Now

  1. I cant decide between makeup or sand patent on the tory burch sandlas. I have been eyeing them ever since I followed another blogger and now you wear them too!

  2. Love these! Is there anyway you can show us your closet and how it’s organized? I love the way your shoes are displayed!

  3. I love your blog and have followed for years. I just accidentally left off a “t” in between sweetest and thing and was shocked to see someone else with your blog – same logo and everything. How in the world is that even legal?!?!?

  4. LOVE all of your picks! I may need to add some (or all of them haha) to my summer wardrobe. I hope that you are having a good week and that you are feeling good too. 🙂