In case you didn’t know, March is International Women’s Month! I’m jumping in to take part on the very last day, oops! Today I am teaming up with Sole Society to share how one of the most special, important women in my life has changed my life and empowered me. You can probably take a guess at who it is, my mother! 🙂 [Fun Fact: I am my dad’s mini, but have ALWAYS wished I could look like my mom and sister who are blonde! Instead I look like my dad and brother.]

I have typed this post several times and erased it several times, because when it comes to my mom I get a little mushy. I tear up when I think about how fortunate I am to have her in my life. She is one of the most brilliant, strong, wise, incredible people I have ever known. My sister and I always talk about how she is our sounding board on everything and we’d be lost without her! We have a really special, unique relationship – it is much different than most mother-daughter relationships. She is quick to be very honest with me, no sugar coating or trying to make me feel better about something I did wrong [or freshman year of college when she called me out on eating too many sweets, after I complained about the freshman 15 when I was home at Thanksgiving!]. Being honest, I love that she is always pushing me to work harder, be stronger, and do the right thing, even when it isn’t what I want to hear. {PS. I bet money she will call me today and get on to me for my run-on sentences, grammatical errors, etc. Oops!}

If you know me personally, you know I give my mom 50% of the credit for this blog. My blog came into fruition by ‘accident’, and I had the business sense to go with it & turn it into a full time job. There were a LOT of  growing pains, though. In the beginning, people who I considered friends made comments that hurt my feelings so badly. I remember calling her regularly, in tears, and she would say “oh, Emily! They are asking ‘why?’ now, but give it a year or two and those same people will be asking ‘how?’”. And guess what – she was 100% right. So right- it is freaky! The same people who questioned me or made fun of me, eventually came around and wanted to know how to start a blog, how to successfully grow and run social media, if I could help their business, etc. Also, I will never forget about three years ago, as my blog was taking off and John was graduating medical school, the internet bullies came out. :/ This was SO hard for me because I didn’t really have thick skin at all and I was very vulnerable. Not to mention, I was also raised by a middle school Principal and kindergarten teacher so I was taught that any form of bullying was wrong, cruel, ugly, etc. and absolutely never, ever okay. [Our parents taught us to take in those that are bullied or mistreated and make them feel better/included.] Anyway, it was my first time dealing with anonymous strangers/cyber bullies and I really didn’t know if I could deal with it because it was so foreign to me. But I remember my mom putting it ALL into perspective and explaining that hurt people hurt people and that I had to toughen up and keep going. She sent me this quote, “Sometimes it is easy to see the negative side of things or question why people bully you. You could think, ‘maybe they are right. Maybe I’m not worth it. Maybe I should just quit.’ But thats when you should fight the hardest. Now I don’t mean fight physically, but mentally. Keep being you.” This was a huge lesson to me and her wisdom has changed my life so incredibly much. If it weren’t for her, I would not be here blogging today.

Okay, phew, now that that’s out of the way I’ll move on to something much lighter, lol! My mom is a reading specialist for her school district and LOVES what she does! When asked what she does as a reading specialist, she says she studies interventions and looks for fun ways to make kids successful readers and life-long learners, etc. Basically she really just wants everyone to love to read {which may explain why I do a quarterly round up of what I’ve been reading and loving}! She has already taken it upon herself to make sure Baby Gemma has ALL the books! We joke that she is already stocking up his library and he is not even here yet! She and my dad came to see us last weekend [when we took these photos!] and she came with this cute Sole Society shopper full of books!  She ran with me to PBK and other kids stores to pick up last minute items so we can finish up his nursery. It’s little things like helping with his nursery and running mundane errands with me when I am so tired that mean so much. She makes even small things fun and exciting – I had to wear sunglasses in almost all of the pictures with her bc she kept making me laugh so hard I would cry!

I wanted to quickly point out that Sole Society has some of the CUTEST spring shoes, handbags, and jewelry right now. My cute studded sandals also come in a heel form – which I love! I have been trying to stock up on flats though before the babe comes. Sole Society is a go-to place for me because their shoes are always on trend, great quality, and don’t break the bank! I actually got THESE wedges a few years ago and me, my mom, and my SIL all fought over them, lol! They are just a good, practical pair of wedges that go with everything and are comfy. I’m linking a few of my favorite Sole Society items in the widget below – many of them I either have or want to have, ha!

My outfit details: Top | Denim | Shoes c/o  Sole Society | Earrings c/o Sole Society

Her outfit details: Top | Cognac Shopper c/o Sole Society 

Thanks to Sole Society for sponsoring today’s post.

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50 thoughts on “The Power of Us – All About My Mom

  1. This is the sweetest post! Your mom seems like an angel 🙂 Thank you for sharing your not so bright beginning to the blog, I feel like a lot of the most successful bloggers have gone through a similar experience with people being not so nice and I love that you pushed through it! You have created something so amazing and I seriously love coming to your little part of the internet every day! You’re an inspiration and your mama and baby Gemma are so lucky to have you!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  2. Emily!!! Love this post for a few different reasons that weirdly are all relevant to me in the past few weeks!

    SO a few weeks ago, I officially kicked off my blog. Nothing at all serious, just doing it for fun as I’ve always had a passion for writing, social media, sharing stories, etc (I wrote a column for the Greek community (sororities and fraternities in college). I initially started the blog a couple of years ago but only really started posting the past few weeks and this is mostly because of you.
    I check your blog religiously (legit first thing in the morning lol) and you inspire me in so many ways and gave me the confidence to push myself and submit my post. Anyways, how this relates…. I felt the same exact way as you described in your post. I was nervous that people would make fun of me, my friends wouldn’t support me etc. Your posts continually make me more confident. Maybe in a few years my friends will be asking me the same question: How? Instead of Why?

    ALSO. I was shamelessly creeping on you the other day (sorry lol) because I wanted to know how old you are So I just did a Google search and it led me to a horrible website I have never heard of, which I’m sure you’re familiar with – GOMI.
    I was absolutely appalled that something like this exists and got extremely defensive because you are my favorite. Who do these terribly sad people think they are to say such mean things. Your mom gives out amazing advice. Don’t ever change, Em!

  3. Beautiful post, what awesome parents you have. I hope this post helps lots of girls who suffer and makes those bullies feel like ants! please keep doing what you do so well. i love this type of post!

  4. Awwww, this is just the cutest!
    my mom is the same, she gives tough love and I’m so thankful for it. I see her as my voice of reason for EVERYTHING. If i ever have a twist in my stomach when i’M MAKING A DECISION, i ALWAYS ASK HER FIRST, AND SHE USUALLY TELLS ME EXACTLY WHAT i NEED TO KNOW.



  5. Emily, i have so much love For this post!! The pics are So special of you and your mom and it was great to see a little glimPse of yall’s relationship. One of my favorite posts ever, just another reminder of how important moms are to all of Us 🙂

  6. Okay, this is seriously so sWeet – i teared up! I’m glad you took your mom’s advice and she is so rigHt! Being bullied is tough but i’m glad You fought through it. Your mom is Beautiful and so are you!!

  7. Aww this is such a sweet post! I AUTOMATICALLY love people more when they’re close to their mom (or mother figure) BECAUSE I am so close to mine! I think it’s so important to have a good RELATIONSHIP with your mom, I couldn’t imagine my mom not being my best friend! Such a sweet post em 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

  8. Great pOst!!! Probably one of youre beST. Love how you worked in youre sponser. Sounds like id love youre mOm. I hate when people sugar coat Things. Say hi to youre mom. Sole society has great stuff.

  9. I waTched Your snap and you wanted to know what we thought.

    Loved! I love hearing parts of your “story”. The real part of being a blogger and not just the pretty part. Your mom sounds like an amazing human not to mention the cutest ever.


  10. This is such a sweet post! I lovE hoW your mom has aLways supported you. I think People who aren’t familiar with blogging just don’t understand the hard work that goEs behind it. I’m happy that yOu stuck witH it despite the mean comments. Your hard work and dedication really shows!

  11. Emily- you are the cutest,sweetest thing in the world. I am a k teacher who loveS fashion, and who now has A gi feLlow as a husband. (Med wife life, whoa) oh and Also a golden dood mama! I LOVE YOUR sweet and honest perspective! I look so forward to your post! Know that you are strong, beautiful and fabulous!!!! LoTs of love!

  12. Hi Emily,

    I like your blog but I’m not lOving the new blog formaT you’ve recently adopted. There seems to be a few teething problems with it. Links won’t open and generalLy it is hard to navigate now. I also signed up a little while ago to subscriptions and still there is nothing in my inbox or junk mail folders. I miss the old format as this new one is just not doing it for me. Constant frustration!! Grrrr

  13. Oh my gosh I read the title of this post and got tears in my eyes! what a special post, Emily! I know your mom has to be so incredibly proud of you and love to see the special bond between a mother & daughter. like the two of you, my mom & I share a special closeness and she is our family rock. I could go on and on about her.
    thank you for sharing such a sweet post. I really enjoyed reading & learning more about your sweet mother. <3

  14. Emily,

    i love this post. it’s so sweet and inspiring. i have the same relationship with my mom and it’s so special. your words about first starting your blog and the questions definitely hit home. I AM NOT A BLOGGER BUT STARTED ONE JUST FOR A FUN SIDE PROJECT AND I DEFINITELY HAVE GOTTEN a lot of questions/comments. it’s a weird feeling to put yourself out there and then have friends/family react a certain way. and i don’t know how anyone could say a mean word to you. you’re absolutely adorable and seem so sweet. and you’ve inspired me to read more as well. just wanted to share that. i love reading your posts.

  15. I have read your blog post for two years and never commented but this is my favorite post you have ever done. would love to see more like this. such wise words. we also have a lot in common-i am a resident wife and first time mommy! enjoy this grand adventure!

  16. Do you have the link for your MOM’S white skinnier? Thanks so much! Beautiful post…I work in education myself and your mom and you have so much passion to help OTHERS love reading! Xoxo

  17. Such a sweet, honoring post! I found your site a couple months agO and ever since then, your outfits and style tIps Have transformed the Once stress of “what am i going to wear to ‘fill in the blank’?” To “i am so excited for this and my outfit is the leaSt of my concerns!” It may seem like a small thing, but it has meant a great deal to me! Thank you so much, and please keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  18. Your mom is A dream of a person. I Love to be around her ~ if she only lived Closer! She Is a bright light in many lives. Her Charisma is Inspirational and her heart is huge! Love your words about your mom!

  19. What a sweet post about your great relationship with your mom! I also love the turqoise ring you are wearing On your right hand in the pictures. Do you have a link? Thanks!

  20. I have FOLLOWED your blog for years! You have always been my favorite. You are so down to earth but Have such a true, sweet heart. Baby Gemma will be so lucky to have you! Dont ever let haters bring you down BECAUSE you are amazing!

  21. Funny you mentioned about cyber bullying. I just posted a blog about the same thing i am going through. It Is hard to have people criticize every post you make and at the same time not knowing that you are doing what you love doing and hoping to inspire them somehow. Cant wait till i get the “how” too! 🙂

  22. Emma…i have so much sdmi For yiu and John!! My sweet husbaNd is a FamiLy Practice Residency DirectoR in OKC and i know how hard it is during resiDency for wives! You are remarkabLe in all that you accomplish with your career, pre-parentinG pRep, and keeping a vibrant relationship with god and your husband! (I belong to lige church and i always see you following lc posts). That said, kerp on inspiring all of us who taKe encoURagement from your sweet posts! I am the wife of a DoctOr and the mom of 6 Wonderful kids ages 26-37! I Love that you adore and honor yOur mom!!! By the way, she is unbelievably stunning too! Anyway, keEp up the good work!!! Looking forward to seeing that baby soon!!! BLESSINGS!

  23. When i was practiCing in Clarksville, your mom gave me Braxton’s first “pete the cat” book. He was very little at the time but still lOves the Pete the Cat series. I always think of her when i see thOse books! Sweet lady!!

  24. I think this will definitley always be one of my favorite blog post because of how close I too am with my mother! so Sweet!!

  25. I coUld not agree more…your mom has been my “work mother” and i have run to her for advice for 10+ years. I love her dearly.

  26. That is pretty amazing to thank your mom and show your appreciation for her. My parents are my heroes. My dad past in 2012 and my mom just kept on going, making sure we were okay, not stopping to take the time to worry about herself. While I was going through cancer and having a bone marrow transplant they stopped their lives to take care of me, my mom even got an APARTMENT less then 5 minutes from the hospital to be that close to me. Thankfully the doctors hooked her up with it but she chose to stay with me for weeks until i got home. Moms are beautiful people that give the most love of any other human and or animal. You are going to be the same way! Both you and your mom are gorgeous and it’s your hearts that make it that way. sorry to be so mushy lol

  27. This is the sweetest post ever! Your mom (my aunt) is a wise, wise woman and Her advice “hurt people, hurt people” and to basucally “go high when they go low” is exActly what i needed to hear today!

    Love it! Love you!