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Maxi Dress + Messy Hair

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emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, quay desi perkins high black black fade to clear, pinterest summer outfit maxi dress, billabong maxi dress, pinterest summer outfit ideas trends 2017, tulsa fashion blogger, fashion bloggers to follow, the styled collection

emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, quay desi perkins high black black fade to clear, pinterest summer outfit maxi dress, billabong maxi dress, pinterest summer outfit ideas trends 2017, tulsa fashion blogger, fashion bloggers to follow, the styled collection

emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, quay desi perkins high black black fade to clear, pinterest summer outfit maxi dress, billabong maxi dress, pinterest summer outfit ideas trends 2017, tulsa fashion blogger, fashion bloggers to follow, the styled collection

emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, quay desi perkins high black black fade to clear, pinterest summer outfit maxi dress, billabong maxi dress, pinterest summer outfit ideas trends 2017, tulsa fashion blogger, fashion bloggers to follow, the styled collection

DRESS: Billabong (wearing medium) | SANDALS: Tory Burch (in “sand patent“) | CLUTCH: J.Crew (Rattan Clutch) | NECKLACE: similar HERE | SUNGLASSES: Quay (black faded to clear) | WATCH: BP (only $19!) | BRACELET: Styled Collection | EARRINGS: Nordstrom 

I’m writing from Dallas this morning! John, Luke, and I drove in yesterday and we are here for a couple of day – it is one of our favorite cities to visit. Luke slept most of the way and we stopped in Richardson to get salads at our favorite place, Piada!

Last week, John and I went to grab a few things for Luke and also stopped to get sushi! I wore this outfit and had a questions about my dress and especially my sunglasses (only $65!) via Snap. I literally wear these everyday – I am obsessed w/them. Any who, we actually had tons of rain and really bad storms and they were about to start as we were taking these so they aren’t the best pix – I apologize! But I just adore the dress so I wanted to share so you all can grab it before it sells out.

Did you guys do anything fun or special this weekend?! I’m giving away a pair of my these Quay sunnies – to enter just leave a comment with what you did this weekend! (I’ll announce the winner Tuesday.)

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645 thoughts on “Maxi Dress + Messy Hair

  1. Love the Maxi! I had a really crazy week so this saturday I put a face mask on, deep conditioner in my hair while I sat in my bed with the computer catching up on all my fav bloggers and you tubers!! To make it even more perfect I had an cream sundae…… well maybe two…LOL

  2. This weekend i was able to spend time with my two Nieces ( sage 5 y/o and saylor 4 y/o) we had so much Fun Playing iN the pooL. i live in fl so its getting Very hot outside. we also did some gardening and the girls made bird houses to hanG outside. Saylor iS such a girly girl and she spent someTime with me catching up on my makeup tutoRials, shes alWays trying To get intO my makeup! Lol I love sPending quality time with them, they bring so much joy to My life.

  3. Love your dress! You always look beautiful! Congratulations on Luke! I had a baby girl a week or two before you had Luke so its fun to keep Up on your adventures. Xoxo

  4. We celebrated the birthday of our daughter Laura, she turnd 5! Also we visited my mom who has juSt adopted a dog from Greece, he is so cute and kind! Had a great weekend.

  5. I spent the weekend with my two boys who I adore, they are 10 and 12…I got a pair of sts blue jeans…I have never tried them, but I did when I saw your post…love love love them they are the softest jeans ever!!

  6. This weekend my hUsband, boys and i went to the movies to watch diaries of a wimpY kid 2 and the following day was chill and took them to the park.

  7. love this dress! I was also in dallas at the Delaney vineyard in Richardson for a wedding. such a pretty venue with good weather!

  8. Love this dress, and those sunnies are amazing. I had a great weekend with my brother who is home on leave from the navy.

  9. I slept so much this weekend! Currently 14 weeks pregnant and fighting the fatigue hard!! Love your blog girl!

  10. This dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! Perfect for running errands or heading to the beach! You look so beautiful in it:)

    Im from Dallas but flew to denver for a conference! Now that I am back, I miss the MOUNTAINS. Its one of my favorite places to go. Have so much fun in dallas!!

    xoxo, Hannah

  11. This weekend we spent time with our nephew. He is 3 years old and so cute! lots of energy though!

  12. Love your blog! My husband and i went to maine to visit his grandparents. nothing like a little relaxing with family.

  13. I’ve had my eye on these sunglasses ever since I started seeing my favorite youtubers wear them when they got them early! I love how you dressed them up here, I wouldn’t have thought to wear them with a dress like that but they look just as beautiful dressed up as they do with a more casual outfit. Love this look!

  14. I did tons of shopping with my sister and niece, went to chic-fil-a, and netflixed. love your posts and your salad from piada looked so yummy! xoxo

  15. Welcome to dallas! =) this weekend consisted of: studying at whole foods market outside patio in uptown, studying at starbucks in uptown west village, studying at the salon… studying at home… yea, studying all weekend. so depressing. how does john do it?! how does he find time and motivation to keep at it?! i’m so burnt! but anywho, these glasses are so hot right now #loveit p.s. you should try “true food kitchen” it’s amazing and very healthy!! you’ll love their guacamole and their edamame dumplings!! check out their website

  16. What a lovely dress! I love the color combination and you couldn’t have chosen a better back drop than this; the flowers in the background look nearly identical to those on your dress! That’s awesome that Luke slept for most of the ride, I know you mentioned before that he loves to sleep in the car, which I’m sure makes long rides with a newborn that much easier! I love those sunglasses and wouldn’t mind winning a pair 🙂 I worked a little on Saturday and yesterday, we just lounged and did some errands; nothing too exciting this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you continue to have a great time in Dallas!



  17. My husband and i have been unable to have kids of our own, so we take advantage of any time we can get with little ones!!
    we spent the day in our garage with our two neighbors, who are 6 and 12, and helped to make one of them a fidget spinner (a small instrument that helps children who have adhd). the younger one is always quiet and hasn’t really opened up to me. i figured he was just shy or even didn’t like me, but last night i got invited over to watch the movie cars with him 🙂 i told my husband to watch out, since i had been asked to a movie by another boy 🙂

  18. This weekend I went to a graduation and spent the rest of the time getting my nursery ready. Baby boy will be here in 17 days!!!

  19. Love the outfit and sunglasses! My husband and i spent the weeKend lovin on our 3 week old baby gIrl!

  20. Hey there! We just got back from Dallas (from Boston) and had the best time!
    This weekend was FINALLY warm on the east coast, so we spent time in the pool and at a few backyard patio parties. Looking forward to summer — would wear these sunnies every day, too!

  21. I love maxi dresses! But I wish I wasn’t so short so I had a bigger selection to choose from…I had that clutch in my jcrew wishlist but now I may have to get it seeing how cute you styled it.

    I finally had a saturday off so I did my second barre class (my arms are like jello!), and my fiance and I ran a 5k to benefit a local animal shelter sunday.

  22. I slept and cleaned, then ate some good food. I have three kids so thats a really good weekend for me!

  23. I graduated from college this weekend!! I’d say that’s pretty fun and special 🙂 Glad to see you all had a good weekend as well!!

  24. My little Bebe, Adelyn is 3 weeks old today, and over the weekend my parents came to visit us! To make it even sweeter, it was my dads 66th birthday, and My parents chose to celebrate it with us. ?

  25. Our weekend was full of garage sale-ing, and then a bonfire with close friends we haven’t seen in a very long time! Enjoy Dallas!

  26. obsessed with your little family. cant handle how you always look so perfect with a newborn!!!!

    we spent the weekend on south Holston lake, I hope you went out on it at least once when you lived in the Bristol area!!

  27. This weekend was my younger brothers Junior Prom! My family and I went to go watch him and his date get announced at our school–he made Junior Prom Court Attendant!! So cool t o be voted by his peers! Afterwards my family and I went out to eat!

  28. My family and I (hubby, me, and our two littles) had a great weekend together! Pizza, swimming, shopping, grilling, more swimming . . . loads of fun. 🙂

  29. This weekend I spent as much time as possible with my bestie and her sweet baby girl before they relocate to a new state. also did some shopping and fell in love with level 99 jeans – have you ever tried them?!

  30. I spent the weekend getting my house cleaned and organized before I leave for a 2 week vacay! Can’t wait!

  31. I normally never comment on post because i feel bad for giving my favorite bloggers more notifications when i know y’all get plenty…but i just have to say ever since you have had luke (which is the name we have picked out for our first boy, so i love his name!) you have such a glow and grace about you. this may make no sense at all, but you just look like a mom and it’s like your whole vibe has changed. I am loving it! motherhood looks like something you were destined for, if that isn’t so weird or crazy for me to say. anyway, we live in dallas and just moved to richardson so i am def going to try your place out asap! hope y’all have a great trip!

  32. I love these sunglasseS! i had a lowkey weekend with my husband and baby. We went to lunch both days and to dave and busters on Saturday since it was rainy and windy. My one-year old threw a little tantrum (first public full-on meltdown) and we practically raced out of there. 🙂

    Cute outfit! I hope you are enjoying this newborn time!

  33. I got to see an old friend from high school that i havent seen in 10+ years and we spent sunday at a charity walk for Sma ( in memory of our Baby cousin who Passed away from a genetic diSease.

  34. Hey Emily! You and your family are so adorable. I love how you styled this dress!

    I had a pretty fantastic weekend – my boyfriend graduated from dental school! He is officially a doctor now! :). We spent the entire weekend celebrating with our families and classmates at party after party after party. This girl is tired at work today!

    Have fun in Dallas!

  35. Dallas sounds like such a fun weekend! I spent the weekend babysitting my niece, graduation parties galore, and celebrated my boyfriends dad’s birthday yesterday with a bbq!

  36. love this look! and dallas is one of my favorite cities to visit as well 🙂

    This weekend was a great one– went to my favorite spin class (and then proceeded to undo some of that work with some chick fil-a…but hey it’s all about balance!), had a great rooftop picnic with friends, and went out to a beautiful vineyard for some wine tasting. it was lovely!

  37. I would love thEse sunglasses!!
    This weekenD i cleaned my whole house.. and being 7 mOnths pregnant, that’s quite an accomplishment for me! 🙂

  38. Hi Emily! I did absolutely nothing except relax at home and enjoyed the rain we had/have here in Austin, tx!

  39. NASHVILLE! the family and I were in Nashville, TN for the weekend watching the boyfriend race cars.

  40. Relaxed and went to see the Yankees play the Rays!! So much fun, except they lost 🙁
    Could definitely use the sunglasses in Florida!!

  41. I got engaged! My 25th birthday was this past weekend. my boyfriend flew in my parents, his mom and had a surprise birthday party at our home with some of our closest family and friends. he had everyone grab a glass of champagne for a toast & got down on one knee! Still in complete shock & on cloud 9. A weekend for the books! 🙂

  42. Love this look – so summery and fun! I had a really restful weekend at home. it was nice to catch up on some sleep and netflix. ha! hope y’all have a great time in dallas. I love love love that city!

  43. Love everything you’re wearing! This weekend my boyfriend came home for the summer from going to Law school out of the state. So I spent the whole weekend with him! 🙂

  44. Love those sunnies emily! this weekend i flew out to detroit to spend time with friends and go to a tigers baseball game. hope you’re having a great time in dallas!
    xo, caitlin

  45. Love love love those sunnies!

    This weekend, we had a late Mother’s Day paint party with all the ladies on my mom’s side of the family. There is a super cute paint studio in our town that offers private parties/classes to paint your own personalized door hanger for your home. We all picked out different door hanger designs and customized them for our own front doors. We spent the afternoon crafting, chatting, laughing, and snacking (mimosas and Chick-Fil-A nuggets!) it was sO much fun!


  46. had a wonderful birthday party for my 2 year old grandson at a pavilion right by ocean. the weather was perfect! we Live in new England so you never know the weather. But it turned out to be the most perfect day! sharing special moments with family and friends…doesn’t get any better than that! also love this bracelet thank you for sharing I purchased it today.


  48. It was an awesome weekend! A few friends and I went to San antonio for a girls only wine and queso fest! we all met up at a mexican restaurant to eat and drink their yummy PINEAPPLE jalapeno margaritas! afterwards we all headed to a friends house to drink wine, eat lots of yummy food (including yummy chips and queso of course!!! lol), and play games. i don’t think playing cards against humanity has ever been to fun!!!! when we woke up the next morning we headed to guene texas and ate at one of my favorite RESTAURANTS called the grist mill. the decor is super rustic with tons of outdoor seating, and to make it even better it’s right on the river. but sadly its back to reality now. lol happy monday!!!

  49. love the dress! we spent the weekend with the kiddos in the house and vegged out! love seeing all the snaps of luke. xoxo

  50. Our family spent the weekend in lubbock for A texas tech graduation ??‍? for our son. I think i was the only mom crying. UnfOrnately, my daUghter caught pics of me, so i can’t deny.
    Guns up❗☝?

  51. Hi! awesome giveaway! We celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday and did some organizing around the house. have a good time in dallas!

  52. Saturday Was filled with cuddling under the weather babies and sunday we got our VitaMin D in by playing outside and BBQ’ing ❤

  53. Your weekend sounded so fun! I hear the best things about dallas but have not had the chance to visit yet! hoping to get there this summer for a rangers game!

    My weekend was less than eventful. I start law school in august so do everything to make some extra cash. this weekend included dog sitting a little french bull dog and babysitting five precious kids!


  55. I got to go to my couSin’s college Graduation and spend time with all of the family that came into town! Hope you have fun in Dallas!

  56. I saved my elderly dog who fell in the pool. it was the scariest experience, but he is Ok. He even went to his bowl and ate not longer after we went back in the house, so it didn’t phase him much, but scared the heck outta me!

  57. love the outfit!! You have the cutest style! This weekend i went to my Husbands 5 year High school reunion in culver iNDiana! We met at boarding school so It was awesome reconnecting with old fRiends and Going back to the place where we fell in love!! Hope yall have the best time in Dallas!!

  58. relaxed by the pool/beach and read a lot! I live in a small beach town in south florida and i am home for the summer from college 🙂

  59. Had a great weekend with family. Watched my son play in a band concert and Watched my niece sing. Love the Sunglasses!

  60. Always love your looks! My husband and I went to a wedding this weekend. It was a fun night away from the city! We need those concrete jungle escapes every now and again. 🙂

  61. Flew home To North carolina from tulsa with my 16 month old twins and my husband, his mom and brother, and grandparents. We spent a wek out there for my husBands cousinS graduation! We had so much fun but Traveling with littles is Exhausting!!

  62. This weekend I hosted my sister’s bridal shower at my house! It was so fun to get everyone together and celebrate! Love that dress on you, looks comfy but pulled together- the best of both worlds!!

  63. I saw your IG stories of you guys getting the salads–too cute! You looked adorable dancing with Luke in your arms.

    This weekend we moved!!!! ish. got the keys to our new home!! we have been packing like crazy (ugh, the worst, right?) and taking things over, showing family our new place, cleaning, etc. movers come tomorrow (yay!!!) and just can’t wait to get in there!

    have fun in dallas <3

  64. We spent the weekend Around the house. I tried out the St Tropez self tanner for the first time and i ordered the loving tan. Since I’m pregNant i’m trying not to Spray tan as much. I would love to win the sunnies, I think they would look awesome with my maTernity Dresses! Oh yeah and we are still trying to decide on a name for a baby boy so i can order a blanket like luke’s, he’s so adorable! Literally one of the Most beautiful baby boys i’ve ever seen! ❤️

  65. obsessed with your blog! love your style and you look amazing as a new mom! love the glasses! need to win those to complete my look since I keep ordering everything you recommend! 🙂

  66. This weekend i had work and also went to the lulu lemon warehouse sale in dallas! I am gLad thaT you love coming to dfw!

  67. we had storms most of the weekend so I stayed in most of the time watching the new netflix series, The Keepers! Super good! We then watched the cubs play and had a quiet dinner at home! <3

    Love this look on you, you look amazing! xo

  68. This weekend my younger sister graduated from high school, so we celebrated her with a super fun and cute graduation party! love spending time with family <3

  69. Love your blog! it is the perfect break during work! 🙂 my weekend was uneventful, but it is just the weekend i needed before traveling for the next couple. I spent time with my perfect puppy enjoying walks even though the weather was not ideal. looking forward to the beach for this long weekend and nyc the first weekend in june!

  70. love those sunnies! they would be so versatile! we went to a few high school graduation parties and I studied for a big exam coming up next month! 🙂

  71. I’m from atlanta and we just got a new MLS soccer team this yeAr! My fiancé and i were able to Attend their game and they won by a lot! It was so fun and great to celebrate with the rest of the city. Go atlanta united FC!!

  72. it is wedding season! two weddings and lots of cuddles with our little, handsome baby all weekend. 🙂

  73. I drove from san angelo tx to navasota tx to see my hubby! He is woRking In navasota building a dude ranch!! Just love ur style

  74. my husband & I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse on saturday night here in w palm beach. They were amazing!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

  75. got some southErn food, saw a movie, did some shopping wiTh my boyfriend who’s also a resIdenT. Come on july!

  76. My husband graduated from medical school this weekend! It was such an exciting Weekend! Love your dress!

  77. I’m from NwA and we went to the block party on block street near dickson. It was a great time! We ate at one of the local food trucks, Wrights BBQ and listened to some bands play. It was a great sunday funday after church and the weather was perfect.

  78. We had BIG PLANS TO BE ON THE LAKE ALL WEEKEND BUT IT RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED! I live in tn- very close to where you all lived when you were in Bristol, tn. Did you ever go to watauga Lake when you lived here? Its gorgeous!!!!


    Luke is beautiful!!!!!

  79. This weekend I actually spent time looking into blog domains and hosts for a side hobby of mine i want to start soon! I also tried cupping for the first time for back issues and i’ve gotta say it DEFINITELY works! You’re such an inspiration, I wish you and your family the best!

    Ellie <3

  80. this weekend was packed with moving! I packed all my things in my apartment and completely unpacked in my new place. its so much work! i basically never want to move again lol. i am in love with these sunnies and totally could have used them this past weekend! Love this look!

  81. I’ve been SWOONING over those quays, girl… So adorable!! this weekend was LOW-KEY, spent some time visiting my grandfather in the hospital and thankfully he’ll be going home soon and we can visit him there :-)!

  82. Luke is so adorable and looks like his daddy so much! My heart just about explodes when he’s in your snaps!

    This weekend i celebrated my son Levi’s 5th birthday! he was set on an army themed party at a place called lol kids club here in so. california.
    we had a blast!!!! although my heart breaks a little each year as he gets older (insert crying face emoji), i am so proud of the littly young man he’s becoming!

  83. my husband and I had a wedding this weekend! we haven’t been to one in 4 years! it was so fun to get out together and dance the night away 🙂 p.s. we love piada too!

  84. Love the dress and the sunnies!! Would love to win a pair 🙂 spent the weekend celebrating my hubbies 30th birthday with family and friends!


  86. This weekend I did absolutely nothing – and it was amazing 😉 we watched the new season of kimmy schmidt and took naps!

  87. I spent the weekend moving! I just adore the pics you share of luke! My sweet lady goldendoodle says hi to cute fitzy <3

  88. Had a girls Night full of sushi and She’s the man ? And then had a 4 hr LSAT class on SundaY! Lol all about Balance i suppOse ?

  89. This weekend was amazing! WE went to a savannah night at our local zoo, where the zoo was open late and there was food and live music. OUr toddler Loved it! We spent saturday trying to clear out items we no longer love at our community yard sale, and yesterday, we traveled to UC Davis to a bbq hosted by my husband’s fraternity, and our son played football and volleyball with all the undergrads! It was so fun, relaxing, and stress free! Too bad it ended already!

  90. those sunnies are so hot! this weekend we celebrated my godson mateo’s 3rd birthday. we had a blast! love from san Antonio, tx!

  91. Hi emily! Love the dress AnD sunnies! The weather was nice in nj. So My huband and i went to our brother-in-laws and haD a puppy playdate with all the pUps and had a fire! Then had to Do the typical housecleaning before this gloomy monday! Enjoy your trip!

  92. i love this outfit. I love pairing black with floral because it is like edgy and feminine at the same time! and i am for sure ordering the watch! i HAVE BEEN NEEDING A GOLD ONE – THIS WEEKEND I HUNG OUT WITH FAMILY A LOT AND WENT TO THE BEACH (I AM FROM MIAMI) AND I AM SO SUNBURNT TODAY! XO

  93. My Boyfriend, his daughter and i went to visit my sister and brother in law in memphis and see them both get baptized this weekend. 🙂




  96. Went to the wedding of a couple in our small group in longview, TX! So Not that far from your trip! 🙂

  97. This past weekend my fiance and I started buying houseware items for the house we’re currently under contract for. i never thought picking stuff out for a house could be so fun haha. A little less exciting but i worked this past saturday night. I’m currently a nurse at a hospital in greenville, sc so i can relate to your night shift struggles. my fiance really doesn’t like me working nights but hopefully i wont have to forever!

  98. I organized my entire closet (ugh!) and played with our new puppy! such a cute look Emily! Just ordered that watch! <3

    Hannah // The Dainty Bouquet

  99. This weekend I hung out with fam. We are Miami peeps so we went to the beach and I am sooo sunburnt today! – I LOVE the High Keys and got them at the first release last year and lost mine.

    BTW, love this outfit. I love pairing black with floral because it is edgy and feminine all at the same time! <3

    Enjoy Dallas with your little fam!! XO

  100. Love your sunnies! My husband was fishing so i spent the weekend reading and cleaning/organizing our home!

  101. We celebrated our friends 30th bday at lake texoma! It was a blast! Hope you enjoy your time in dallas!!

  102. It was beautiful weather in dallas this weekend so my husband and i had a date night on a rooftop and watched the sunset 🙂

  103. This weekend i drove home to spend time with my mom in austin! We had a girls days and went shopping at Nordstrom’s in the Doamin and ate soem yummy mexican food! It was so nice to spend some quality time with my mom doing what we love, shopping !

  104. We took my dauGhter and some friends to the beach to celebrate her 16th biRthday. It was a lovely weekend celebrating an amazing young woman!

  105. I took my son to the park to play and we had a picnic- best sunday! and of course we had to have ice cream afterwards!

  106. Hi Emily!

    tHIS weekend was super relaxed. my boyfriend and i cleaned our apartment and went grocery shopping.. Super fun LOL yesterday we ordered new living room furniture that arrived so that was actually awesome and last night we ordered pizza, drank wine, and had a friend come over to hangout.

    I hope you had a great weekend!

  107. I went to Stillwater with my 3 best friends from college. The girls and I had the best progressive dinner: wine tasting at Woodland Park Vineyard, then to Eskimo Joe’s (Cheese Fries), and then to Fuzzy’s Tacos for dinner.

  108. I went to oklahoma this weekend to grandlake at my friends lakehouse with a group of friends. Scariest drive there because of the major storm going on, but sooo worth it and saturday was a bEautifuk day when the sun decided to come out in the afternoon!! 🙂 such a relaxing weekend!

  109. The cutest! We could not look any less alike yet every outfit I order based on your recommendations becomes one of my favorites. Thanking you for feeling like my personal stylist.

  110. I love those sunnies on you! This weekend I Went to a Orioles baseball game and hung out with my family!

  111. My boyfriend and i just bought our first house so we stained our floors all weekend! We cannot wait to see the finished product and officially move in 🙂

  112. Hi Emily! Im new to your site and just love it! I spent the weekend celebrating my wonderful husbands birthday with our twin baby boys!!

  113. We spenT the day at our in laws house and i did some grocery shopping. Lol not very exciting. We just found out we are expexting baby #3, so im pretty pOoped!! Love the sunglasses!

  114. my husband and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! we went shopping for nursery items for our first baby coming soon and of course grabbed cheesecake at the cheesecake factory =)

  115. This weekend my man and i sPent time together no phones and did some gardending together and listen to cHris Staplton and just enjoIed each others comPany!!! Love this dress bTw! And quay glasses been wanting a pair!

  116. Saturday I flew back from cabo and sunday I went to a dodger game with my boyfriend. I love your blog!! i hope to be as fabulous as you one day! and i really really love your glasses!!!

  117. Just spent time with out of town family Celebrating mother’s day, birthday, and high school graduation. xoxo

  118. Those sunnies aRe too cute! Wish i would’ve had them this wEekend when i Took my son to his first playdate (2 months old!)

  119. Love the dress and sunglasses! I had a great weekend filled with relaxation and shopping with friends!

  120. my HUSband and i had a long Baby Free (our daUghter is 5 months old) weekend in ruidoso, new mexico. It’s about a 9 hour drive from where we live in Texas. The weather was phenomenAl!! We shopped, hiKed, husband playeD golf. We are driving home now, can’t wait to get back to our baby girl. 🙂

  121. My son and i drove to visit with family and to celebratE my nieces birthdAy! My HUSBAND is also a resident and is working out of state on a 4 month out rotation so he COULDN’T be with us.

  122. we had no plans for the first weekend in a very long time which was so relaxing and great change from our normal crazy busy weekends! love this maxi!

  123. This weekend was spent attending two engagement parties. They were so much fun! On sunday morning I went to the movies to see Everything, Everything. I had read the book and enjoyed it so I wanted to see the movie. It was cute!

  124. You look gorg Emily! My family and I spent the weekend in Minnesota and had a great time at the mall of AMERICA. The 6 hour drive is alwAys interesting with a 17 month old but she did great!

  125. Love seeing your style and your family!
    I also love how real you are being on how your postpartum BELLY doesn’t go DOWN WITHIN A DAY- I APPRECIATE THE REALNESS.

  126. My boyfriend and i took our sweet dog, spirit, to the beach! She absolutely loved being in the water and her toes in the sand. #takemeback LOL

  127. Celebrated my daughters first birthday! ❤️ Love your blog so much! It helps me, as a busy mommy to two littles, to stay current with fashion!

  128. Sounds like a fun weekend! I wish i lived close enough to drive to dallas! Hope you guys have a blast!
    This weekend my fiance and i went to an ipen house for this amazing home we wouldnlove to own! But of course it was was too extravagent for first time home owners haha but, a girl can dream 😉

  129. Love this dress! my husband is a state trooper and his schedule is crazy like John’s, so me and my doodle (penelope, who you have met on twitter) hung out and had a girls weekend. Lots of walking, treat eating and errands.

  130. Love your blog and Always look for to new posts! Plus i just had my little guy 6 days after you!! ?


  132. Hello! Spent Saturday in boston with my cousins. A much needed girls day after not doenudung s dsybout together sunce i got narried 4 years ago. We window shopped on Newbury street, w nt to done yummy smoothie bars and coffee shops, then ended our day at Terra restaurant in Mario Batali’s Eataly Boston. Then we shared a delucioys dessert at Max Brenners. Although it was a bit windy the sun was bright! MY Cousins were sporting some cute sunnies which made me long for a new pair. So good timing on the giveaway 😉 on sunday i Spent time lounging around With my hubbY and 2 and 3 year old boys. Overall a great weekend! Have gun on your road trip with yoyr little fam ?

  133. I had a fun (and much needed!) girl’s day on Saturday then spent sunday relaxing with my husband and two boys <3

  134. Hey emily!! this weekend i went to my old college friend’s baby shower. she’s having a boy. i also so did some online shopping, of course. 🙂 I pretty much wait to see what you post on instagram, snap or the blog and shop from there. have a great time in dallas.

  135. This weekend was full of Spring Cleaning and just trying to relax at home. haha sometimes those weekends are the best.

  136. My baby sister graduates from high school this week, so my parents hosted an awesome grad party for her on Saturday night at their house. It was an absolute blast! My whole family got to be together to celebrate this exciting accomplishment.

  137. We celebrated MY DAUGHter’s 18th birthday and her high school graduation! I am worn out!!! Lol~ I love this dress! Beautiful!

  138. I have been eyeing these sunnies for a while and waiting for the launch! They are soo adorable! I am hoping you are having a great first trip with Baby Luke!
    As for me, I have been going out on some dates with this new guy 🙂 and I hung out at the lake all day with him and some of his friends. We had a great time. These new sunnies would go great with my new tan…. he he he. Love you and all your posts. Thank you for making me a more fashionable lady! 🙂

  139. Love those sunnies!! I hosted a BBQ for my fiance this weekend, thankfully the rain held off for a fun night 🙂

  140. Love this look! It was finally warm in chicago, i took advantage and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine 🙂

  141. I worked my part time job and did yard work, ready to get my Yard in better shape since it Was not Well maintained By the pervious Owner

  142. busy planning my little girls 2nd birthday party! ordering cakes, making unicorn decs…! mom life!!

  143. hI EMILY!!


  144. This weekend I went to the wine in the woods festival on Saturday and then got to eat crabs all day Sunday!


  146. This wEEkend, my family and i headed to the beach to soak up some rays!!! It was such a gReat wonderful weekend spent with loved ones!!

  147. I LoVE those sunglasses! ❤️ We just hung out with the kiddos Preparing for the last week of their school.

  148. Love your outfit! it was a beautiful weekend, my boyfriend and i visited his sister who just had a baby boy last week! 🙂



  151. Celebrated my niece turning 12 with a game night! We played teleStrations & the game of things. So much fun. 🙂

  152. I went to my friend, megan corrons graduation/party! she just graduated from med school and will start residency in july! 🙂

  153. Omg! That dress and those sunnIes are gorge!! I had the best weekEnd at my cousind wedding shower but you are right the raIn waS a bummer!! 🙁

  154. i spent the weekend away with my daughter at her dance COMPETITIOn. Long days but well with the CONFIDENCE my 11 year old learns through the art of dance.

  155. Hi beautiful Emily!! This weekend, more especiaficallt on Saturday, my mom hosted an all womens enpowering event at our home. Twelve women from all different ages gathered to share tHe word of god. They each Talked about their experiences in life that haD led them to now. We had a great time and food (my mom made tacos!!!). It was a day Filled with women uplifting other women:) i hope you had a great weekend!

  156. This weekend i spent my anniversary with my boyfriend in austin tx. We went apartment hunting, Watched a movie, had a nice dinner and a very fun weekend.

  157. My hubby and i celebrated him finishing his first year of med school and my acceptance to an mba program with lots of yummy food and a movie in atlanta!

  158. I shopped with friends and caught up with housework with the hubby! i adore that dress and the sunnies!!

  159. We took ouR boys to one of my fave plaCes in CT since i was a kid – mystic! We ordered pizza from thE famous mystic pizza (soooo yumMy!) and ate picnic style by the water.

  160. I clelbrated my boy turning 13! Times flies with these babes, enjoy your sweet little one, they grow so fast!! 🙂

  161. I am OBSESSED with the sunglasses. TRIED to get them, but they are sold out. Debating on getting THE black with silver. The dress is super cute and so is the watch! I didn’t do much this weekend. I did take my Doggy Bentley to the vet for his shots on sunday. That was my only OUTING THIS weekend ??

  162. This past weekend i came home fRom college. I got To spend qual time with my parents And neighbors who i have mIssed so much!

  163. This past weEkend Was my first Weekend home from college. I got to spend qual time with my parents and neighbors who i have missed so much!

  164. Love your blog! And I am a teacher, so i took some time to rest this weekend before kicking off the last week of school!

  165. Cute mamA! We got to have my oldest sons 3rd bIrthday! Plenty of famILy time, great weather (in west texas) and way to much cake and Ice cream! You will love being a boY mom, it’s the best!

  166. Love this look Emily! I worked on Saturday and then got to meet my cousins new baby boy! They named him abe and he is adorable!

    XO Lo

  167. Love the sunglasses and the dress! This weekend wAs filled with Activities for our kids…park, train ride, and dinner with friends!

  168. My 9 year old daughter and i visited my 89 year old graNDpa to Say oUr final goodbyes and then we celebrated at my cousin’s wedding for love and new beginnIngs ????❤️?

  169. I enjoyed the weekend at the beach! i have missed the sun so much.

    love your blog! congratulations on baby luke!

  170. CUTE dress! The hubs and i were festival goers this weekend – sunshine, live music, and beer = perfection!

  171. Hi, i love your blog! all i did was work but managed to go on a hike with my friends, saturday afternoon.
    xo, franci

  172. my 8 year old daughter had a sleepover this past weekend. I’m still recovering!! They all stayed up way too late! 🙂

  173. This weekend, my huSband and i took advantage oF the beautiful weather and visited Some tourist sites here in Washington D.C. Such as the changiNg of the guard!

  174. This weekend i spent time with my momma at the beach. She has been very ill and i am enjoying every Minute the good lord above has blessed me with

  175. My husband and i spent the weekend in ft. worth! He raced in a triathlon. we did get to sneak in dinner at the cheesecake factory and i had lunch at mi cocina while he raced lol. 😉 beautiful dress by the way!

  176. I spent the weekend with my baby boy Nathaniel. Little guy came down with a cold, so we laid in bed and snuggled. Never enjoyed someones snores as much as I do his.

  177. I spent my week in isle of palms south carolina! I Highly recommend It! Beautiful and on the oCean and just 20 minutes from Downtown charleston.

  178. We had BEAUTIFUL weather, so I spent the day doing things outside with my daughter home from college, & Took ina movie!

  179. This Weekend I had a gradua party for my one and onlY son! I cant Believe he is graduating And emotional about it but also excited for him for his neXt chapter which inVolves COllege! I love love your blog, your stYle and your sunglasseS too!!

  180. Just moved to Texas from California… So, I cleaned and unpacKed all weekend. Lol. Welcome to Texas Gemmas!

  181. last weekend my one year old son and i played outside and in his baby pool! he also got to facetime with his daddy who is deployed overseas right now.

    love your blog emily! luke is so adorable ? enjoy it while theyre litlte i cant belive mine is already a year old..i blinked and he turned one!

  182. Hi. You look stunning! This weekend i visited my momma in Florida and went to the beacH. She has been Very ill and i am treasuring every moment the good lord above is blessing me with.

  183. We spent the weekend At great wolf lodge waterpArk in sandusky with our 2 girls! It was so much fun! And a nice little getaway!

  184. We had a family day on saturday and played soccer and tennis before going to look at couches, and then on sunday my husband and i went to the byron nelson.

  185. Love this maxi – those sunnies go so well with it! This weekend i went to a delicious japenEse hibachi resturaunt with some frienDs and worked my internship. Xoxo

  186. Hi emily!

    I love how you try to post even when enjoying a trip with your family. I spent this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and doing fun things around town with friends.

  187. My twin sister (a Pediatric resident in austin) had a rare weekend off and came to Dallas to spend the weekend with me! We went shopping, out to dinner, and i was finally able to show her my new home that we are building. It was a wonderful weekend. With her busy schedule we don’t get to spend enough time together anymore!

  188. My son graduated high school so we celebrated saturday night and my daughter graduated college last weekend so we celebrated her achievement as well! it’s been a busy month, and my birthday is this friday!!! thanks for the chance to win the sunglasses!!

  189. Visited my brother in portland! Had a great time eating and drinking… relaxing before two weddings back To back

  190. I unfortu dealt with a lice outbreak with my daughter!! Ugh! I could use a bea new psir of sunnies to brighten my dAy!!!

  191. Friday I took the kids to the pool at the country club, saturday we went to dinner at family friends’ new home, and sunday I went to open houses! Phew! xoxo

  192. You look amazing post-baby! My daughter is 14 months old and i still dont look this good. I just hung out with my little family over the weekend and spent time with them, best days!

  193. I took my boyfriend to Frankenmuth, Michigan this weekend for the world expo of beer. we did this to celebrate his birthday. super-fun time!

  194. This weekend i volunteered at Dress for Success. This amazing non-profit helps women find employment with coacHing, training, and appropriate clothing. After that i supported a few local FRiends bY shopping in their stores. I love these shades and hope you pick me.
    Xo, Lee

  195. This weekend my dad, brother and I took my mom out for belated mother’s day dinner in san francisco. Spent the day shopping and eating! it was great!

  196. That dress is adorable and I love those Quay SUNGLASSES. They are perfect for summer! My weekend was spent getting a little vitamin d poolside in nevada. It was so nice to get away for the weekend. Happy monday!


  198. Hi Emily! We are in sunny Ca for a few weeks (my hubby is working out here) and we’ve been taking the kids, Ollie (almost 4) and lily (almost 2), to different beaches each weekend. This weekend we explored Marina park in newport beach and bolboa peniinsula on saturday, then yesterday we went to Laguna beach. The kids love the ocean, chasing waves into the ocean and the ocean chasing them onto the beach. Theyre at such a fun, expLorative age now, that We’re all able to have a great time. thanks for this giveaway! I only have one pair of sunnies to my name, so id be thrilled to win!! Thanks again & congrats on baby luke!

  199. Spent time in atlanta with a friend and then got to spent time with my toddler and husband. Wonderful weekend!!




  202. Your weekend sounds fun! i relaxed and spent some time cooking for my husband and spent time with family! my favorite way to spend the weekend 🙂

  203. We alSo had a Stormy, gross weekend here in nebraska! My husband was away all week so we sPent some qUality time together at dinner and spent time Catching up on all our our trashy tv shows!

  204. LOVE THiS LOOK! You look great post-baby!

    This weekend i planned and packed for upcoming trip to europe on Saturday! first time ever going – so excited!


  205. We went to our neighborhood pool with kids and friends! Congrats on the baby! My huSband is also finishingbup residenCy (a 6 year one ?)

  206. Like your hairstyle here. I had never ending saturday, because I was traveling from my original home in europe to my second home in colorado and with the time change the saturday just kept getting longer! Spent exactly 24 hours traveling so I was pooped, haha!

  207. Hi emily! This weekend i got to visit my sister in Philadelphia. i have never been before this trip so we had a great time touring the city. i hope you have a great few days in dallas!

  208. I absolutely adore this dress!! You look great mama 😉 This weekend, I went from graduation party to graduation party to birthday party to another graduation party! Lot’s of parties this time of year. Have a great time in Dallas. Love little Luke, y’all are such an adorable family!

  209. i threw a gorgeous bridal shower for one of my best friends this weekend. I wish i had this adorable dress to wear to the shower 🙂

  210. Love the Maxi and your hair! You always look so cute! This weekend i went back home to dallas to spend some time with my family!!

  211. We had family fun Night saturday. We we let the kids choose where to eat, so of course they chose Chick-fil-A. then we had loads of fun at our new trampoline park in town. Family memories ?

  212. This weekend i Left my baby for the first time (6 mo. old) to go to Malibu with friends! It was so much fun but I missed my baby too much, probably won’t be going out of town again anytime soon.

  213. How my weekend went: My boyfriend and I just bought a HOUSe so we were busy moving furniture and starting house projects. ?
    I hope you all have a fun family trip in dallas!

  214. This weekend my 3.5 yr old had two birthfay parties in one day!! Then we paid for it bY getting the stomach bug And down went My daughter, 18mo old son, me and last my hubby! But were all on the mend!!! Hope dallas was fun 🙂

  215. This past weekend, i watched my college besTie graduate from the university of ARkaNsas medical school with her registered dietician License. We both are starting are big girl jobs and i could not be more proud of us!


  217. Spent my weekend at nordstrom & the rack getting new clothes for our upcoming tRip! Conviced my better half to also get a new wardrobe 🙂 then to reward him from 3 days of shopping we went to a brewery!

  218. Hi! This weekend i went to my younger sisters softball tournament, could have used some high keys in the sun 🙂

  219. Love the dress so pretty! baby luke is also soooo adorable! This weekend we took our pup chloe out to a local street market, and to Petco to get some toys + bones, also spent time cleaning out my wardrobe prepping to add some cute summer styles!

  220. I got into medical school (d.o.), so this weekend I went apartment shopping in North Carolina! Super excited to start this new chapter in my life!

  221. I prepped for an interview, we went shopping @ rack for carry ons, and my hubby left for Dallas! I just told him you were there and to be on the lookout for your adorable little family! ?

  222. I had dinner with my mom, grandma and uncle to celebrate my mom’s birthday that is on wednesday.

  223. I spent my weekend With my little brother With special needs. Ive been Very sick with moNo, and just something about spending time with him Makes everything better ?

  224. Packed up and moved out ofmy college house… onto the next adventure! Have fun in dallas, love that city!!!

  225. I’m a 7th grade science teacher Who Spent my weekeNd orGanizing events for Our Science Olympiad, showering my soon to be sis-inlaw and enjoyed week 13 of Pregnancy 🙂

  226. I spent the weekend binge watching big Little Lies (So good!) And snuggling with OUR new little pup, Luca! 🙂

  227. What did i do this weekenD?! Well..i didnt move from my cOuCh BUT…booked a trip to New york city for the next weekend ! 0 to 100.

  228. I was in dallas too! I went to a wedding and spent some time with my family that all live in dallas.

  229. Had a family Weekend! SatuRday took my 1.5 yr old to dinner and to Have some cousin time (they are only 3 mo apart), and sunday Celebrated my moms birthday!

  230. Just moved to Myrtle beAch, Sc after graduation a week ago so i spent every day on the beach ?????? sending kisses to baby luke! He’s so precious ?

  231. Love these glasses & your dress, you look so amazing!
    This weekend my in laws were in town, wE went to the local farmers market and relaxed!

  232. This weekend i moved my sister into her new apartment!! it was so fun picking out decor and getting excited for a new chapter of our lives!

  233. After a busy week at work, i took some time for me and relaxed! Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is kick your feet up!

  234. It was super hot here in Orange county this weekend, so my boyfriend and i spent the Weekend down By the beach. We Shopped, ate mexican, and sIpped on drinks. Pretty perfect!

  235. I went to a bridal shower in tulsa, started my new job, and went out to lunch with my family at a wonderful diner in okc called Sunnyside diner.

  236. Love your Dress & sunnIes 😉

    This weekend i went to a kids bday partY ? You will have a lot of these in your future with luKe. Have a great time in Dallas!


  237. SPent the weekend at the beach in sUnny south florida!!! Me and my friends went to a hotel near the beach and snuck in(shhh) to enjoy all their amenities including a lazy river! These sunnies WEre definitely necessary Since i forgot a pair at home! 🙂

  238. I went to the lake, and Obsessed with these suNglasses! Would love them so much!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  239. Had an amazing weekend celebrating my son’s 3rd birthday at a local farm! The kids enjoyed the petting zoo and the ponny ride, in addition, they got to feed the animals! Everyone had a blast.

  240. We took our daugter whO is 2. to the zoo foR the first time. We had a blast We had so much fun. She is Such an animal loVer.

  241. Enjoy your time with your baby!
    Weekends will Never be the same when they get older! I spent my WEEKEND getting my daughter ready for her eigth grade dance, then entertaining Her and her friends after the dance and then on Sunday morning!..but loved every minute of it ?

  242. Spent the weekend with our sweet two year old daughter and goldendoodle! Stayed at home all weekend, which we never do, always on the go! We planted flowers, played in the pool, and just ran around Having a blast!

  243. Hey emily!
    It was my Friends babys first birthday! It was cars theme It was so cute! I also had my Bestfriends graduation party! that was a lot of fun and i saw alot of friends i haVent seen in awhIle! On sunday i went with a big group of friends to 8th wonder brewery! It was a fun filled busy weekend!

  244. My husband and i worked on our backyard. We had to have all the dirt lIfted rolled Out and then we planted Seed so we Can finally have grass!!!

  245. Didn’t do aNything fun this weekend. Just worked but its fine because at least i’m getting a break from school this summer!

  246. Recently became a Realtor and showed houses this weekend and landed my first deal here in dallas!! ?

  247. You look fabulous! This dress is so pretty. I spent the weekend at a bridal shower on Saturday and on Sunday we spent the whole day house shopping (I never knew how exhausting this process could be).

  248. Hi emily!
    This weekend i traveled to FarmvIlle, Va for my sister’s college graduation! She is dating a boy from switZerland so we got to meet his entire family which was pretty neAt since they mainly speak frEnch. AnYway, it was a fun weekend! Hope you’re enjoying dallas

  249. This weekend Was spent with family! SatUrday my husband’s Cousin had her fiRst commUnion so we went to ChUrch And waTched her and ended the night with Some mexican food. sunday my bRother was in so we just hung out at my Parents for the Day! ❤

  250. Spent all weekend otside with my new(ish) family of four! We welcomed our baby girl in marCh and have a toddler that has lotsss of energy. Live these sunnies and they’d get a lot of use chasing after my wikd boy outside ??

  251. You look beautiful! My weekend was soent buying some new lounge chairs for our backyard and attending a good friend’s bridal shower 🙂

  252. This weekend i celebrated my best friend of 16 years getting married! I went to my home town of roswell, GA for the Celebration and had a wonderful time!

  253. I spent This past weekend with my mother, who works away from home during the summer, so i dont get to see her often. My birthday is coming up this weEk, so she surprised me at home this past weekend, since she wont be able to spend my birthday With me. I also sPent Time with a close friend of mine who just graduated College.
    Thank you for always shAring THe best advices, tips, and a glimpse of your life. God bless you and your bea family!

  254. Baseball…… all weekend almost every weekend. Thats what happens when you have a kid in travel ball!

  255. I visited my parents at home in orlando this weekend and left my little granny Dog annie (15 years old) with them for the summer!

    1. Sorry, i accidentally posted before i finished! AnYways, i’m moving to new york for the summer and my apartment does not Allow dogs. ? i will be interning with michael kors until august! I’M a fashion merchandising major So i love reading your blog posts, keeping up with your outfits, and following your sNaps for glimpses of luke (too cute)! Anyways, I think the Sunglasses will be the perfect accesory for strolling the streets of NYC ☺️

  256. This weekend i doent time With my husband who is AlSo my best friend. We went shopping and bought flowers and some pretties for our house to deCorate outdoors. We Also made a really nice dinner and ate it outside on the deck And watched a baby robin try to Learn how to fly while the parents were close by watching. ?

  257. I Live in tulsa So i was downtown most of this weekend at mayfest and Hop jam! ? Love the Sunglasses!!

  258. I went shopping this weekend at nordstrom rack with my sister and mom, one of our favorite things to do together! We also played a new escape room game which was super challenging actually

  259. This weekend i went house shopping with my husband here in tulsa. Afterwards we went and ate at mr. Mambos, our fave mexican restaurant in BA!

  260. Was in austin for my cousin’s graduation. Tried to prevent his drunken self from getting into a fight and accidentally got elbowed by the other guy in the process…have a black eye now eek, need those SunglAsses haha

  261. I spent the weekend with my Family relaxing at home in our pool and sunday at chUrch. perfEct weekend in my eyes lOl.

  262. What an easy care free dress! You look amazing! I caught up woth some Girlfriends on friday and went to my boyfriends birthday party. Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  263. Spent the morning upgrading my phone and then drove up little cottonwood canyon to try out the new camera

  264. This past weekend i flew home, california, after being in florida for 5 wEeks. My dad, who is a total rockstar, is (patientLy) waiting for a heart transplant. Ive been there for 8 weeks total now, came home for a week to move, and lets be honest, i new pair of suNnys would be awesome! Love your blog and congrats on the new baby! Xoxo


  266. I spent the weekEnd with my family at home in our pool and sunday at chUrch. Perfect weekend to me lol

  267. We bought a new pontoon boat this wee ! Super duper EXCITED about it! ☀️? We got to try It out in between the Rain! New sunnies would be perfect on the boat!! ?

  268. Friday i went to the beach then to dinner with a friend. SaturdaY i visited with friends then volunteered for a couple of hours at a race for the cure event. SundaY i took my paRents shopping at the outlets and then went for a stroll on the beach. Had a great weekend!


  270. What i did this weekend was Constantly Update my snapchat for new sNaps fRom you And baby, as well as eat pizza and sleep. Not ver productive, i kNow ?

  271. I finally planted my veggies in my garden with a lot of help from my nearly 2 year old…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  272. My hubby is an active duty marine who just deployed to a war zone. I had plans for a girls night but instead my dog ended up in the er. It was not a good wee at all but hey next weekend must be better, right?

  273. I spent the weekend with my beautiful Family! (My husband and three kiddos!) school just got out for two of our kids (both in preschool), so we Enjoyed each other playing outside!

  274. This weekend we celebrated my husband’s 29th BirthdaY! Our whole family went to the lake and We got to spend some quality family time with Our families! I absolutely adore you and your sWeer family! I watch your daily snaps and have enjoyed watching you become a mother and following your Life ! Being a mother the best thing in the world!

  275. UnfortuNately due to the weather my son’s soccer game gOt cancelled. We then went out to lunch and Did a little shopping. OOps! BTw luke is too cute!

  276. Such a cuTe Dress! Spent my weekend shopping — For new work clothes. Super fun giVeaway, Loving the Sunnies!

    Xx, g

  277. Im a nurse in neonatal intensive care, so i spenT my whole weekend working 12 hour shifts with preemies 🙂 Im obsessed with this whole look! Thank you for sharing!!


  279. This weeKend i went to a bBq and ate delicious drumsticks and cheeseburgers. Got a manI/Pedi aNd worked out at the gym!!! Btw Luke is The most adorable Baby!!! May he be happy healthy and bring you years of Joy ❤️

  280. Unfortunately I got laid off so to KEEP busy I have been cleaning my closet and will continue as I have clothes upon clothes! How do you keep your CLOSER fresh/updated , not crowded when you do this for a living. And how do you get rid of your clothes?

  281. This weekend, i Finally tried a new place for sunday brunch! Decided to ditch my diet for the Day and Had some great chicken and waffles 🙂

  282. I brought my three daughters to gymnastics practice and had lunch with a friend this past weekend.

  283. this wEekend was pretty fun – considering my Boyfriend and i are both in law school – we really need to make the best of the little free time we have! On saturday we Went to the gun range (my first time) and oon sunday we went to the winery! Needless to say, the winery was mich more my speed. Thank You For doing this giveaway! I love these sunnies and theyre backordered everyWhere! My birthday is june 11 and i would love to have these For my bday weekend!! ?

  284. Love your blog! I Went to houston to visit my family this weekend and SPent time with my little brotHers Celebrating christophers 1st communion and a belAted mothers day with my sweet mom.

  285. My College bestie got married, and we left the baby overniGht for the first time ?Much needed night out for mom and dad!

  286. Love your style! You’re always so cute! thank you for sharing your OUTFITS (and life) with everyone! ❤️ I am iN school full time and finding time to go shoPPing has not been easy, so i really appreciate you posting details on liketoknowit.
    Anyway, I had a pretty UNEVENTFUL weekend! Costco run, bikerIde and mostly studdied for nursing program exams!

    Xo bonnie

  287. I flew back home from Seattle to Geoegia, celebratEd my husbands 34th birthday, my 28th birthday, and napped! Hahah! 🙂 P.s. you are one fabulous momma!

  288. this weekend I started to develop my new blog! I have been thinking about it now for a few months and i decided to just go for it! I look up to you and CMCOVIngton and read your blogs religiouslY! thank you for keeping us all updated with everything going on, i love feeling like apart of your friend group.

  289. Hi! This weekend i took my tWo kids out to the park wHere we walked a total of 5 miles both days! We were able to talk anD laugh w/o diatractions or electronics. Such a fun weekend! Im Sure you and baby luke will spend time like this, too! Time flies so enjoy him! ?

  290. This weekend I celebrated my stepfather’s BIRTHDAY with my mom, step sister and brother nieces and nephew.

  291. Hey there beautiful,

    This weekend was a busy one for us. My husband traveLs for work and we got lucky & he scored a few extra days before he had to tAke off again so We made a hUge breakfast saturday morning…EGgs, sausage, handhbrowNs, protein waffles with peanut butter & fresh cut watermelon. Ok now i want to go cook breakfast for diNNer! Yum! COoking it up in the kithchen. we were super full & about to fall asleep on the patio but had Somewhere way more fun to be! OuR daughter had a tournament softball game and i almost lost my voice. They woN & yes im the crazy cheEring mom! Next stop chiptole & binge watching pirates of the caribbean! we polished sunday off with taking ouR daughter & a friend to a waTerpark. Fun in the sun! We rode the waves in the wave pool, raced doen the scariest slide ever, yes i was scAred and on the way out i saw a lady with the cutest hat! It was hot pink & in a pretty white GLITTER print it read salty! What a wEekend!

  292. This weekend We Went to a work picnic for my husband. We enjoyed seeing everyone’s baby and loved showing off our little girl. Enjoy these momeNts that Luke sleeps a ton And go out and do as much as you can. Hope to win the sunglasses.

  293. Me, my husbaNd, and our sweet little 10 month old son spend the weekend at gome finally! We got to take out bikes out around our neighborhood in between rain storms! And our church had a crawfish boil sunday afternoon. I love weekends When we don’t have a ton of places to be!

  294. i spent the weekend with family In my hometown for my SisTer’s graduation weekend. It was such a sPecial time and i loved Every minute of celebrating my sister!!

  295. I spent all day Saturday running errands and had a date night with my boyfriend. Sunday I went to church and then had a bbq with the family.

  296. I spent the weekend recovering from the storms in Oklahoma! I was out of power for most of the weekend. Not super fun but got to spend quality time with my family!

  297. As a “bOy mom” my weekend consisted of sports, sports and more sports :). 3 soccer games on Saturday and 3 Lacrosse games/1 soccer game on Sunday!

  298. Loveeee the dress.

    I attended a local dessert fair this past weekeNd – totally went home with a cupCake and Slice of cheesecake ?

  299. I had my two awesome GRANDCHILDREN on Saturday and saturday night while their parents attended a wedding.That is my perFect way to spend my time. Love my grandchildren as i am sure your Mom loves Luke and her other grands!!!

  300. These suNnies are amazing! (Love that dress too!) I work for A wedding planning company in kansas, so this past weekend i worked a beautiful wedding. These sunnies would have came in handy during Outdoor setup (:

  301. Love this look! My weekend was great – spent it gardenIng, Some gym time and Dinners with friends ☺️

  302. This weekends, we celebrated my baby brother’s graduation! We spent lots of time with family, playing games and eating lots of yummy food!

  303. I saw 3 movies in 3 days with my family! going to the movies is our favorite activity to do together!

  304. This weekeNd was spent celebrating some special people in my life. On friday my GoDsister graduated from high sChool with honOrs, on saturday i worked SaTurday School for the Darling high school students who decide not to come during the week, but afterwards i got to fellowship with family and friends at my godsister’s graduation cookout/Crab boil ?. I ended my weekend by hosting my friend’s baby shower As she and her hubby await the arrival of their first child, baby Ace! ? My weekend was long, but it was Great to spend it with the ones i love! ❤️

  305. Hi! This weekend i went to a wedding of two of my bEst friends. i actually have had the privilege of watching their love story plaY out from day one (we were all besTies in high school…5 years ago!) and got to see just how the lord Perfectly worked each and every detail to their good and for their relationship. The wedding was beautiful and i caught her boUquet! (That’s got to mean another wedding in my near future, right? Ha!)
    Anyways, thank you for all you do and for sharing your life with us.

  306. This weekend was my last weekend at home on maternity leave, so i spent the WEEKEND with my hisband and 8 week old son!


  308. I went to a really good friends baby shower, and spent Quality time with my children and husband. It was a wonderful weekend!

  309. Hi emily, we took my 4 year Old daughter to her soccer game and dance rehearsal on saturday, and to dance rehearsal again on sunday (they are rehearsing for a mary poppins show). Have a nice week ?

  310. We usually are super busy on the weekends.,..practices….family…socceR games…church. But, this weekend we had nothing going on, so we enjoyed the storms (in dallas area), watched movies, wore yoga pant, and relaxed. It was glorious and very Unusual.

  311. I love the fLoral paTtern of this dress. I’ve been wearing billabong since i was a teenager. Its always been a fun casual brand. This weekend The fam and i wEnt to the lake for the first time this season. I’m so glad Summer weather is here. It was 95 degrees and beAutiful. It was great to just float On the water and soak of the vitamin c. Hope you had a great time on your trip. -Mandy.

  312. This Weekend i just rElaxed and hungout with CLOSE friends. I caught up on sleep- wHich was rare but amazing! I didnt have Huge plans this weekend like usual, and i must say it was actually really nice not having a schedule!

  313. i absolutely love All of this!! This weEKend i actually DIDN’T have Any maJor plAns for once! I did weigh in after a 6 week boOtcamp challenge and lost a FEW INCHES and pounds so that was amazing!! My girls are 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 (i had them exactly a year apart) so I finally got my motivation back anD its felt great to see progress!?? we visited FRIENDS, Took the girls ?to the park a couple times and just enjoyed life and family and the nice weather Here in okc — after all that rain!! ☀️?

  314. I spent my weekend working 3 12s in a row but i Beyond thaNkful for my Job. I work with the most incredible Group of nurses and doctors.

  315. Love your blog! since fInding your blog i’ve Spent a small fortune At nordstroms 🙂 This weekend my mom and i made RASPBERRY-Rose Cupcakes. In the beginning of 2017 We decided to get together every month throughout the year and make a different cupcake recipe. I may be in my early 30’s, but you’re never too old to make cupcakes with your mom!

  316. My parents came from Arkansas to see us and we Spent quality together. My favorite way to sPend the weekend!

  317. I spent the weekend celebrating my birthday with my family and boyfriend! It was a very fun and special evening. we had a cookout, ice cream cake, my nephews swimming in the pool, and a bunch of country music playing in the background!
    hope your weekend was wonderful–Luke is too precious!

  318. I was in boston celebrating my sister’s bridal shower! I would love to gift these sunnies To her! She wouLd look bomb!

  319. Nothing fun or special for me–spent all weekend studying for boards! I take them wednesday and then graduate from ot school friday. would loooove to have these sunnies for my grad trips to NYC and california!

  320. My boYfriend just moved, so tHis Past weekend was Full of unpacKing and enjoying tIme together before we go to a family wedding tHis weekend.

  321. Visited with family in New YoRk-hadnt been home since Christmas! DrOve 13 hours today back to nashville! Moved here a year and a half ago and love it! ❤

  322. Im 5 mOnths pregnant with a baby bOy and suPer excited about preparing his Nursery. This last weekEnd my Husband and i did a little furniture shopping and registry planning for our little bundle.


  324. Our weekend was a blasT! Engagement party then kayaking with the hUbby to our favorite spot while baby boy enjoyed a nap in the sun!?☀️?❤️

  325. Gorgeous dress!
    This weekend i finally got the courage to go shopping for myself which i haVe not done in such a long time. when you have Kids you tend to spoil them so much without realizing that sometimes it feels great to spoil yourself for once. A weekend wEll spent and much needed if you ask me!

  326. AHhhh i love those sunnies!!! #want #need this weekend i went to a crawfish boil and ate 10lbs of crawfish and spent the rest of the weekend regretting it! haha but i Had a blast Hanging with my friends and our kidS! But i got sunburned too, soooo i kinda wish i had those sunnies to shade my face! 😉

  327. Friday my Husband came home from working out of town and took me and our daughter out to the movies & had dinner after.Then, saturday My husband was a sponsOr for his godsons first COMMUNION so we attended that with the family,also on sundaY we drove into the city to go to the mall and we shopped ’til we dropped. LITERALLY. It was a weeked well spent.

  328. SPent the weeKend celebrating my younger sIsters college graduation with my entire famIly inclUding my 1 year old pug, kyle!

    Love Your blog and your posts ❤️

  329. I love this outfit! I got to celebrate my long distance boyfriend’s Graduation from law school and his move back home. Needless to say, a long awaited celebration 🙂

  330. Hey! This Whole outfit is to die for! Im pretty much obsessed with this blog and im so happy i came across it a couple of months ago. Well my weekends have been very calm lately since i am officially 25 weeks pregnant. Its been a lot of family time but on Sunday, my huBby and i were finally able to spend the day together. We live in miami so we went to the beach and just had the most amazing day laying in the sand and TaLking about random Things. Any day we can spend TogEther is a great one especially since our days as just him and i are numbered lol!

  331. I spent my time with my dear family back in canada, and had a delay flight back to sf, and first time feel My baby in my belly move this weekenD on the flight! Woot woot!

  332. SPent time with my new niece and family, time with THEm is honestly always so special! Family is everything.

    Xo to you, JOHN, luke and fitz

  333. Hi! This weekend we were bussy with our middle son’s prom…and finishing registration process for college….. he wants to be a doctor as your husband… nervous for him allready…

  334. I spent the weekend celebrating my nephew’s 3rd birthday. we had a cook out with A ninja turtle theme. i also had to stop by nordstrom rack and return the CUTe sandals from steve MADDED that were only 35 bucks. i loved the shoes but they ripped. ?i still enjoyed the weekend because i was ABle to SNAtch up other goodies while i was there. ahhh namaste.

  335. Such a timeless and classy blogger! You keep me looking forward to your next post everyday! Xoxo

  336. I went to the Beach with my Bestfriend, my son and her son. We also spent all day at the pool the next day lol! ? You’re weekend sounds wonderful!

  337. We had a great weekend! My hubby and i Went shopping for new flooring and started packing the house for our Move. SuNday, my bestie and i met for lunch and Pedis. Not too shaBby!

  338. Dallas is such a special place to me and my husband, he got down on one knee by the fountain park downtown ? This past weekend we went to our Lake house for our BABY’S FIRST TRIP! Lake days sure have changed but only for the better!

  339. This weekend went to Wedding 1 of 3 Over the next 4 weeks…Need these shaDes as a treat myself for getting through all these weddings!!

  340. Welcome to Dallas!
    My famiLy and i are from The rockwall area..if you want good mexican food you should try chiloso! This weekend i celebrated my college graduation with friends and Family and my big to Nyc in two weeks! Safe travels home -xoxo taylor

  341. OBsessed with those shades! I celebrAted my son’s first birthdAy! It was a super hot weeKend so we sPent the afternoon in The pOol. It gOes so quickly! Enjoy baby luke while he’s still little!

  342. My Husband and I are expecting our first On july 1! So this weekend we took our first chIldbirth Class! It was excItinf, interEsting, and scary all at the same tIme! I love these sunglassEs!

  343. I spent the weekend with my husband and my 4 kids shopping at galleria dallas and grapevine mall. We are invited to a graduation party this friday and had to find outfits for the whole family.

  344. OMG… Had The Craziest Weekend Running around To Car Dealers. Went for Test Drive, Negotiate but Left Because Price Wasn’t Good. Then The Agent Called Back With Better Deal AND we Went Back To Finally Signed A Contract! Even Got Him To Throw IN A FREE Wheel Lock Just Because Customer Is Always Right ✌️?

  345. This weekend i ran my second half marathon with my old college roomie and best friend. As moms of little Ones its not easy for us to getaway but we made time to train for this together (400 miles apart). She flew in from Orange County and my little fam and i drove down from Northern Ca to The cute little beach town of Capitola for the race. It was a perfect reunion and we did awesome! P.S. Love the site emily. You Help me be a stylish mommy!

  346. As a realtor, i spent my weekend on the road showing homes! CoMfort and style is impOrtant in my
    ProfesSion! (As well as always keeping an outfit for the gYm, sHoe change, and dress in my trunk!) i have alWays had a true love for fashion and design! I express that in my CLothing PieCes (and knack for interior design). My job is more than a means to an end- its my life! The flexibility is wonderful! Aside from “working” Over the weekend, i Was abLe to grab an in-store pick up from nordstrom, coNsisting oF zella athletic gear! (Its incrEdible! Trumps my love for lulu!) lastly, i had a great time helping a client choose BackspLash tile for a flip thats near ready to list fOr sale!
    PS: I have been “eyeing” quay sunglasseS, since the shay mitchell collab! I have a tendency to wear (One) quality, comfort, stylish pair for years until thEy fall a Part! When you find the right pair, you wear them every day! Excited for my chance to win!
    Xo ashLey

  347. We Started our weekend on a Thursday and dRove from st. Louis to KanSas city to treat the fam to the Royals vs yankeEs game for my hubby’s bday. First time to kc. Lots of fun!

  348. Went with my little ones on their first swimming lessons. Enjoyed great weather, sun, water and aftErwards pizza. Nothing is greater tHan being surrounded by my Family.

  349. mom of 2…went on my first girls trip in over than 3.5 years! but i missed my babies! luke IS adorable!

  350. This weekend i was rElEased from the hospital with my brand new baby boy!! ☺️☺️ We are 5 days old and going strong.

  351. I spent the weekend in urgent care once, then the ER, & then 2 days later, back to urgent care! :-/ Haven’t had the best weekend, but taking lots of meds & trying to get better!

  352. I Had a very busy and productiVe weekend. I was in a sPring cleaning mood … redid my bedroom and also helped my mom Prepare for my aUnt and uncles 40 th weddIng anniversary party this Past Shnday. It turned out beautiful!

  353. I visited my family down in fort smith, arkansas. It was a nice, relaxing weekend. I love when I get to go home!

  354. Took my 2 year old twins on a boaT ride out To a vacant island. It was fun seeing them run around anD explore.

  355. Love the outfit – adorable as aLways! This weekend i finally got around to Paintng/redecorating parts of my house!

  356. I spent it taking care of my mama! I am her full-time caregiver. It is a precious gift to do So. I am blessed. Have a blessed trip.

  357. This weekenD i worked at the salon during the morning. Then i assisted a friend with setting up a birthday bbq.

    On sunday i went to the grocery store and came home abd got back in bed aNd watched lifetime. I love the movies on lifetime.

  358. Hunny and i took the kids to an indoor playgrounD called animal kingdom. They have a lot of different bouncers for the kids to enjoy. One of them even had a zip line insiDe! We had so much fun!!! Their joy is ouR joy! 🙂

  359. My twin daughters turned 7 (totally wondering how time seems to move so fast) one of the high points was snuggling After they asked to watch harry potter. Theyre obsessed with our First tRip to disney and universal receNtly and loved watching emma watson when she was young as Hermoine since they are both in love with her after seeing her as their favorite princess, Belle xoxo

  360. This dress is gorgeous on you! This weekend i made footprint/handprint ornaments with my one month old son (born april 18th)! It was a great way to capture this moment in time before he gets too big!

  361. Love yOur style, it is always so perfectly crafted!

    I spent the weekend in macedonia. I have been visiting a friend here for the past week and a half. We finally meT… after being pen pals for 14 years. It all happened via SamaRitan’s purse organization donation of mine.. they deliver Goodies to children all around the world During the holiday season. Out of random chance She got my box and wrote me! Needless to say, my weekend tops the charts as BEST weekend ever. I am so hAppy To have spent it this waY. ?☀️

  362. Hi emily,
    FIrst and foremost, congratulatiOns on your neW addition to the family… it is tHe beginning of an awesome joUrney…
    This weekEnd i Spent time with my postpartum nuRse that i have not seen in almost five years… it was a wonderful reunion. Laura has become one of my great friends.
    My HusbAnd treated me to brunch at brix in oakvillE for a belated mother’s Day oN Sunday.
    Awesome weekend… i am trulY blessed as i feel EVERYDAY is mother’s day to me….. ?

  363. My husband and i have been crazy the past couplw of months preparing to sell our house. It finally went under contract so we celebrated with date night and hung out with close friends before we move!

  364. This weekend i got to enjoy my youngest son’s high school grauduation. Such a surreal
    Moment because for the first time my house will be empty in august due to all the children aWay at college. ?

  365. Last weekend we went to a kids fest in our little downtown. There were tons of vendors doing crafts with kids. My daughter was so exci and so surprised to see all the people!

  366. This weekend we celebrated Our little girl, Harlee with my husbands family. ShE is 5 weeks old and his family threw us a lovely baby sHower. ?☺️

  367. Thanks for sharing the deets on this dress!
    I sPent the past weekend traveling up to my parents home 5hrs away up in Michigan. They are having some health problems and i wanted to make sure their home was properly equipped for their safety (installed chair lifts, rails, etc.).
    It’s so hard to see your parents age. It’s almost like the roles reverse and you become the parent/caregiver. I’m looking forward to leSs emotionally taxing WEEKEND for Memorial Day!

  368. So cute! I actually went shopping for a wedding guest dress for a wedding coming up on the beach in north carolina! So excited!

  369. Watched my sweet bonus daughter graduate valedictorian this weekend! 😉 have had my eye on these sunnies too!

  370. those glasses are amazing! This weekend – hot yoga- yard sale with mom (found a vintage purse for $2 ?) – relaxed on A rainy sunday WATCHING movies! <3 Love the maxi <3

  371. Love this look! After work on Friday, I went to dinner with a big group of friends and spent Sunday at home because it was so rainy! A very relaxing weekend gone too quick! I really love those earrings and was sad you didn’t link them. Good thing I scrolled back up and looked under the picture…you did link them! ha!

  372. You look gorgeous! I am all about flowy maxi dresses right now especially going into my 3rd trimester! We have been working to Get home improvemEnt proJects complete, so we can start getting eVerything ready for our Baby Girl arriving in August! Did i say she’s our fourth, lol, our oldest daughter will be 5 next month (we are working on a fun unicorn party for her) and our twins, boy & girl, will be 4 in october!! Enjoy your beautiful family, thank you for sharing with us!!

  373. my weekend was full of baby and engagement showers and i some how managed to get to the byron nelson. i love your style and your blog!

  374. Love this look Emily! This weekend was spent wedding planning with my fiance!! How about a throw back wedding post from you and john 😉

  375. Love that dress! I went out for bruNch this weekend, and then went to a nursery to pick out an orange tree and some new flowers for my garden!


  377. I spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather! Took my family to the bluedome fest on sundAy and finished up the weEkend at the boxyard with some delicious ice cream on their Deck! ???

  378. This weekend i embraced my first pregnancy! We are 6 weeks with ouR much Longed for Ivf baby (baby dahl,? how cute is that?!) Baby wanted a whole double cheeseBurger from Five guys and i Gave in to it’s desire and felt no guilt. What baby wants, baby gets! Haha… Now to scroll the last few months of your blog for pregnancy Fashion and advice! Yay! ?

  379. Love the glasses!! i’ve been dying to get those and the tori burch sandals for summer. I might have to go ahead and splurge and treat myself! lol

  380. Love the sunnIes- love your whole look. it was my son’s 3RD birthday this weekend, so wE had all the family over to celebrate. Then spent the rest of the Weekend relaxing and having family time. The sun was out !!FINALLY!! so It was bubbles, T-Ball, And a piCinic in the backyard. Fun little family weekend <3

  381. This weekend my boyfriend and i ate japanese food at a new hibachi place in town! i thought it seemed very… casual… seeing as how there was a drive-thru lane on one side of the building. it turned out the building used to be a taco bell!! fortunately the food was amazing but i’m still a little skeeved out that it was in an old taco bell. lol!

  382. i sPent my weekend with my mother and grandmother who flew in from california to attend all three of my boys graduations.

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