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The BEST Nursing Bra


Since having Luke (3 months ago, ahh!) I have been asked one question over & over & over… and that is – ‘what nursing bra do you love’?! I tried out a few different brands and they were all just ‘okay’ – nothing to rave about… but they did the job alright. I didn’t set my expectations too high because I mean.. it is a nursing bra! No one had ever told me about Third Love so I just did the best with what I could find!

Not even going to lie, I always feel so awkward talking about nursing much on social media or on my blog. It’s more private, personal thing in my family & I never, ever want to step on any toes! I have tons of girlfriends who nurse [and do it right there at the dinner table] and I have friends who formula feed & I see nothing wrong with either. That being said, I don’t want to have a full out nursing convo here – I basically just want to answer the question that many of you have asked in regard to my favorite bra.

It’s the Third Love Nursing Bra – and it is no joke the softest bra, ever! I found out about them through a FB ad  – I clicked through and was most intrigued because they have half sizes in cups. [AKA if you are in-between (nursing bra or regular) you can get a half CUP size.] This was the first thing that caught my attention but honestly what made me love the bra so much was the feel of it once I got mine in. I’ve never touched a softer bra! It is crazy soft which is ideal with a newborn baby – you want everything that touches them to be soft. Another perk is that they snap in the front – this was a big deal to me. I love the snap closure in the front – and it has 3 snaps which allows for more support. [Sidenote the snaps are covered so they won’t hurt your baby!] I opted for the wireless one because I just wanted to keep that area of myself free anything to make Luke uncomfortable… & okay, not having a wire makes me comfortable, too! 🙂 One last thing I really like is that these bras are not matronly looking. The one I wear more frequently is blush pink and I love that all of them have gold detailing!

Last week a couple of girlfriends were over – one has kids and one is expecting (but also has a toddler) and both of them were like “okay where do you get these bras?!” We were joking about how I’ll probably be wearing a nursing bra even after I’m done, jk jk. Luckily Third Love actually just introduced the nursing bras recently so they have a huge collection of non-nursing bras! The bra that is just like my nursing bra but not for nursing is called the 24/7 bra. I am planning to order this one soon, I just adore the back of it! Would be cute with a cozy, oversized sweater! Now if you don’t like plain bras – I’d recommend the 24/7 style in the lace (the aqua and lavender my favorites!).

I’ll link a few of the bras in the widget below!

My outfit details: CARDIGAN | TANK | DENIM | HOUSESHOES.

Thanks to Third Love for sponsoring today’s post.

The winner of the LV giveaway is Kellie Pascal. Please e-mail me at

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24 thoughts on “The BEST Nursing Bra

  1. Thanks for the Post! I so get the awkwardness of such a topic. I have 2 and 3 year old boys. With my first i was very uncomfortable nursing in pubkic, yet i wasnt phaseD if someone else whipped out a boob…lol. With my second it was more of “ok i need to go out with the older child too” and not sure what changed buT i breastfed Everywhere with my second. I respect you talking about a topic that is so petsibal to you and appreciate it. The bras ate beautiful. I just pIcked up the one eith the kace razor bAck.

  2. Really appreciated this post! Wish i wouLd have known about third love a feW years ago, however we’re hoping to have a third next year, so i’ll definitely keep these in mind. Thanks!

  3. I love these bras. learned about them from my friend who was nursing and she told me that they made non-nursing ones so i purchased one and have been in love ever since.

  4. Absolutely adorable pictures!! I was actually wondering what color your nail polish was? I am looking for more of a white color and noticed that your nails were a perfect shade . . ..
    Thank you so much and keep sharing the adorable pictures of your family! Best Wishes!

  5. I love these pictures! ? We have a doodle that looks so much like fitz and she will Do the same kind of stuff! She will wiggle her way to sit right next to me!

  6. I Love third love! I just got my first 24/7 bra from them (after 2 years of non flattering nursing bras) and i’m in love! I will Def be ordering more!

  7. Aww congrats Kellie pascal!!! I’ve been checking like a crazy lady to see who won and also checking all your pages daily because I don’t want to miss a Nordstrom sale deal haha… waiting for some items to be restocked! Thank you so much for all the fantastic picks!!

  8. I would love to give these bras a tRy- i cant seem to find one with a good fit since ive been nUrsing for almost a year. Can you Send me A ThIrdlove refeRral code? Looks like if you have maDe a purchase you can share a $15 off with a friend (or avid blog followeR) If you are allowed To do so i would really appreciate it 🙂

  9. Great info on nursing bras! This is so helpful. I would love even more info regarding baby musts and esseNtials.

    Can you tell me what brand your changing table/dresser is along with the crib and shelf? I am in the process of getting our nursery ready and the decor/color palette is white and grey so the furniture you have is exactly what im looking for. I would appreciate you sharing the brands, as i have looked from RH, potterybarn, room & board and still have not found the perfect set.

    Thank you so much

  10. Love your blog! Im a fellow tuLsan 🙂 i recently got a mini goldendoodle and was looking at pics on the breeder’s weBsIte. I saw your pic on there so i guess we both got our fitz’s from the same place. Small worLd! I wondered if you have a good groomer rec.

  11. You are so stinken cute!! From your last snap..where do you buy your hoops from? I love them and would love to have a pair!! Do they come in silver? Love watching you! Luke is so adorable and looks like you..just beautiful!!

  12. Thanks for this post. I feel the same way about nursing being private and not wanting to discuss it, but I’ve had to nurse in all kinds of public places and it makes me have to think strategically about my outfits. I’ve hardly worn any dresses since having my baby.

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