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Remember the days of wearing oversized, funky, fun statement necklaces?! [Ahem, the bubble necklace!]  Those were how you really amped up an outfit or made even the simplest outfits more chic. Things have changed tremendously for me because I wear simple, dainty necklaces almost daily now. Some days I add a few necklaces and create layers, while others I opt for one simple necklace.

Layered necklaces creates such an effortless, easy look. However, it isn’t an easy task selecting the right necklaces to layer! In fact, it takes quite a bit of effort! On top of that, it isn’t exactly cheap to buy 3-4 necklaces & try to make them work together perfectly. Today I thought I’d share a few tips for layering + a few options for doing it more affordably.


-Add in a personalized necklaces (I like this one, this one, & this one!)

-Decide on length options – I like to wear a ‘choker’ (i.e. this one or this one is SO cute!) + a 16” + an 18”.

-Buy an already layered necklace then add in your own personalized necklace. (I love this one!)

-Mix & match shapes & stones. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy.

-Try to make sure metals look similar – sometimes certain gold ones will be too shiny or too bright & look odd mixed in.

-Order adjustable length/extenders so that you have control over layering. For example, if you have a personalized necklace that you really love and want to mix it in with other necklaces – make sure it has an adjustable clasp option so you can make it 14” or even 18”.

As a new mom, I like wearing one of mine that say ‘Luke’ daily. I always coordinate my others around my Luke necklaces.

Right now there are TONS of options for affordable already layered necklaces – this will make it super easy. Wear those alone or add in your favorite personalized one and you are done. The key is to making sure there’s a layer for each – you don’t want two sitting on top of each other.

Personally I love a casual, oversized sweater or a lace trimmed cami paired with a few necklaces. It has such an easy, cool look!

^Blue Thermal Top | Necklace #1 | Necklace #2

^Examples of mixing an already layered necklace with your own personalized.

Left: Necklace #1 | Necklace #2

Right: Necklace #1 | Necklace #2













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28 thoughts on “How To Layer Necklaces [+ On A Budget]

  1. I love layering necklAces. I jusT had a baby in june so i wear a necklace for her and another with my wedding date. My problem is the two Necklaces are constantly getting tangled!! Any tips to help Keep them from getting tangled?!

  2. Such a great blog post! I always try to Layer my many costume jewelry necklaces but seem to stumble With finding the right lengthS to mix. That graphic with the lengths is so helpful when buying pieces to fill in a collection! Thanks! Xoxo

  3. Wow this post is amazing. To all my friends im like omg i need to Get thIs top or these jeans beCause my faVorite blogger Emily haS it lol seriously i appreciate all the time it takes tO make these posts and you influence my style so mUch!!!! Thank you!!!!

  4. This is a very helpful post! I really like it .. very infoRmative specially the length chart/Drawing! Thanks for sharing, Emily! I learn a lot from you!
    Love ?

  5. Great post emily! I just ordered one of the “already layEred” necklace options you have listed. 🙂

    What type of eaRrings are your go to earrings when you wear layered necklaces like this? If you could provide some recommendstions and then also some affordable options then that would be great.

    Love your blog- Thanks!

  6. Very interesting post. I’ve seen so many folks try to do it and FRANKLY IT looks junky if IT’S not done properly. I didn’t think about the different tones/shades that gold can come in. I had duh! moment, lol excellent point Emily. I learned something new today thx hun ♥

  7. Good morning i was wonder where you got the beAutiful pink sweater that was in your last instagram post? The liKe to know did Not work. THank yOu

  8. I love this post! I always struggle in layering my own necklaces, even when it seems so effortless when done properly. i’ll definitely be using these tips for reference from now on! blessings 🙂

  9. OMG girl….what mascara did you have on in the very first picture? The Bobby Brown or a different one? And lip combo? The charlotte T. In nude kW?? Beautiful!!

  10. I love the tips but I was Hoping for a tip that also included of trying to avoid a tangled necklace layer. I pair 2 and they ALWAYS get tangled. Any advice in that would be appreciated!