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nordstrom anniversary sale beauty items, Glo Pro microneedle review, all white bathroom with marble and gold, #NSALE2017, emily gemma, the sweetest thing-4

Since the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is coming to an end, I wanted to quickly share a few products still in stock from the beauty sections and also share a few products that I am really loving lately.These are more or less beauty favorites from the month of July. This post isn’t sponsored by the Nordstrom at NorthPark Mall but I did receive a few products from the store that I ended up loving & are total stand out products worth mentioning. John and I travel to Dallas usually 1x a month because we don’t have many stores in OK & a lot of my business can be done in Dallas. I always stop by the Nordstrom in the NorthPark Center and I am always so, so impressed with the quality of service. Shopping with a baby changes the way you do & see everything and I think that’s part of why I have really come to appreciate their customer service. First of all, my mom has helped us a lot this summer and also made the trip to Dallas w/us a couple of times. It is usually her, Luke (in carseat) & me in the store… trying to navigate the 3 floors quickly & keep the stroller moving bc…. well that’s the way Luke likes it!! Anyway, my mom was strolling w/Luke and I was off grabbing a few products quickly & my mom asked a girl in the handbag section ab her phone case (it is THIS one – great for those who lose their phones a lot.. aka my mom!). My mom raved about how kind and patient the girl was with her and how she quickly ran to grab one and see if it would accommodate her phone. (Sidenote – my mom is obsessed w/this case bc it has card slots, looks like Valentino, & is a great way to keep your phone accessible w/o worry about it dropping or getting misplaced!) Not to mention, they have sales associates who will shop by your side on all 3 floors and literally help you navigate the entire store – mens, children’s, shoes, beauty, etc. Honestly, having that kind of help is a total game changer when it comes to shopping in a department store with a baby.

Okay, I’ll stop there… haha. I just had to share in case any of you momma’s dread shopping like me, yet want to try to get it done peacefully!

5 Beauty Products Worth Raving About

#1 GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool c/o Nordstrom in NorthPark Center (Dallas) [#NSALE]

I have been back & forth on this product for several months now, so when the Nordstrom at NorthPark Center in Dallas asked if I’d like to try it, I was so thrilled [it is part of the #NSALE]. I’d only heard great things & glowing reviews ( 🙂 ) about this tool but I really didn’t know if it was worth all the hype. Now that I’ve tried it, I’d for sure be willing to purchase it. My skin is deeply scarred from cystic acne so I’ve tried a variety of lasers, peels, products, etc trying to reduce the size of the scars (and my pores!!). The only thing that really ever worked was a series of radio frequency laser treatments but those require downtime and a bit of pain. What I noticed with the GloPRO was that it more or less plumped up the areas where I used it, leaving my skin looking more full & smooth. Initially, I was going to use it 2-3x a week but I noticed the days after I didn’t use it – my skin didn’t look as good.. therefore it’s a PM staple for me. I cleanse my face & use this right after cleansing. As soon as I’ve used this I apply a serum + moisturizer — the instructions recommend not waiting more than 60 seconds. This tool is actually doing multiple things at once to improve your skin – but one thing it does is make the serums & products applied absorb better.

My skin has really changed dramatically since having Luke. While pregnant with him, my skin felt dry & dead – it was really frustrating. Since having him it has just felt & looked better… more hydrated and much smoother. The only downside is that my melasma has gotten darker – probably due to the summer sunshine. Right now I’m using a brightening serum on my melasma after I use this tool & then I use a crazy good moisturizer (you’ll see that in a second!). Between this tool, exfoliating, serums, & moisturizers – my skin is looking so much better. Now, I still have large pores & scars, but I definitely see some improvement.

#2 Kate Somerville Clinic Reserve c/o Nordstrom NorthPark Center (Dallas)

I’m already a huge Kate Somerville fan – I am a sucker for her ExfoliKate & I believe it has helped my skin tremendously. When it comes to skincare – if I find one product I love, I am willing to try more from the brand. I was visiting Nordstrom a few weeks ago and Chase (the sales associate who is such a huge help to me!) recommended I sample the Clinic Reserve. The girl working the counter explained that it was a bit pricy so she would give me a good sized sample since we live 4 hours away (we don’t have Nordstrom in Oklahoma!). The first night I used this product, I woke up and saw a difference in my skin. Instead of using it AM & PM, I would save it for just night time use to make it last longer. It is that good! The team at Nordstrom sent a full bottle of the product so I am now using it every night and most mornings – but I still really love the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. If I had to pick one, it would be tough – but I definitely see a huge boost in my skins texture & radiance when I use the Clinic Reserve.

#3 Georgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation

Let me start by saying – I am the pickiest of picky when it comes to foundation.I’m not sure that there are many I haven’t tried. If you read #1, then you are aware that I have troubled skin. I have lots to cover (i.e.. scars & hyper pigmentation). Well, I randomly (& reluctantly) tried this foundation not expecting to be impressed. Honestly, every raves about the Luminous Silk and I did not like that foundation at all! It didn’t cover anything for me! Well, I tried this foundation — liked it and then thought “maybe I’m just having a good skin day”. So I tried again… and liked it again. Next thing I know, my mom walks in wearing a foundation too dark for her face but her skin looks SO good. I asked her what she’s was wearing (confused ab the color) and she said “something I found on your vanity over there and I’m going to get some of it in my color!”. I have like 4 foundations on my vanity so I asked her to show me and sure enough it was this one. We went to Nordstrom and got her matched and got her the foundation as well and ever since then I’ve complimented her 2-3x asking her what she has done and she always says “it’s that smoothing foundation!” aka Power Fabric. Seriously tho – it is really, really good… Coco approves.

#4 Chantecaille Mascara & Lip Gloss c/o Nordstrom of  NorthPark Center [#NSALE]

I mentioned when the sale began that I really wanted to try this mascara because I’d heard so many beauty gurus rave about it! Well, I was surprised to find out that the #NSale gift set is an amazing deal because not only is the mascara good, but so is the gloss! I may be more obsessed w/the gloss than the mascara! Long term, I may love the mascara more because it supposedly conditions your lashes and helps them grow long & thick over time. However, I used it in the photos above and I was really impressed with the immediate result. [Nordstrom does sell both of these products separately – the gloss I love is the shade ’charm’!]

#5 Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating Wipes (on sale for $12) [#NSALE]

Oh my stars – why am I just not finding these?!?! They are exfoliating wipes that glycolic acid in them which is ideal for acne but also for pore size! Now if you have great skin – as in your pores are fine & you don’t struggle w/acne these may not be worth it for you but for me they are a must. One side is more textured which is what does the exfoliating and my skin feels softer just after using that side. If you just want to try these – now is the time bc they are $12 while the sale is happening.

Okay, I have a ton more products to talk about but it’s Friday night and John and I are going to watch a movie. 🙂 I’m going to list a few of the other products below that are my latest beauty favorites!

Drybar Blowdryer (ideal for travel!) c/o Nordstrom

NARS Palette w/ 3 Blushes, Bronzer, & Highlighter [#NSALE]

Sigma Brushes (4 for $55 which is a great deal!) [#NSALE]

-Chanel Lip Crayon c/o Nordstrom (color in photo is

Illuminage At-Home Laser Hair Removal [#NSALE]

Nu-Face Toning Device (for sagging son & wrinkles – basically just a tightener!) [#NSALE]

Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask c/o Nordstrom

Sigma Cleaning Mat w/Brush & Cleaner  [#NSALE]

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Duo (‘Nude’ is my favorite & I wear the Kim KW the most!) [#NSALE]


Black Top  [#NSALE] | Denim  [#NSALE] | Flats via Zara (similar HERE for $45) | Earrings ($10) 

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  1. Hey! I was curious about the Glow Pro and looked and Nordstrom’s site and didn’t see it as part of the sale??

  2. The exfoliating wipes sound amazing. I need to get them. My last NSALE purchase for the season. What are the deets on that bath robe Emily? Is IT one of the barefoot dream ones by chance? It looks so comfy cozy. You look beautiful for date night ?

  3. Thanks for posting this armani foundation! cant wait to try. i discovered the estee lauder foundation here on your blog, and it worked out. i have granular rosacea and its a challenge to say the least.

  4. ThanK you so Much for all of your posts. I’ve been following your blog for just a few weeks. Already i’m changing my product choices. Chloe Love Story and purity face wash are just a couple of the new additions to my Life that i Am so Happy with. Wishing you and your family all the best, and again, i appreciatE the time and energy you Take to do what you do.

  5. What is the exact color for the chanel Lip crayon? I love the color you have but Its looks like the name got Cut off “(color in photo is…”

  6. Hello Emily,
    thank you for your post.
    The link about the chanel lip crayon doesn’t seem to work – so Which color do you wear ?
    thank you and sending best wishes from switzerland

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