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Hello Fall + Getting Organized For Autumn

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SWEATER: BP ($55 – exact dupe for a designer one!) | DENIM: AG Jeans (my FAVES!) | HEELS: Christian Louboutin (So Kate) (similar styles HERE & HERE) | SUNGLASSES: Gucci | HANDBAG: Celine (Mini Luggage) (similar Tory Burch style ON SALE) |

I usually don’t skip my Thursday posts BUT I’m doubling up on posts today to make up for it! 🙂 I’m kind of combining two different post into one – hopefully it will answer some of your questions.

First of all, HAPPY first day of fall!  If you know me at all, you know I’m happiest during the fall – especially October. There’s just something about all the fall feels.  I really think I’m supposed to live in the mountains somewhere and John wouldn’t be opposed to it. However, we are happy here and love being near family so we’ll be “staying put”.  Anyway,  when I was growing up I was your typical Type A-type gal . You know the type: the ones who do not allow any red-dot notifications on their iPhones! Love being organized, love planners, love pens, love school supplies, cute containers, etc. Seriously so stereotypical, some may roll their eyes. Then adult life happened and I’m just not quite like that so much. For example,  I have 367 unread texts right now!  It’s so bizarre how quickly life changes after college when you are married, buy a home, start a career. Between running my business single-handedly & trying to keep our house in order while  John is practicing medicine, we never have time to slow down & relax, i.e. no TV, no books, no Zumba! Now, add Luke to the mix and whoa! Of course, he’s our #1 priority and I am determined to rethink everything so that I can spend every second I possible with him & with John …& Fitz… and maybe even squeeze in a Zumba class!

After re-reading ^, allow me to clarify that I loveeeeee All Things Above.  I know how fortunate we are. .I just get asked quite frequently about how I balance it all and I’m basically admitting I do a poor job of  it BUT I am working on it! I  just need to get past the growing pains and get organized.  (Enter Coco)  Yep, my mom’s expected arrival time is 6:00 p.m. tonight. While she and Luke are reading and talking, and singing and strolling, I’ll be getting organized…maybe for the rest of the year (wink). Yesterday I learned from a poll I took on Twitter inquiring about which posts are your favorites that you all LUV beauty posts.  Home posts ran a close second. BTW, I  have lots of  home posts on the blog but I plan to create a HOME tab this weekend so you can easily access all of the rooms in our home. If there is something specific in the home you’d like to see that isn’t featured, let me know.  I’ve already done posts on holiday decor as well but I can do an updated one for this fall, too.

We can’t discuss organizing and planning without mentioning a planner, right?  I use the same planner each year from Target. It’s a perfect fit for my LV agenda &  I actually prefer it over the LV planner.  I have to give Target an A+ on their school supplies aisle with all their fun stickers, magnets, washi tape, post-its, etc! (insert smiley face). Oh, btw, those cute, colorful gold-trimmed markers  you’ve seen on my IG stories are from Walgreens and they stocked in every Walgreens! Okay, time to prep for the Coco.


Since it’s fall get FALL FASHION INSPO here. And our fall front door from last year HERE.

I’ll link every thing else in the widget below.

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41 thoughts on “Hello Fall + Getting Organized For Autumn

  1. The fab pens from ME+You (Walgreens) are now on clearance, and I Grabbed two Sets, the highlighters and some other goodies for like 65% off. It’s great to know a Day Designer fits in an LV Agenda…I need that like yesterday! We know you are a busy Woman – we’re glad to get a sense of what you’ve been up To and how you keep it all together!

  2. I have been following you for 2 years now I think but I don´t know anything about your background story. Are you working full time with your social media and if so, how did it all start and what did you do before? Maybe you could write a post about it. I tried to search here in the blog but I did not find anything 🙂

  3. Can you do some detailed pics and small blog about your planner? I plan to purchasing this here soon and have always been an erin condren fan. Im ready to uPgrade!

  4. i too, use to be a type a, ocd cray cray girl! its funny because my sister is getting married so i pulled out my old wedding box to look at something for her and found my organized wedding binder, complete with labels and color coded. fast forward to real life and two babies later… i had to learn to choose my battles 🙂 i love this post! love your beauty post and, of course, those sweet family posts 🙂

  5. Loved this post! I use to be the same way… i recently pulled out my Old bOx of wedding stuff to look at something and laughed when i saw my Wedding binder complete with color coded tabs and dividers 😉 fast forward tO my current life … two babies, work, etc and i dont have time to be so ocd! Love your family and beauty post mama! <3

  6. Emily,
    I know awhile back you mentioned the book “Taking charge of your fertility” as one of your “must read” fertility books. well, I just finished reading it and you were right! it is amazing! Do you have any other fertility books you’d recommend? thanks so much for your time!

    1. That was my favorite one – I downloaded others but that was the only one I really got into and loved!! I think it’s by far the most helpful!

  7. Hello Emily, i’ve been following you for a little while Now and am obsessed with your style! But more importanTly, i think its because you’re chic but down to earth and so relatable. It’s clear your family is your priority and coincidentally i was going to ask how you balance it all, especially as a new mom. Do you have a team helping you manage your blog? Thank you for always being so honest with Us and so real! Wishing you continued success!

    1. Thank you! I don’t have a time-I truly run my business singlehandedly. I work 7 days a week and every single day. The effects are starting to wear me down though so we are hoping to hire someone to help with errand running, organizing, daily tasks so that I’m not quite so stressed!

  8. Hi Emily!!! You are one of my favorite bloggers. I havE only been following you a few months. I think you are doing a terrific job and are such a positive roll model. Lots of love and kisses to you!!!! Maria

  9. Can you please tell me the brand Or what the gold capped markers are called?? I couldn’t find them at our local Walgreens. Thanks, Emily!!

  10. Never mind qUestion on pens. 🙂 I see where another girl answered this. Its just that for some reason i cant see other comments unless i make one first.

  11. Emily, My husband is a programmer, and he said your website comments section is messed up. I can’t pull up any of the comments, so i’m not able to see any responses you might have typed about the colored gold-capped markers. Can you please send me the info through my email above?? thank you so much!! Beth

    1. I work from home so I don’t do any blog posts on business casual unfortunately. I have considered it but feel as if it is not ‘real’ or authentic as I don’t actually dress like that! I could definitely recommend some bloggers though that do – like Jean from Extra Petite – she is incredible!

  12. I literally bought my LV Agenda MM after seeing you post about your agenda a few weeks (Months?) ago. I love it! I use inserts from Cloth and Paper. I’m def that organized girl, but it’s a challenge with my 13mo of course!

  13. I went to Wallgreens and they did not have these markers, would they happen to be anywhere else? do you know who the MANUFACTURER is, and maybe i can google it? Thanks!

  14. I am loving your hair!!! It looks lighter, I am hoping to get something done soon.
    Love reading your blog and seeing your sweet family live life, thank you for sharing it all with us!
    Erica B

  15. I am so sad i went to my local walgreens and i couldn’t find those markers any where! i will continue my search because they are just so darn cute!

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