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You guys know I love love love reviewing & trying new beauty products and I was given the opportunity to try these Benefit Gift Sets from Ulta & my first thought was “oh no I don’t know if I can do that- my readers know I don’t love Pore-fessional!”.. then I thought I should at least try some of the products and see. A lot of my girlfriends / sister / fave YouTubers use a lot of these products so I decided I’d go for it since the gift sets are a really good value.

So being 100% transparent, Pore-fessional never made my pores look smaller & it’s one of Benefits most talked about products. Granted, my pores are the size of Texas & need some serious laser love. And I know many of you have commented that you love it and it does wonders for you but it just never covered mine that well – I think all beauty products are hit or miss based on skin type. Now that that is out of the way, I spent the past few weeks trying the rest of the products in these kits and there were several that I am crazy over & have implemented into my daily routine.

Before I get started, I have kind of a funny story about an OG product from Benefit.. it is borderline embarrassing but I think you all will relate (esp if you are closer to my age!). SO, all through college I wore makeup but I never filled in my eyebrows in – it just wasn’t a ‘thing’ back then. Keep in mind this was also like 10 years ago. My girlfriends from college and I always screenshot pix from undergrad and send them to each other and joke about how bad our eyebrows were since they were like non existent. Anyway, after I finished graduate school I moved to Virginia to be w/John where he was in medical school. It was about 2 hours from Charlotte, NC so anytime we wanted to celebrate a birthday or do anything special we would drive to Charlotte for the day. Inside of the mall in Charlotte there was a Benefit Brow Bar and I had them wax my brows & shape them for me for the first time. I will never forget how proud I was of my brows after this! I remember I felt like a pageant girl having nice arched, darker brows-haha! She waxed them, shaped them, and used the Brow-Zings (which has the powder & the wax) to fill them in and make the hairs tame-able. It made a HUGE difference & made my makeup look so much more cohesive?! if you will. 🙂 John bought me my own Brow-Zings kit for my birthday that year and it was the best gift ever. I went home to Arkansas for Christmas and used it on my sister & mom & they both were so obsessed – they bought it as well! It’s so funny to think how things have evolved the past 6 years – brows are such a hot thing in beauty now! Anyway, my mom & sis have used it daily ever since then. I still love the Brow-Zings but now that I’ve learned more about makeup and have tried other products, I realize I like pomades/gels a little better (THIS ONE is what I’ve been using lately!) The Brow-Zings is great though because it’s easy to use and lasts a long time but the gel works best on my hairs/skin.

Annyyyyywayyy, all of ^^ that to say that the Great BROWnanza gift set is a super good value… gift or for yourself – it is so good! It has the Brow Fiber Gel, Brow-Zings, a brow pencil (l0ve it!), Ka-Brow (the gel I mentioned), highlighter (which I love!!), a measuring tool, & a brush/spoolie. It’s $59 for the entire set but it is all full size products that would cost $151 for the entire thing. Basically it is a LOT of good stuff for a great price – my mom has already gone through it “borrowed” some of the things.

The Cable Car Cutie set has the mini Pore-fessional, blush (which I LOVE!), & mini-brow gel. So all together it is worth $33 but you can get it for $19. This is great for someone wanting to try those items out. The brow gel & blush are favorites of mine – I am crazy over the blue!

The Beauty & The Bay holiday set is probably my second favorite out of the ones that I tried! It has a full size bronzer which is what I’ve been wearing daily lately, a full size mascara ‘They’re Real’, the full size brow highlight/lift pencil, & a mini High Beam liquid highlighter! I believe this kit is like $39 but is an $89 value. I have really fallen in love w/the bronzer in this kit & also the  highlight/lift brow pencil! I use it under my brows to make them look more arched & higher! I think if you want a good variety of products this is one of the best kits simply because it’s got full sized products & all of the products are ones you will use daily! OR, if you are like me, I share w/my sis & mom.

The GALifornia Love set is also really good – I think my favorite product was the blush included! It is SO pretty & kind of different than my normal blush color.It has the full sized Roller Lash (loved it!), the mini blush, & the full sized volumizing brow gel! Again, the brow gel is a favorite for me just because it kind of ‘glues’ them down and also adds some color. This kit is $29 – valued at $63.

Okay, that was long! So sorry – just wanted to break down the kits and include my favorites. I will say that these would be really good gifts for holidays but also great if you need to re-stock on makeup items for your collection. I love the packaging to begin w/but I was impressed that Benefit used their best products in the kits and also very impressed w/the price points! It wasn’t like they included random products – it was very thought through & not your typical holiday kit! All of these kits are at Ulta (in store & online) by the way!

Thanks to Ulta for sponsoring todays post.

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21 thoughts on “4 Beauty Gift Sets Totally Worth The Money

    1. Yes I have tried most of it and if you’ve followed my beauty posts the past year or so you’ll see what my favorites are!

  1. Loved the detailed review! Have to go get some & save a few for stocking stuffers. And as always, love your personalized story! Never get tired of reading you -long- posts since they’re not long at all and instead just a great reads!

  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for reviewing these products! I know in A previous post you had reViewed the stila magnificent metals Glitter eyeshadow Wands. They typically retail for $24 each, but they have a holiday set right now with three mini versions of their most popular colors…For $25! Just thought you would like to know; enjoy!

  3. I am so mad I am barely seeing this Lol. I Just placed an order for the ABH Prism palette I could of added some of this in!!?? oh well next time.

  4. Hi Emily
    I truly enjoy viewing you blog/ instagram. You ha e the most ADORABLE son and such a lovely family.
    I do hOwever have a question regarding fitz. My husband and i have been researching goldrndoodles for about one year. We had a gOlden for 14 years and sadly he sadly passed.
    Would it be possible to tell me a but about how fitz is as your pet?
    I have only spoken to breders and i want to be sure what they say is coorrct.
    Thank you so much and keEp up
    The blog/instagram. Ypu are the first person i look to view Daily.

  5. Thanks for the post! You are #glamgoals and I really appreciate you sharing your tips/beauty buys. you are a beautiful and lovely person mrs gemma 🙂 kudos and keep sharing

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