SWEATER: H&M (love the pink v-neck sweater HERE -I always size up a full size – or two to get the slouchy, oversized fit!) | DENIM: Express  (love THESE too w/the big ripped knees!) | HEELS: Christian Louboutin (similar HERE & HERE) | HAT: Lack of Color | NECKLACES: The Styled Collection | EARRINGS: BP (my faves & only like $12?!) | HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton Bandoliere 30 (buy them used HERE & HERE adding more to widget below!) | SUNGLASSES: Gucci (similar option under $60)

I got these olive green jeans while we were in Denver bc I had mainly packed blue jeans & black denim and that sometimes gets old! I wanted some variation so I grabbed these at Express & I love them! They are kind of high waisted & I always just buy my regular size and they always fit. This is not sponsored by Express at all I just really love their jeans since they are flattering & have been so so cute lately! Anyway, I find that it’s easy to get stuck wearing blue jeans & leggings & black jeans during the fall & winter and I love finding fall colors of pants to mix in.. & the olive color does go with so much! If you are looking for a way to spice up your daily casual wardrobe, definitely add in olive or even burgundy denim (obsessed w/these!!!) to get some variation. They are easy to style w/ cream knit sweaters (or tees) or even chambray!

Any who, okay so I get my hair done yesterday and I LOVEEE it! I’m going to be doing a HUGE post answering your questions & sharing photos soon – I am really excited! I think you all will really like seeing all of the details! Make sure you e-mail me or comment w/your questions so I can get them written down in my notes.

Hope you all are having a great week!

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26 thoughts on “Olive Green Outfit Of The Day

  1. Maybe not beauty related…. but what has your diet been like since having Luke? Or even pre-Luke? I’m trying to lose some weight. And, well you’re basically goals, so…

  2. I have very simIlar hair, length and color! My curls always fall out quickly. Everytime i ask for long layers it never really works out. What exact do you tell your hairdresser about cutting your layers???? Love everything you post!

    1. Yes!I basically just ask for long layers actually – it is the best way to explain what I want I thinK! 🙂 Hopefully that helps!

  3. Hi EMily! I know you have said in the past you sleep with your hair in an bun at night to keep your curls for the next day, but is it a twisted “top knot” sort of bun or a classic half way pulled through the hair tie bun? WHen I twist my hair in a bun at night all the curls end up going the same way and I have to fix one side in the morning. Help!

  4. Hi Emily- in regards to the post you are going to do about your hair, can you tell what you say to your stylist regarding the cut? Do you just ask for shorter layers and frame them around your face in the front as well? Also, your balayage looks very simple and I like it a lot. what do you ask for when she colors your hair? how often are you touching it up?


  5. Hi Emm love all your outfiTs im ur Fan! I have a question if you can anSWer me please whats the camera you use for your pictures? Thanks