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On Wednesday We Wear Pink..


#1 Tassel Earrings [brought these w/me on our trip & wore them for my bday dinner last week!]

#2 Jack Rogers Pink + Gold Rain Boot

#3 Tory Burch Wallet [my favorite style wallet ever!]

#4 Heart Shaped Earrings [$16 – my friend Elle & I have always been obsessed w/earrings like this!]

#5 Valentino Perfume + Lotion Set [I wear the perfume and just recently got the lotion as well bc it is SO good! All my friends borrow!]

(no number.. I need to get some sleep!!) Sigma Foundation Brush [This is my must-have brush – love that they do it in pink for October!]**

#6 Pink J. Crew Coat

#7 Bobby Brown Blush + Brush [love this blush!]

#8 Pink V-Neck Sweater [It’s $45- sorry for the error! I have this and love it – recommend sizing up unless you want it fitted!]

#9 Dior Liquid Lipstick [I have a few of these now bc they are SOOOOOO good! It’s the one lipstick I constantly just re-wear everyday!]

#10 Passport Case

#11 Ruffle Top [under $30]

#12 Diaper Bag Insert [recommend for those who like to use a Neverfull or another large bag! PS. Proceeds go to Metavivor Breast Cancer Research.]**

#13 Pink Adidas Iniki [these are the same ones I wore in my IG pic last night!]

We spent all day yesterday traveling and I was up late making this pink collage! Wanted to do something pink since it is October + Breast Cancer Awareness month. So many of the things I use daily and love and would highly recommend are donating profits to research so I wanted to include a couple (the Sigma foundation brush + the diaper bag insert).  Just wanted to share those!

Hope you all are having a great week so far!

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18 thoughts on “On Wednesday We Wear Pink..

  1. Please post more home posts, thanks aNd Your baby is the cutest baby i have ever seen. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I’ve been looking for a new perfume because I’m about to run out of mine and I’ve been using the same stuff for years. Going to have to try this one out! Love the pink collage and following along with your travel adventures on insta stories. You have such a sweet family.

  3. Hi EMily, i love all thIngs pink sO loving all the details.
    pleasE let me know how i can get in touch with you. We are in the Process of arranging an iphone X GIVEAWAY on nov 4th. All giveaway participants are people with 50-100k and above accounts and quite a few With millions of followers. ALl the accounts will benefit from this. Let me know if interested and i can put you in the giveaway lOop.

    P. S. Im just the middle person ?

  4. Hi emily, i missed the insta story about your travel agent. Could you pleAse share her contact info? Thanks so much!

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