Complete Night Time Skin Care Routine

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.
NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.

NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE featured by top US beauty blog, The Sweetest Thing.


I’ve just recently (the past 3-4 mos) found a skin care regimen that I really love & see a huge difference with – which feels like such an accomplishment! (lol.) You know how everyone has something that drives them crazy about themselves – it may be your hair, your physique, your teeth — well, mine is my skin. I started getting acne in high school like any other teen but it was during college where the acne got worse & I really damaged my skin. I’ve always been very thorough in the skincare process – never slept w/makeup on, always use moisturizer + what the dermatologist was recommending at the time for acne. However, that didn’t seem to make a difference. I’ll fast forward a bit and just reveal that I got awful cystic acne during college and didn’t leave them alone. 🙁 That left me with deep, crater like scars. Such. A. Nightmare. Well, I tried everything from microdermabrasion, to the strongest chemical peels given by a physician, etc. and nothing really made a difference. It didn’t reduce the appearance of scarring nor did it slow down my acne. It wasn’t until I did Accutane at age 27 that I was able to put a stop to the acne. Even then, I still have some light scarring. Now, I did do three rounds of Sublative in 2014 which actually did do a number on the crater like scars on my cheeks, thank goodness!

I wish I could list every product product, treatment, medication, diet, etc. that I have tried because you’d quickly learn that my skin is just tough and has a mind of its own. I have truly tried just about everything on the market, not exaggerating. At this point though, I am very confident in my skin for once and I literally go w/o makeup so often that I have girlfriends in Tulsa laugh if I show up for lunch with makeup on!

All of that ^ to say that now that my acne has cleared [mostly] and I’ve reduced the appearance of very deep scarring, I am working to keep my pores small, my skin smooth, bright, & healthy. The challenge with this is simply life. You guys now know, late nights and early mornings with a baby, lots of traveling (flights can take a toll on skin), stress/workload, constant change of environment, & plain ol’ aging.

We started traveling quite a bit in August and that’s when I noticed my skin not looking so wonderful. It was getting noticeably drier (even w/ me trying the top recommended/most expensive products) & the dark spots were getting darker. I just so happened to be in Dallas at the Northpark Nordstrom where my mom & I met a sales associate who quickly became our friend. This guy would get samples of everything for me and have the girls at the difference counters tell us what the best products were and why they were the best. I started trying the different products and after several weeks it became very clear what worked the best for me. In fact, it wasn’t until I was without a couple of the products in Seattle (I think) that I realized “oh my goodness, I have to go buy these!!!”.

Fair warning: this is probably a long list of products and I think a few of them are ‘game changers’ where as the rest are just what work for me – so don’t feel like you need it all. But I can almost guarantee you will see a difference if you used these & have similar skin challenges.


#1. Remove makeup really well.

[Both of the following items are on sale today!] First I use a Philosophy wipe (gentle, basic) OR an exfoliating wipe that has glycolic acid in it and basically resurfaces the skin from Anthonys. These are marketed for men – but they are totally not just or men. I’ve been using them for a while now – I only use them when my skin seems to be struggling! If your guy has acne – get him a pack of these!

#2. Cleanse face and/or exfoliate.

If I am cleansing I use a gentle cleanser (here) with my Clarisonic but if I am exfoliating I use this. I only exfoliate 2x per week. Sidenote – no need to be picky about gentle cleansers really – just a basic one is fine I think. I just make sure to use ones that won’t dry out my skin! I use baby wash to take off what is left of my mascara & eye liner though. I just like the baby wash because it’s cheap, doesn’t hurt your eyes, quickly/easily removes eye makeup if used w/warm water, & we travel with it anyway! Also, I use a micellar water after cleansing just to make sure I get everything off! [There’s no specific brand that I think is better than another.] The reason for all the cleansing is because you want your face to be totally clean when you go to bed at night – but also because the products will be effective if you have completely cleansed skin.

#3. Once my skin is totally clean, I use my GloPro [Microneedling tool] and really focus on the larger pores / scarred areas.

*I am coming back to edit this because someone asked for a review on this tool. I actually received this as a gift from Northpark’s Nordstrom in July during the Anniversary sale. I was actually wanting to try it so I was thrilled when they sent it over. I talked about it a lot in early August in a few of those beauty posts. The tool has 540 tiny needles that prick your skin & cause micro-injuries which triggers natural collagen production. It also vibrates and has a red LED lights. I’ve read an article where someone interviewed the woman who created the tool & she said that women see a 30% wrinkle reduction in the first month of use. I love it in conjunction with the products that follow below. I notice that using this product kind of makes my skin get puffy – and then the other products sink in better.

#4. When we travel somewhere the very first night I follow up my micro needling with THIS.

This is one of the ‘game changers’ and this is something I think all women should try out if you have sudden skin issues. This product is said to ‘smooth, clear, youthfully dewy surface, reveal baby like skin’ and hydrate, repair, & purify AND tighten pores. This is a product that I’d recommend keeping on hand for weekly use – maybe once per week. When I travel to a new city (flying), I actually sleep in this mask instead of just wearing it for 10 minutes.

#5. Now, any other night I use THIS product.

This product is the most expensive but it is worth every dime. I’ve never tried anything like it and I can see such a difference if I forget to use it for even one night! It is very balmy feeling which is the down side so I have to sleep with my hair in a bun otherwise it will stick to my face. It is extremely hydrating, firming, & smoothing. It takes care of texture on your face and more or less just brightens it overall. I think the one word I would use to describe what it does ‘plumping.’ It literally just thickens your skin to the point where it truly is more baby like – full & smooth. If you can hydrate your skin enough – it will make it thicker, smoother, softer, etc. which ends up reducing appearance of pores/scars/dry spots. I just can’t recommend this enough. Also, using this right after your GloPro is very effective – this product will soak in better if you use it after the GloPro. However, if you are on a budget – you do not need both! I’d opt for this one if I could only purchase one of the items in this post!

#6. Also, when I travel I always take one of THESE masks.

These are incredible because they are dry!! I love face masks but they are so hard to wear because they slide off of your face and they are cold and sticky. This one is SO different. It has a thing that goes around your ear and it’s totally dry. It feels like it wouldn’t work or do anything but I promise it does. I always use these the first morning I wake up in a new city. You can re-use them so I typically use them again on the same trip. It is said to ‘brighten, hydrate, & lift’ – all of which I can attest to.

#7. Lastly, I use an eye cream.

I have one I only use once per week and another I use each night. The one I use once per week is HERE and it is extremely hydrating and smoothing. The other (HERE) is more for hydrating and fighting signs of aging.


Sweater (on sale) | Bralette | Leggings | Boots

Plaid Robe (similar) | House Shoes

If you have any questions, I can answer those in the comments. All of the products above can be found at Nordstrom, by the way!

LAS THOUGHTS: Also, I should mention that I have a different routine in the morning – these products are all more effective at night time for me. And I am currently implementing retinol into my night time routine as well.  I am using pure retinol and oh-em-gee!! I’ve used it 3x over the past 2 weeks and it actually causes acne – which is good. I know it is just purging my skin but it’s SO potent!! Additionally, I use lash serum [on sale today!] on my lashes 2x per week before bed & I also use L’Occitane on my body at night – I don’t love the smell but it is very moisturizing.

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s night time skin care routine post.


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74 thoughts on “Complete Night Time Skin Care Routine

  1. I have similar skin issues as you it sounds and im womdering if you’ve tried the Dr Lancer line. He is a hollywood dermatologist and i inItally didN’t buy the hype, but i gave in and tried it and it has completly changed my skin. It got rid of all my cystic acne, helped reduce pore size and has really made a differnce in the appearence.

    1. Hi Laura! I have tried it but didn’t see the same results as you unfortunately! I am so glad you found something that works!

  2. Just the post I needed to read today! I’m 28 and my skin has had way more issues now than it did when I was a teen. My dermatologist has mentioned accutane but I’m nervous to take it with all the possible side effects. Are you still on it/will you ever stop? oh the joys of acne as an adult! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! So, Accutane is a very dangerous medication. You do it in rounds – I did a 6month round. You have to be on two forms of birth control & get your blood levels check every month before they deliver your new prescription. IT is very serious and was a ‘last resort’ for me. Some people do have to do a second round years later however. That being said, I am not on it. 🙂 The FDA requires that you stay using two forms of birth control for an additional month after finishing it up to ensure it is out of your system totally. I just experienced dry lips & some dry skin. The experience was worth it for me.

  3. One quick question- you mentioned you take your mascara off with baby oil- do you use a wash cloth and rub it off or just with your fingers when washing your face? I use Vaseline (gasp!) and have wanted to try something different bc of how much rubbing I have to use to get it off. I feel like I’m prob rubbing too hard and creating unnecessary wrinkles. just curious how you get the actual mascara off your lashes.


    1. I just use it in w/warm water and it comes right off – I don’t spend any time rubbing at all. But definitely use it w/warm water because it helps it melt right off! Also, I don’t use waterproof mascara because I can’t ever get that stuff off!

  4. Great post emily! I also suffered with severe acne and was on and off acutane for over 5 years! it was awful!! I want to try the microneedling because i also have such awful scars!!

  5. Thank you for this post!! Ive been loving the giorgio Armani foundation you RECOMMENDED, now i cant wait to try these. I have the pIllow case and lOve it! ???

  6. love this post! i am all about skincare and had acne when i was 14 and again it seemed to come back at 24. now im 28 and dealing with the aftermath of pores and scars on top of aging so i love all recommendations and spend so much time and money on my skin. i think it looks pretty good these days and personally love caudalie- the detox oil has been phenomenal. im going to look into some of these CT products!

    1. I think you will really like them! I tried one and then kept adding more and more to my routine because I loved each of them!

  7. Thank you for this Post! In desperate need of new skincare routine. I travel a ton for work, so I’m going to try these masks!
    I’ve also been wanting to ask you what you wear/recommend for a strapleas bra when you wear ots tops? I am about the exact same build as you and I personally cannot go sans bra but have not been able to Find a good strapless bra that I love! Thanks!!

    1. I’m so glad you love it! I use a $19 sticky bra from Target. They come in a box and are in the bra department but hidden since they are in a box. I wear them ALL spring & summer – highly recommend!


    1. Hi there! A beauty counter rep actually sent me the entire line of skin care and I tried it and didn’t see any results. I was hoping to see some changes with it but I didn’t – I wasn’t joking when I said I have tried it all! 🙂

    1. I have tried SO many things!! It’s crazy – I use a Vitamin C daily for that – it brightens your skin & evens out skin tone. I also use a Retinol at night. Both of these along w/using SPF have helped!

  9. Hi Emily,

    Thank you for sharing your skin care routine. I have a question about the charlotte Tilbury eye cream. Do you find that it reduces dark circles around your eyes along with lines? Or is there another product that you would recommend for that.
    Thank you again for sharing. I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. So I have dark circles & I have seen a difference over time. It was not a super fast change but it took a few weeks of using it regularly to really see the difference.

  10. Hey EMily,
    I too live in tulsa and sadly we are without a nordstrom store here as i’m sure you are well aware lol. Do you know if we can buy samples of the charlotte tilbury magic night cream? thanks, mandy

    1. Hi Mandy! I actually travel a lot for work so I always requests samples when I visit a city w/a Nordstrom. Also, a lot of times when you place an order on Nordstrom they will let you select samples. Additionally, Nordstrom has free (easy) returns so you could always start off by trying one item and if you like it try others.

  11. Thank you so much for doing a post on this, I have been wanting to know what you do for awhile. would love to see a morning routine as well!!

  12. I love my glopro!!
    have you tried tula produCts? Just recently switched from philosophys purity to the tula wash and was curious on your thoughts!

    On a side note, i have been wanting to try allll of chArlotte tilsbury products so i guess i need to now!!!

    1. Hey! So I actually really love Tula and all of their products. I would definitely recommend them for sure. I also think you will love the CT products I mentioned.

  13. Hi Emily, have you ever tried sunday riley products, if yes, how would you rate them ? thank you for your post, as always, very useful. How do you use the glopro microneedling tool ??? thank you again.

  14. My son had cyStic acne as well, his started RIGHT Before his junior year of high sch. Dermotologist did not want to do acutane but did keep it uNdeR control the next few years, but it kept coming back sometimes with a venGence. He is currently 24 and serves in the US Army and is also in his 10th month of a 12 month cycle of acutane. His face/body look like he’s never had acne! Its so clear. That stuff is powerful and amazing. I truly understand what ‘C.A’ is like, just going through that with my son. One would nevee know by looking at you That you ever had it either. P.s. i enjoy your blog and instaGram!

  15. Hi Emily! Have you tried a microneedle tool that is in a lower price range that you like? Maybe in the $50-$100 range? thanks!

  16. Emily, I adore you & your blog. I am born & raised in arkansas so i love following you even more because of that! also, You have the absolute cutest baby in the whole world! I just wanted to mention a critique, i hope & pray this doesn’t come across rude because i don’t mean it that way at all. i just wondered if you had ever considered someone to proofread your posts? i just notice a few spelling errors & grammatical things sometimes when i read. i am a technical writer so this sort of thing sticks out to me (& maybe no one else even cares!- if that’s the case, just ignore me:)). i also know you are crazy busy so if you can’t care about this – then don’t! lol just a suggestion.AGAIN, I -LOVE- YOUR BLOG & FOLLOWING YOUR FAMILY. love from arkansas!!! <3

  17. LOve the chri pj’s!! Thats so fun to see the differe each Year. And love the night time routine. Hope you will share your daytime One too.

    Have you ever tried the almond line from l’occtine.,,, i love it so much. I Use the showr oil miXed with my Body wash. Then i use the milk almod mixed with the body oil of that line!! Its like heaven, so pampering and luxuriousLy.
    Try it i think you’ll like it. They have great gift sets of it at christmas and motherDay’s

  18. Where do you get the retinol youre using? Do You have to go to the derm to get it? After 2 kiddos Back to back My skin needs some love!
    What about microderm and peEls? What are your thoughts on those? Thanks!

  19. Thank you so, so much for sharing this! I never really hear many people who have my skin problem, which is scarring because i’ve damaged my own skin. I don’t really use any products nor do i not have a routine. all i do is take my makeup off. but now i am FIGURING that i’m not truly CLEANSING all of it off. I can’t wait to see how these products do for my skin.

    is there anything in the morning that you do that helps the scarring as well?
    Also I see photographed the slip pillowcase. Does this help with keeping your skin clean?



  20. Skin issues are so difficult to deal with! I’ve been BATTLING cystic acne since college and it is just starting to clear up years later! I’ve been really interesting in trying that Glo Pro microneedling to get rid of my scaring from the acne.

  21. What is the best moisturizer would you reccomend i been trying to find a good one thta doesnt make me feel oily and hydrating

  22. Hi emma,
    totally off topic but i’ve been coveting your home decor forever! i wanted to know where did you get your gold wall mirror from. The one that hangs over your fireplace mantle. It looks like one kings lane, but wasn’t sure. I’d love to pick one up for christmas 🙂

  23. Hi, I love your post. Thank you. What do you feel is most helpful for brown spots/sun spots? i have them on my cheeks. Also, what retinol do you use?

    🙂 Thank you!

  24. Hey!!! Loveeeee your blog! I have skin issues as well, finished Up my accutane journey last august.

    Do you use your Derma roller every night?

    Thank you!!!!!

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