Blog-Mas Time!

Okay, so today’s post is a little different than usual… I love watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube and each year I get so many requests to do Vlogmas but it is almost impossible to keep blogging like I do & then edit videos each night in addition. That being said, I thought I’d put a spin on the Vlogmas idea and try to do a Blogmas! I actually tweeted this morning that I was looking for ideas for todays post and everyone was asking for Christmas posts so I thought it’d be fun to try a Blog-Mas type thing.

If you haven’t heard of Vlogmas – it is basically where YouTubers VLOG daily until December 24th.. and a Vlog is where you carry your camera around and film what all you are doing. I think the reason everyone likes it is because it’s a fun way to see real life what people are up to & what they for the Holidays. It’s always interesting to see other people’s traditions, how they decorate, where they buy their decorations, how they celebrate, where they travel to, what gifts they are giving, how they dress for the holidays, what they cook during the holidays, etc.  I have a lot of posts planned for the month but I am going to try to do add Blogmas-type posts each week just to show what all we are up to as far as the holidays.

I have an older brother & sister – both of which are married and my brother has 4 children & my sister has two. That being said, Christmas is a super fun holiday w/all the kids and is something we all look forward to for months! We have a few traditions that we are passing down – one of which is something our parents did with us & I’ll share that later this month! Of course, now that we have Luke – we want to start some traditions with/for him- so far nothing is planned though – so let me know in the comments if you have ideas!

Also, if you are a blogger and want to join me for Blogmas – leave links in the comments so I can see what your holiday traditions, decor, meals, etc. look like and others can see them as well!

*Edited: The Neverfull Winner has been drawn: Anna Crollman. Please e-mail me in the next 48 hours to get your Neverfull at!*

Christmas trees are a major thing in my family – my sister is like a magician w/decorating Christmas trees! I always pick out all of my decor and she will come to Tulsa and actually put it on my tree. I love her decorating because it’s not your typical Christmas tree – it’s different and funky! I always go with some sort of theme – so in our living area where everyone hangs out and watches television (it is open to the kitchen) I have my traditional red & green tree. I wanted to do something unique and different so I incorporated Burberry ribbon and a more outdoorsy/country look to it.

I took the photo above on Saturday when my mom (Coco) was here. Last November I got Luke this little onesie that has a golden doodle wearing a Santa hat – so this weekend we put it on Luke and tried to get them together for a photo. So far, Fitz is really sweet w/Luke – he doesn’t really get close to him too much – but you can tell he is cautious around him. Now, Luke on the other hand is always wanting to play with Fitz & pull on his hair!

As far as decor is concerned, I will be recapping each tree in a post of it’s own over the next couple of weeks and breaking down where most everything is from… However, I will say that I get most everything from stores like Hobby Lobby, Target, Home Goods, At Home, etc. There are little home decor boutiques that I occasionally pop into and find cute little items. And I also get my wrapping paper & bows from those stores as well!

Similar plaid blankets HERE & HERE.

Luke’s beanie

Lukes’s buffalo plaid shoes

Plaid Christmas toy bag

This photo was taken right around Thanksgiving! (Seen in this post.)

My #1 favorite thing is to watch Hallmark movies. Hands down my favorite part of the holidays – which sounds ridiculous! I don’t really watch TV — ever. Just never get the time to sit down and watch anything. I used to be proud of that – as odd as it sounds. However, the past couple of months John has been like “Emily, you go, go, go all day and we never get to sit down and watch a show or movie together!”.. when he said that it kind of put things into perspective. A lot of times, I put Luke to bed and I go right back to work. Prior to having Luke, we had certain shows we watched together on a weekly basis and it was something we always looked forward to.. like we used to watch Scandal years ago and always made plans around it. Anyway, all of that to say that we have been cooking dinner on certain nights & sitting down to watch a movie. I love the cheesy, cliche Hallmark movies – they are easily my favorite. But John despises them so we have to go back & forth. He likes the ones that aren’t as low budget haha. My favorite movies so far on Netflix though are A Christmas Kiss & The Christmas Prince. I will do a whole post if you want though!! 🙂

We were shooting a gifting post a couple of weeks back and the photographer, Dale, snapped this photo of Luke bear! I love it so much – he loves that teething toy!! Also, that gifting post is REALLY great if you are shopping for a girl who has everything or is just plain hard to shop for.. I also did THIS post on easy gift ideas at different price points. So far, I’ve heard back from many of you saying that they ordered products from these posts and they were a big hit! I am so happy to hear that! I was asked by TONS of you over the weekend to do a post on gifting for guys – which is definitely a challenge!! However, I am already brainstorming and I’m going to start working on a post tonight!

Luke is obsessed w/this car! It is hysterical – he literally cracks up laughing when we start pushing him. In this pic though… he decided to pull decor off the tree! Obviously I took it from him before it went into his mouth though! 😉 Elizabeth & Robin (you’ve seen them in my snaps a ton!) got him this car last October – before we even knew the gender! I guess it was the last one left and Elle used to have this type of car so they got it anyway – but the blue works perfectly for him.

 Since I was craving something new – we decided to get a tall, skinny tree for Luke’s room. I wanted it to be boyish and woodsy so I went with buffalo plaid, tartan, and woodsy animals. I’ll be doing a full post on his room later this month and I will break down details on everything.

We snapped the photo above quickly one afternoon since we were all wearing Christmassy type PJs. I am obsessed w/babies and dogs in Christmas PJs! Fitz are from Target & Lukes are by Kate Quinn Organics.

My plaid PJs.

My house shoes.

In our formal living area is where we have the whimsical Christmas tree. I personally love that tree and will always adore it but I definitely wanted something new. However, it costs a lot to decorate a tree – the ribbon I use is not cheap so I decided to put the whimsical tree up again this year and I tweaked it a bit. I threw away some things and changed the look of it a little. I’ll do a full post on this room later this month as well!

My black & white heels.


Diet Coke ornament.

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83 thoughts on “Blog-Mas Time!

  1. Dear santa, please send this nice lady to decoraTe me for christmas and her sIster to decorate my house. I will provide extra cookies. Thanks a heap!

  2. Your baby is so cute. just wondering what happened to Jade Scott, she never post any thing anymore and I know you guys were friends. I was hoping they did not get any damage from the hurricane a few months back

  3. Love the blogmas post! I have a 4month old (she’ll be 5 mo. By xmas) so im Trying to come
    Up with new traditions of our own to start with her as well!

    Love the burberry ribbon on your tree!

    Luke and fitz together are just the cutest ever! ❤️

  4. I absolutely love the Christmas tree you put in your son’s room!!! I wish I could put one in my daughters but she is almost 11 months and would try to climb it!

  5. OMG. I love the Hallmark channel and have had it on non-stop all season. I’m not a TV person, either. I’ve been following you for a while, and really enjoy your blog. Thank you!

  6. Hi, emily! I love your blogs, i reaD them daily! I love your spin on vlogmas and would love to join you for Blogmas! I am also a Youtuber who participated in vlogtober so i know first hand that wRiting a blog post M-F & vlogging is super time consuming (i alSo work a corporate job too!). I have done a post on my christmas dEcor on & would love fo people to check it out! I sWitched up my cOlor scheme This year to have a flocked tree with rose gold, champagne and silver & am Really proud of how it turned Out! I will be doing a post later in the month on my christmas traditions as well! Keep being you, emily! You are verY motivating and inspiring in the blog world & i love watching your instastories even if you feel you are awkward (which you are not at all, btw)!

  7. Ha! I have been biNge watching Netflix Christmss movies and you just named my two favorite as well! Confession: i am new to the Hallmark christmas movie genre so please share some more you love!

  8. These pictures are so sweet and perfect for the Holidays! Little Luke is the most precious baby and together with Fitz, just pure sweetness! I love the decor and how your sister makes it eclectic but chic! can she do a video to show us how she does it including the ribbon?

    i don’t watch TV anymore except “this is us” but your post made me realize i need to carve time to watch a good Christmas movie. slowing down with family, in the coziness of well decorated home should be part of those traditions we look forward to each year. Love all of your content and how open you are with your fans! Happy holidays!

  9. Growing up, my parents always let us open one gift on christmas eve – one book that we would read together and brand-new matching christmas pjs! My siblings and I loved being able to open the early present and my mom was thankful for the nice, new pajamas for pictures in the morning. Win-win for everyone. as an adult, i kind of miss getting new pjs every year…

  10. I have a blog, wrbsite mentioned above, and i actually wrote a whOle post on traditions during the holidays. Would loVe if you checked it out. I just started blogging as a way to keep myself occupied as i have a new baby girl as well, 5 minths yesterday, so its very amature (not as beautiful as your blog sige). Thanks!

  11. OMG this will be so much fun 😀 In Sweden almost everybody starts decoration in the BEGINNING of December. Some people start decorating the day before Christmas (december 24 is when we celebrate Christmas in Sweden). I feel that I am more American so I started in the middle of November.

    Here you have a post of our Christmastree and how the Swedish Christmas food looks like:

    And in this post you can see some of the Christmas gifts that I am giving away:

  12. Great idea for a post!! Can’t wait to hear some more christmas tradition ideas, always looking for new Things to do with my faMily. Also i am so obsessed with hallmark Chanel mOvies – i just recorded the new one with jessica Lowndes

  13. Hi Emily! Love your blog. Would you share who your fav youtuberS are? Im always looking for good makeup tutorials.

  14. That cute baby of yours *insert heart eyes*
    I love your house especially during christmas time!

    thanks for sharing <3

  15. Love all the christmas tradition ideas! I feel like since starting a famiLy, i’ve Added a new christmas tradition each year. It can be so overwhelming But also so fun and rewarding with little ones!❤️

  16. I SOOOOO enjoy your posts, blog, pics, everything! You have great taste and I just love your style. as far as a Christmas tradition .. something I just started like 2 years ago and I wish I could have done it sooner, but I have a 5 year old daughter and a 17 year old son … 2 years ago, I started purchasing them a Christmas ornament for the tree. I choose an ornament based on their personality or whatever may interest them. ex: my daughter is in ballet, so last year, she got a ballerina ornament. my son plays baseball, so last year, he got a baseball ornament. its something ‘i’ can keep forever or they can have for their tree when they are older.

  17. I love your christmas trees every year! They ate so fun and full of color. I think Luke’s tree is absolutly adorable! What a perfect addition

  18. Great post!! Can’t wait to read about your TRADITIONS. Always looking for new ones to share. Luke is one lucky litte guy to parents like you and John. Your house looks so festive and welcoming!!

  19. Omg this post was too cute! I love hallmark movies, especially around this time and my husband cannot stand them! Lol

  20. Its actually a german tradition i BELIEVE but my family had a pickle ornament (green) and every year on christmas eve when the kids went to sleep they would put the ornament in a difficult to find place. after breakfast christmas morning all the kids would look for it CAREFULLY and whoever found it first got an extra little gift. $5.00 or something small. I remember always being excited about it and my husband and I now do this with our 6 niece and nephews!

  21. Omg What a cool idea!! When i was writing my blog post toDay, i Incorporated your blogmas idea (: Excited to Hear more about your family traditions!

  22. I am anxious to hear the details of the ball that You wrap full of gifts. I cant remember if it was wrapping paper or something else that you did a few years back as enterTainment for the family.

  23. Hi hi I love your trees and I know that you have your sister decorate for you but I was wondering if you could tell me what she does first .
    Do does she put on all the ribbon first it’s so hard to tell what step one is LOL thanks for your help

  24. OMG I am dying! I can’t believe I won! This post is so cute. Luke bear is so adorable! I love your family time pics. I love christmas movies as well. We watched love actually on saturday and i balled my eyes out for the 20th time haha

  25. where are your christmas trees from? how tall are they? Thanks!!! Love your decor! I also have a pink rug in my family room.

  26. HI emily,
    Thank you for sharing your outfits ideas and all other things YOU SHare. I appreciate it so much. I am a mom of triplets, IDENTICAL TWin girls and a boy (2.5 years). I want to share with you a tradition i started with them since they were born. On Thanksgiving to start with the holidays, i get them a box of holiday gifts Which contains the following: a christmas book (to encourage to read) or A book of anything they like at the moment. A christmas PJs (it’s fun to ware them), a small toy and an ornament. The BIGGEST THING here for me is the ornament. Each year the ornament has a meaning depending of what is going on that year. For example, THe first year the ORNAMENt i got them was an angel because they WERE my miracle angels that came from heaven, they were born premature at only 27 weeks old! The next year i got monkeys because they were about a year old and they were climbing into everything plus they loved bananas at the TIMe. This year i got my son a cowboy boot bc he loves his cowboy boots, he wares them with anything, even PJS…Lol. one of the girls i got her a pumpkin because we call her our sweet pumpkin AND THE OTHEr girl i got her a peanut because she is the “youngest” to be born and we call her our peanut. I put the year on the bottom of each ornament so when they move (one day) out of the house they can take that as a treasure with them and cherish it to remember each year they were with us ANd what they were into each year (getting emotional). I think THEy will love this as they get older. When they open their BOX they get SO excited and we take a pic with each kid putting the ornament in the tree. I Though i would share something FROM me to YOu 🙂
    Happy holidays emily!

  27. Love luke’s Tree! So sweet! Definitely do a post on Christmas movies, my favorites That premiered this year are miss christmas and 12 giFts of christmas! Also, love the Formal living room tree!

  28. great post! there are definitely some family traditions i will pass down to my kids once i have them. our parents never let me or my 6 siblings go downstairs to see what santa brought us until they were awake. they would wait at the bottom of the stairs (dad with the video camera) and once they started playing johnny mathis’ song “winter wonderland” we all would storm downstairs as fast as possible. it’s seriously one of the most fun memories of christmas and now that we’re all in our 20s, 30s, we still line up on the stairs christmas morning waiting for that song! best time of the year!

  29. So stunning, i loved this post. Emily, would you please do a youtube video on how your sister ACTUALLY decorates the tree, that would be amazing. Merry Christmas! xoxo Tiff

  30. Hi emIly, i was wondering if you could do a gift post for what to give guyS, like your ideas of gifts For your husband and other Family members. I think it would be a hit! I love your gift ideas and i have purchased a Few things from it. You rock girl!

    P.s.: can we Read other peoples comments in here or not? I dont seem able to…

  31. I am loving the blogmas idea! I am posting a gift wrapping party i recently had with my galpals tomorrow on my blog.

    I also have an upcoming blog on a new tradition i started with my kiddos this year (5 and 3 yr) called The giving manger. Its a book, and little manger kit with straw they get to place in the manger for baby jesus each time they do a good deed. It teaches the true meaning of christmas, and the gift of giving. we are loving it. when your precious little one gets bigger its a must.

  32. I am doing Blogmas this year on my blog! Some of our christmas traditions is that Each family does an act of kindness And brings back the story to share with each other instead of buying Lots of gifts! For example one year instead of buying presents each family buys a bike for a kid in need and thannwe bring back the story to share with The rest of the family! another christmas tradition is my mom use to always leave mcdonald plates in the tree she said santa stopped at mcdonalds before coming to our house (mCdonalds playes use to be a thing) now that we are oLder she still pUts plaTes in the tree BUT THEY are just Themed plates!! Silly traditions are always the best!! Cant wait to see what you guys come up with!! I Have a 2month old baby so i am working on coming up with some too!

  33. Kind of a cool feeling when i noticed that your fitz and my max have the same pajamas! 🙂 reallY loving The tree in lukes room, great addition!

  34. So i’M obse with the hallmark channel as well. My husband Also hates it. Haha. BUt we needed a show to watch together. My mom rEcommeNded we watch the crown on netflix. We are obsessed. You guys should check it out. I love your home and CHRISTMAS decor btw. It gives me all the INSPIRATION i need for every season. Thanks for sharing!!

  35. I cant wait to read more about each of your trees! I love content like this. Luke is precious!!! Merry Christmas to your Family!!

    Congrats to the LV winner. I aM a teacher and would have loved that for my everyday bag. : ) maybe next time?

  36. Great Idea to do a Blogmas! I love your blog, you´re such a great fashionista! Can´t wait to see more of your christmas posts! I made already a post about christmas decoration on

    Greetings from germany, cari.

  37. Loved this post! Your christmas trees are perfect. Im such a hallmark movie fan this time of year Too & ive missed so manY of the ChrIstmas movies with my crazy work scHedule, but thankfully I have them reCorded on the dvR for later 🙂 (umm.. well they are prob recording over my hubbys car shoWs lol). Also, Your sons little range rover toy car is so adorable!

  38. I used that same burbberry ribbon last year and loved it. I don’t use red every year, but it photographs so well and really pops. THis year I’m doing silver, gold, white, clear and some gray. It is totally different so we will see if it stands out enough in photos. Can’t wait to see your 2018 trees.

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