The Best of Basics For 2017

I get asked on a daily basis what my “favorites” are as far as basics or closet staples are concerned. If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably know all too well what my favorite items are as I tend to wear them TOO much! 🙂 As much I love dressing up, I also love being in basics. A good pair of flattering denim & a comfortable v-neck tee are musts when you are a busy mom & you are always on the go! Anyway, I thought I’d round up the BEST of the BASICS for 2017. Breaking it down into sections so you can see my favorite brand designer denim, tees, leggings & more.

All of the photos below are from former blog posts AND/OR Instagram posts. If something catches your eye, you can look through my IG and find the details in the caption or use the search tool in the corner. OR use the “fashion” tab and select the season!


I wear an XS in these when not pregnant and a small when I was pregnant. These leggings are easily THE best. I have tried numerous brands – including Lululemon and I can say with all confidence these are the (at least for me and my friends!). I prefer the high waisted ones just because they stay up better. As of yesterday I have a 5th pair because I wear them so frequently.  During the fall & winter months I like them with sweaters & oversized tops and athlesiure. However, during the spring & summer I don’t pack them away because I wear them to the gym. They are the only type of bottoms I can wear to the gym. They don’t ride up & they don’t fall down. In general, they are just very flattering, stay black for years and do not fade, and they don’t pill or lose their shape at all. This is actually the 3rd year I’ve worn them and would consider them a ‘best’. The past 6mos or so I’ve been living in THESE faux leather leggings. They aren’t thick like most leather leggings and have a leather look but are more of a legging feel as they are very comfortable and I *could* go to the gym in them (but I don’t!). I like them because they work to flatter your figure but also have that edgy, dressy look so you can go out in them!


I love love love BP tees. Especially their long sleeve ones. I like them because they are longer and very soft. I’m 5’7 so I like longer tops especially for basic outfits w/leggings so I go up one size in these. I always buy 2 of the black and white because I wear them so frequently. The one linked above is a new(er) style that I do not own but it is the same concept but has a side slit. I did check them out yesterday while in Dallas and they are the same material and I came close to buying an additional black one just because they are so convenient to wear. As a mom, I like to wear leggings, a long sleeve top, and tennis shoes with a sweatshirt around my waist when I a out with Luke getting groceries and running errands. These tees are $19 which is a wonderful price considering how much use I get out of them.


This is tough for me because I have 3 that I love! While pregnant, I loved the Free People ones (on sale now) – but mainly because they run large and are super soft. I still wear them occasionally really even though they are too big. But in general, I like THIS one. It is $24 and has the pocket with a side slit. But, I actually prefer this one lately – to layer under other things. It does not have the pocket & has a little softer feel – similar to the FP ones.


Hands down THIS cami is THE best of the best! I have worn these for ab 3 years now and it’s the same as the above.. I have 2 of both the white and black. I do wear these year round but I do tend to wear them more during the spring & summer & fall. They are ideal for going under cardigans, leather jackets, blazers, etc. I just recently got the satin version which is dressier and works well under blazers and business chic looks. I wear a medium in these – I have the small but they feel tight on my back so I prefer the medium.


Yikes. This one is tough because I have loved my AG jeans for a few years now. Specifically, I love AG jeans Super Skinny/Legging Ankle style. They are very figure flattering and work all year long as they hit you in the perfect spot at the ankle! At one point last year, I had 3 styles of one specific pair because they were so wonderful! Once I got pregnant and started showing I got them (when on sale) in a larger size and wore them throughout pregnancy (w/a hair tie at the end!). But, I have noticed the past 6 months or so that I have not been loving their new styles as much- though I do love these. I’ve also noticed that there are a couple of other brands that are a bit more flattering. One of the brands I’ve been wearing on the daily the past 6 months is DL1961 and I specifically like the “Insta-Sculpt” style. They are crazy flattering – they suck in your legs and just have the perfect fit. The denim pair I wear the most is HERE & the black pair I wear the most is HERE and both are on sale!


This is pretty easy for me – mainly because this past year I have purchased 5 (or more) pair of jeans from Express! I am so crazy over their denim. Last spring (while pregnant) I got THIS pair and I wore them w/a hair tie while pregnant. As soon as I got most of my baby weight off I got them in a size down. I’ve found that the ones under “legging” are my favorite, more flattering style. [PS. These are on sale for $44 buy one get one for $30 right now!] These are in my cart on their site right now though (& these but I can’t decide which pair I like best!).


My favorite shoe for not only working out but also for causal wear the HERE. I just find them to be more comfortable overall. I wear these to work out – even to Zumba & hip hop because they are just so comfortable and feel good. But I also like the look and they are light so I wear them casually often as well – even with my faux leather leggings.


For years I’ve sworn by THESE tissue turtlenecks (currently on sale!) They are light weight and soft but not see through. They are comfortable and keep you covered. I like to wear turtlenecks under jackets, coats, and even other chunky, knitted sweaters when it is super cold. However, if you are looking for a thicker turtleneck that’s more of a sweater I’d recommend this one. I have it in cream & black and wear them frequently. They are longer so they look good with leggings and they are also warm. Also, I do have 2 of THIS sweater as well – these are crazy soft and if you size up they have a little looser collar.


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28 thoughts on “The Best of Basics For 2017

  1. Hey! I love your style, obviously!! Did you just go up a size while pregnant in regular clothes or did you own anything maternity? With my daughter I had maternity which I hated it was all so frumpy but that was years ago.

  2. Two Questions for you:
    1) What do you wear under your white t shirts? My bras always show through! I can never tell on you!
    2) how do you Keep your leggings from getting those Little sticky balls of lint on them? Such a pain! I alwAys throw so many away because they look so worn after getting these.

    Thanks girl! Love your Style! Always following you for Things to buy 🙂

  3. I seriously am loving this post! I can see myself purging my closet and just bUying these high quality staples. Often times, i hoard a bunch of cheap little pieces that i never end up wearing. Having a Few key consistent pieces, that you can throw on without thinking twice about is my fashion goal for 2018! Thanks for this. I will reference back to it a ton this year! Xo

  4. Just RECEIVED my first pair of your “best black leggings” they are amazing! I’m an elementary teacher so finding something comfortable yet stylish to wear to work is sometimes a challenge, plus I’d even wear these outside of work!

  5. You are such an inspiration Emily! I’Ve beEn following you for a few years now and you are my favorite blogger. Posts like this helped me create my own closet of staples, splurges, and bargain pieces. Thank you for every post, share, and advice!

  6. I’m looking for jeans to wear with tennis shoes… for those days when I’m chasing my boys around the zoo. My ankle length skinny jeans feel odd with SNEAKERS. Baby boot?

  7. Hi Emily! Quick question….what size do you Get in the tissue turtleneck? I am your height and size and have long arms and i hate when the sleeves are too short. Just wanted to see what you go with. I know only blue is left, but i still want to give one a tRy:) Thank you greatly!

  8. I just purchaseD a pair of the black leggings and one of tHe long sleeved Tops. Can’t wait to try them! We dont Know each other perSonally, but I went to Harding too. I was in a fEw classes with John’s siSter and if I remember corRectly, john and my husband were in the same club – gamma Sigs. I dont enjoy fashion and make-Up nearly as much as you do. But Im trying to take some tips and grow in that area of lIfe! Lol! Blessings to your family!

  9. hi Em,

    Do you have any tips for washing the Zella leggings? I own them and notice they get a little pilly on the seams. I usually wash them with my darks, and hang dry.

    Any tips would be great.



  10. The picture to the left with the white turtleneck and GG belt. What shade color is that lipstick? I snapshotted the picture for the “like to know it app” but the actual shade doesnt come up, all i know is its smashboX and it looks amazing!!!

  11. HI Emily! Can you update the links on the under $100 jeans section? Two of the “these” and “This” links aren’t working. Thank you!

  12. I would really like to see more day to day posts, about how you manage everything with ease, and of course posts / updates on baby girl gemma!

  13. Happy new year!

    I’ve been thinking of trying express jeans for a while but was never sure about them! Good to know you love them

    I enjoy all of your posts but beauty and travel are my FaVorite ?

  14. For 2019 I would love to see more skin care and makeup posts! Although i love all of your posts so it makes it hard to choose!

  15. HAPPy New Year! I wish you and Your familY continueD BLESSINGS in 2019.

    My favorite post from you aRe your daily life post, as well as travel post. It may be weird, but its nice to See that someone i admire does the same day to day things as me. 🙂 I would love to see more get ready with me type of post, because your makeup and style are perfection!

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