Our 2017 Year In Review || Part 1

I love love love to read other peoples posts reflecting on 2017 & seeing their goals for 2018. For some reason, even though it is just a small look into their lives, it is very revealing to see the year in one big “picture” (or post). As a blogger, I only share a small sliver of my life. I think people follow bloggers on Snapchat / IG story and think they are seeing their entire day! But really, if you look at the timing, you only really see a couple of minutes of someone’s day total. I love using my platforms to share my beauty tips, tricks, & finds, as well as my fashion & even our travels & life as a new mom. But it is crazy because there is always so much more going on behind the scenes. That was actually something I just learned in the last quarter of 2017 which is kind of what inspired this post.

*I’m only doing the first 6 months of the year in todays post! This has taken SO long to do since I’m talking about so much so I will cover the last 6 months in a few days!*

Quickly, I thought I’d give some background on 2017. First of all,  John & I were married in 2012 – he was about to start his 3rd year of medical school. I remember we always looked forward to the year of 2017 because that was the year he would be finishing residency and we just knew “life would be so much better” in 2017! (I’m laughing out loud as I write this because I set my expectations so high!) If you’ve gone through medical school/residency, you probably know what I am referring to! During residency, you work so so much and you get paid very little so you can’t wait to finish residency & start working.  For John & me, we are very career oriented – as in we both are super driven & career focused. Due to that, we knew having children during residency may not be wise as we both worked crazy long hours. On the flip side of that, we both started to want to have kids years ago. It was tough because we wanted to start a family but we knew that with the hours we were working it just wouldn’t be wise. We more or less set a ‘timeline’ and our long term goals and we just worked towards those goals & powered through as best we could. Looking back, I am glad we did this – not to say that it ‘easy however’. I remember seeing friends have precious babies & become parents & we just longed for that. But I’ll fast forward to present day – I feel so fortunate to have been able to follow our ‘timeline’ & meet those goals. Luke was born in April of 2017 and it simply the best day of my entire life! I get asked questions from readers regularly about our route through medicine so I figured I’d touch on this. Since we wanted to start a family years ago, we decided the best time to have children (for us) would be at the end of residency. Luke’s arrival in April was perfect because my parents were able to help us as John finished his last couple of rotations. As for me, I am self employed so I don’t get time off our any kind of ‘leave’ – it was a huge blessing to have my mom around to help us the first months Luke was here. There were SO many ups & downs over this past year and if I’m going to be 100% honest, 2017 wasn’t the year I had expected it to be (based on finishing residency & all of that!). Again, I don’t want to complain but it was definitely one of the more challenging years. But I recognize that challenges are where you really grow & learn – and also help create character so for that I am grateful. Okay, without further adieu I’ll quickly go through each month of 2017 w/the high(s) & low(s) & popular posts/month in review.


In the month of January we traveled to Park City, Utah & Laguna Beach, CA. (You can click on the location in pink & it will show you all of the posts from these trips!) Looking back, January was kind of fun because my stomach wasn’t super huge (yet) and I was able to travel a little more comfortably. I think the high was probably visiting my cousins in Laguna Beach and being able to wear summery outfits & enjoy the warm weather. I can’t remember a ton from this first quarter but I do remember one day mid January when I got REALLY sick – flu like symptoms plus GERD (which was bad when I was pregnant!). Since I work for myself, I am pretty good about trying to work & stay on task despite being sick. I remember being so so sick I couldn’t leave my bed or even pick up my phone. John got the flu-like symptoms a few days later and thought he was going to die… haha!

The most popular posts/items:



In the month of February we slowed down on travel. I remember my OBGYN jokingly saying “the ‘jetsetter’ needs to need put it on pause”. We went to Maui as our ‘baby moon’ and didn’t travel really after this trip. It was a WONDERFUL trip. Neither John nor myself had been to Hawaii before. My best friend Audrey & her husband were also going to Maui on the same date coincidentally so we were able to spend time with them as well.  We stayed at the Four Seasons in Maui and I still think of the breakfast we had there each day – it was SO amazing. Our Maui trip was totally our high. Additionally, we decided to fully remodel our bathroom that month. That was a mix of lows & highs! It was a lot of work to get it all planned out and we thought it would be done when we got back from Maui but it was not even close!! We ended up having to sleep upstairs in our game room on a mattress on the floor for like 1-2 weeks! Looking back, it actually wasn’t that bad.. our game room is dark w/ a large TV (we don’t have cable in our bedroom) so it was kind of cozy up there! The reason I didn’t like it was because I like to be organized & things be in place but our house was a complete and total mess. Yet it was totally worth it in the end. [Bathroom remodel post HERE.] I also started getting dependent on baths during the month of February. If you’ve been pregnant, you may be able to relate. Luke was a very large baby and they told me at the 20w appt that he was very big and a tech even said she didn’t think his due date was correct. He was in the 90th percentile for everything! Head size, weight, everything. On top of that, I had these tumor-like things growing with him in my uterus. I forgot the name of them [John just walked in and said they are fibroids – they are not malignant] but I know it is something we couldn’t do anything about and they are not dangerous. My doctor said I’d have them again the next pregnancy. They were “built in” to my uterus and as the baby grew, the tumors grew. So here I am, with this very large baby growing inside of me plus a couple of tumors that you could actually see and feel from the outside- so not fun. But I say all of this to explain why I loved my bath time, lol! Each day around 3pm I would be a in a lot of pain and I would power through the day of working so I could get my bath time in.. it was my reward and I took a bath at like 7 each night! It was such a relief for me.

  • All of our Maui posts & outfits are HERE.
  • One of the most popular tops I wore that month is from THIS POST. My very thin & fit aunt actually took it yesterday – so it is not just for pregnant girls. 🙂
  • This swimsuit (it is not maternity) was one of the most popular items on my blog all spring!
  • And how I attempted to stay somewhat fit during pregnancy is HERE.



March was a low key month for us. John was working long hours and I was getting the nursery ready. It was a calm month which was great for prepping for a baby. We took a couple of trips to Dallas which were SO fun because I enjoy traveling and getting out. We don’t have much shopping here in Tulsa so I loved going to Dallas and shopping & they also have more restaurants! March was the month where my stomach was getting very big and nothing was fitting. It was tough on me because I didn’t wear maternity clothing – I just sized up in everything! But even my large clothes were not fitting well. When you love dressing up & fashion & even do it for a living – you don’t realize how much you love it until you aren’t able to do it as well, lol!

The most popular posts/items:



^On our way to the hospital I snapped this!

April is easy – the high was April 27 when Luke Bear made his debut! Best day of my entire LIFE. Oh I remember it like it was yesterday! I think about that day all of the time and I just cry and smile over it. Because Luke was so large – they told me at 24w that I would need a C-section. By the time April came, I was used to the idea and I wasn’t quite as intimidated. They finally scheduled it for the 27th but I thought he’d come way earlier.. wishful thinking. My parents came into town the morning of the C-section and for some reason I wasn’t too nervous. I guess I’d just had a lot of time to prepare mentally and also just in general. Everything was in our in our home, lives, etc. We got to the hospital, checked in, and I was as cool as a cucumber. Mom and dad and John were next to me and then I suddenly got REALLY nervous. The nurses started prepping me for surgery and I just got scared. But it all went by so quickly after that. They rolled me into the operating room, got my epidural going and suddenly I was not so nervous. John was able to come in as soon as the epidural was done and so did one of my close friends who was a nurse at the hospital. They each sat night to my head. Our OBGYN was so good and also really cool so he let John watch everything and take photos and so did my friend. It is really fun to see the photos. When he was taking Luke out he said “wow, you got a black headed, husky baby!!” and I just started bawling. It happened so fast and I could not believe he was out and with us finally! Sidenote – John did take photos of everything – I have yet to look at most of them. I do not do well with blood or anything like that so I can’t really look at them and may never. However, he did show me one of the tumors on my uterus and it was shocking to see it – how large it was.. and scary! As for the lows, I don’t actually have a lot of lows – I just remember the last 4 weeks being very tough on my body. I could barely ride in the car for more than 10 minutes because Luke had gotten so big that my ribs had started flipping outwards. At this point, I was taking a bath at 10am and a bath at 5pm.

The most popular posts/items:

  • This post was the most popular and I think everyone I know ended up buying the dress in it!
  • Our special baby shower post is HERE.
  • My last bump date is HERE.
  • The jeans and top from this post were SO popular for a few months.


Oh boy! May, what a month. I loved the month of May. My first month with Luke was so fun. People asked how it was recovering from a c-section w/ a newborn (+ I didn’t take time off from work) and I think my answer surprises them! It was wonderful. Recovering from a c-section and learning to care for Luke was not nearly as painful as the last month of carrying Luke. :/ I’m being 110% honest when I say this! Many of my friends inquired about how bad the c-section was because everyone talks about how bad they are and how the recovery is so much worse than a normal delivery and I can believe that. However, because of the pain I was in carrying Luke in March & April, the recovery was not bad at all (for me). My parents laugh about how a few hours after the c-section the nurse took Luke to do something and I got my computer out and took care of a couple of important e-mails while he was gone. Becoming a mother was a dream of mine & something I’d yearned for for so many years so being able to finally being a mom was a high for the month of May. Really, the only low I had was nursing – I didn’t realize how hard that was and didn’t expect it. It took a good week for me to really figure it all. I also started pumping and that was challenging as well. There’s such a learning curve to that alone in all honesty. I am sure it is different for everyone but for me I felt so much guilt when I didn’t automatically know what to do!

The most popular posts/items:


Oh this is easy! The high of June was John finishing his last rotation of residency and his residency graduation! [Insert 100 praise hand emojis here.] I’m not going to say life got easier after residency because it definitely didn’t – but it was just wonderful to close that chapter. I will say that having Luke in our lives made it 100x better! Something about having children really shows you what is most important in this life. Since I am very career oriented, I tend to put work in a higher place than it should be but having Luke really showed me what was really important & to me, that is family. I’m fortunate to have parents who are supportive of my career (and also work in education and have summers off!) so it was a huge blessing to have my mom around to help so I could continue blogging. In June John had to hit the books hard and study for his board exam so he really never got much time off after his residency. But we loved being able to do things as a family and spend quiet time together – the 4 of us.. bc you know Fitzy – he has the be in the spotlight! As for the lows I’ll be very raw and just share this – a low for me was not being able to lose baby weight. I’m one of those rare people who couldn’t lose weight, even while nursing. I had no appetite so I was making myself eat but I was eating little and my weight [& stomach size] would not budge! Err! It was really frustrating.. I had probably only lost 12lbs from the time I walked in the hospital to have Luke until June (5 weeks!) and he was 9.5lbs! You always expect to lose the weight of the baby, placenta, etc. when you get home from the hospital but it didn’t happen for me like that. I only share this because if you this happens to you – don’t worry! I found out I was eating too much protein so I totally switched up my diet until I found what worked for me and once I did that and started going to Zumba it started coming off more quickly.

The most popular posts/items:

Phew! This took me a couple of days to do!! John’s asking me to round it up so we can go get groceries and get work done so I will do July – December in a few days!

Really quickly, I just want to say a huge thank you to those of you who have followed us & have been so supportive. I know I say this a lot but it does mean the world. As I look back on these months, I can remember situations that have happened where you all have been a huge help to me and my family. You’ve shown us so much love & given us amazing advice as we became new parents. There were rough days here and there and just hearing you all say you’d been through it too was what helped me power through those rough patches. Thank you so much for always being so kind and wonderful. We love you all!

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44 thoughts on “Our 2017 Year In Review || Part 1

  1. Thank you for being so Raw with Us! this post made me Feel Emotional. I am so graTeful you choose to share your life with Us becausE i know you could keep it all fashion/business. Love you!

  2. I am expecting my second boy in April (april 22 is his due date), and seeing your recap of the year, and being about the same timing of our pregnancies, only a year apart, was really neat. i remember how i was with my first, but it was a totally different time of year – so seeing your winter to spring maternity outfit transition was really awesome! Life with a baby is so much sweeter, and I am so happy to get to share in your family’s journey. THanks for sharing! Love your blog!

  3. Happy New year Emily! I love following your blog and we were pregnant at the same time so it was great to see what you went through because mine was similar. I hope you have a great year!!

  4. Hi Emily! I love this recap. I just want to share that I have been following for a loooong time. since the days you and john were in that fabulous loft in Arkansas (I think). anyways, life is so much easier when you realize it’s hard, so thank you for sharing that it truly can be hard but have so many blessing within the mix. best wishes for 2018 and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for you and your little family. xoxo

  5. Loved the recap, and can’t wait until part 2. I was following on Insta Stories and read it as soon as it went live. Thanks for being so open and honest!

  6. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world and making my wallet a little bit lighter each you are my go-to girl for all the latest fashion and just a pleasure to watch. Keep up the great work.

  7. Hi Emily;

    I started following you right after you had baby luke last year and I loved you from that moment on! I look forward to reading your posts, your ig posts, your ig stories ect every day. thank you so much for sharing so much of your life with us, and being so open and transparent all the time. weve never met, but I know we would be besties in real life!!


    cant wait to see what the next year brings to you and your precious family!

  8. gemma family, i loved reading this update. following you over the past couple (few? four?!) years has been a blessing! it’s so lame but i feel like we’re friends, and i’m proud of yall! so much drive, determination, and love for your family and friends all while kicking butt, working hard, and remaining humble throughout it all (hello, olive garden). i can’t wait to see what 2018 brings you! happy new year!

  9. i loved this emily! so glad you took the time to write such a sweet post. what an amazing year it was for y’all! and, when i was pregnant with scarlett i took a bath like you, every single day after i got home from work and looked forward to it. still cant believe john is done residency!!! i cannot wait for that to be us one day. like you said, ready to close that chapter and move on already.

    briit | southern mama guide

  10. Emily, thank you for takinG the time to be open aNd Being so dEvoted to your followeRs! I have fun folloWing you and your precious family!

  11. Wow what an incredible year you had in 2017 – and this is only half of it! I can’t wait to see your next 2017 post!

    Want to know where to find designer pieces for less? Check out my newest post now… Blush & Bordeaux

  12. You did great. I met my husband his second year of Med school. He did his residency with an internal medical degree (with a chief residency year thrown in) and then two more years for Nephrology. I did not think we would ever be done. He moonlighted every night his chief Residency year so that I could stay home with our son. Sadly, thier work schedules don’t get much better, but they are worth it. Enjoy your family.

  13. Emily! I teared up reading April, what an amazng month for you. I just adore you, and have loved seeing luke bear grow over these last months since his birth. my heart yearns for a baby and i hope that god brings that for my husband and i this year. your family is just too cute.

  14. Luke is just adorable, lol can’t believe he was 9.5lbs, were you or john big babies at birth as well? Loved READING this post and looking forward to the next 6 months 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for writIng this post. I just had my first baby boy in august and felt liKe i was the only Woman who felt like that postpardom. I also had the worst acne of my life while pregnant and after and your skin care routine has helped me figure out how to help my skin. THank you and keep up the good worK Momma!

  16. I have followed you for years! YOU’VE always had the best style and taste in Fashion and beauty, but seeing you become a mom has definitely made you even more beautiful and fun to Follow. You are One of my favorite bloggers (along with elle). I’m not quite in the same season of life as you, but children are definitely something me and my husBand look forward to and seeing your precious little luke always makes our day! Anyway, thanks for being such an inspiration, and Being real with us with this post. You’re the best!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing emily! Im a regUlar follower and love hearing more about your perosnal liFe and lovely FamIly. Wishing y’All a happy and healthy new year?

  18. I absolutely loved this post! I read yoUr blog frequently and shop from it, but THis post was by far my favorite. I could relate to waiting for a baby, but in a different way. We been trying to add to our family for three years. Most people probably think ouR family is complete. We want more kids though and have beEn haVing issues.

    Did they end up Removing the fibriods during your c-secTion?

  19. I loved this post and cannot wait for July-Decemebr! I love looking at little snapshots in people´s lives! I actually have a post coming out tomorrow about the new year! Sending love to your family for this New Year!

  20. I just love you and your little family. You guys are the cutest! I get so much fashion INSPIRATION from you. Thank you for sharing a small piece of your life with us ❤️☺️ you give me hope that I can hang onto my style sense even if/when I ever have a little one like you!

  21. I HaVe been following you for A while noW and love Your blog! You are amazing aT what you do! I had a baby boy in April of 2017 too 🙂 happy new yeaR!! looking forWard to seeing more awesome poSts from you girl!!

  22. Loved this post! i have been following your blog for years and this was such a fun recap of the year! so many amazing things happened this year! cant wait for the next half of the year! you and your family are so adorable and it is so fun to follow along here, as well as social media! thank you for sharing and always being open! xo

  23. THank you so much for being so honest! I had our baby boy in september and i had a simiLar pregnancy and was so uncomfortable!! I actually had to have a c section at 33 weeks cause my baby boy was running out of amniotic fluid! I think pregnancy and having a baby is the best thing ever!! I faced the same lows you did, breast feeding was not my thing and the weight wasnt coming off lol but it is All worth it! i think 2018 will be amazing cause i feel like we truly endured and now we can just have the best time wih our little families!! I am truly grateful God Lead me to starting a blog and reading yours cause its sCenArios like this that allow me to connect with other good christian women!! Happy new year and may god bless you in 2018!!! Cant wait for part 2!

  24. Emily,

    This is such an amazing post. I usually follow your ig and dont get to read too many of your blogs, but i enjoyed how transparent you are as a blogger and as a mother. As a 21 year old, i am able to look up to you and your family as a great example of a strong christian, two parent working household That i would someday like to have. You and JoHn are an inspIration.
    Thank you for The example you set,


  25. Thank you for the post! i started following you this summer so it’s fun to go back with you! you’re my fav blogger because you keep it real and are so relatable! I look forward to the next one!

  26. I loved reading about the first 6 months of 2017! You are one of the first bloggers I started following and love watching your journey 🙂 2018 will be a great year for you and your family!

    P.s. my husband and my wedding anniversary is the same day Luke was born!!

  27. This was fun! it reminded me of the journey i took with you this year! hope you continue to conquer great things in 2018!

  28. Emily, THIs is by far my favorite post of yours. don’t get me wrong, i consider you my personal shopper, but it is so nice to see who you are and to know that you are like the rest of us, having your ups and downs. i never knew much about your birth story, nor the struggles you had nursing/losing weight. i am a mother of 2 and am struggling to maintain a pregnancy for my much desired third child (however, if i am only meant to have 2, then i consider myself blessed to have the 2 i have). 2017 was a rough year for me, and while i know you have to put that disclaimer in that you hate to complain, there is something so real about sharing your story… it connects you with your readers on a whole new level. thank you for sharing, i am really looking forward to reading the next 6 month update. here’s to 2018!!

  29. Love this post! I had my daughter 3.5 years ago, and I enjoyed reliving the pregnancy experience and new motherhood through this post! You are in such great shape. I know you said you do Zumba, but I am curious, did you have an issue with a cesearean shelf? I have one, just this little bit of pooch on my abdomen that I haven’t been able to lose. My doctor told me that I would not lose it, no matter how much I worked out. Do you have the c-shelf, as they call it? You always look amazing, and I’m wondering how you lost it (if you ever had it, that is). Thanks, Hannah!

  30. This has got to be my favorite post BY FAR!!! Thank you for sharing this with us and being so transparent. Much blessings to you and your family.

  31. As i was reading this post, i saw so may similarities with our pregnancy. My son was 9.6 lbs and am currently 5 months postpartum and am still siting at the 12 lbs mark. Like you said, a 9 lb baby and placenta, plus fluids and i only get 12 lbs. i am currently eating a high protein diet and because of this post, i am messaging my trainer/nutritional person! Thank you so much for Including all of the rawness!

  32. lOVED THIS! SO excited for the last half of the year. I am right around the same due date this year that you were last year so your maternity and pregnancy posts are 2nd to the bible recently. all the ups make the downs fade away. happy 2018 to you and the boys!

  33. Hi Emily,

    Thank you for this post. Id commented on instagram recently how much your posts have cheered me during my pregnancy. I gave birth sunday via c section (not planned) that resulted in some seVere complications. Ive been told By My doctors and read that swelling in the feet/ankles/legs due to the iv fluids (Edema) after birth and especially a c sectioN is common side effect. I was wondering if you dealt with this, and if so, if you have any tIps to help the swelling go down? Thank you! ❤️️

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