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Get Ready With Me For Valentine’s!! [Tory Burch Bags 30% Off?!]


Tory Burch Fleming Shoulder Bag ($450 – on sale for $280)

You all may remember that we got our Nespresso from eBay as a Christmas present [& I love it, but I need you all to recommend flavors – leave a comment!!]. Since then, we have used eBay to purchase SO many things. I know it is totally random but I am back talking about eBay! Growing up eBay was more of a place to buy things used & to bid on items but now it is a completely different type of site. I think 81% of the site is new merchandise & 88% of the site is ‘buy it now’ instead of bidding. Just thought I’d cover that super quick before I jump into some really good news… 🙂

The good news being that.. umm.. you can buy new Tory Burch bags (and other items) on sale up to 30% off on eBay!(!!!!!) I reviewed a couple of my Louis Vuitton bags on my blog a few weeks back and had some requests for bags under $500. My first thought was Tory Burch! Tory (lol, I say it like she’s my friend!) makes the most beautiful, high quality bags that are on trend, super functional, & a fraction of the cost of a Chanel/Celine/Louis Vuitton/etc. I really believe her cross body bags are the best ‘dupe’ for a Chanel bag – not that they are really a dupe since Tory Burch bags are designer as well. You have probably noticed that any time I carry a Chanel bag I always link a Tory Burch version as ’similar’ since they do have similar styles. Overall, I love that you can stay under $500 and get a beautiful designer bag that is practical & gorgeous. The pink Tory Burch bag in the photos above is sooooo perfect for Valentines or just every day, lol! The soft pink color is the perfect shade for the spring & summer months – and also just a great way to  get a pop of color into your wardrobe if you wear a lot of naturals like me! 🙂 Sidenote – I am obsessed w/this suede olive green TB cross body, too! It is on sale for $362! Also, if I had to recommend ONE bag for a mom or a busy working woman- it would be THIS one – I love the color since it goes w/black & brown but the tote shape is SO perfect for carrying around extra items like diapers, wipes, snacks, etc – or for travel!!

This promotion does end on February 14 so take advantage today if you can!

PS. I will link my other favorite Tory Burch items in the widget below.


Thanks to eBay for sponsoring todays post.

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23 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me For Valentine’s!! [Tory Burch Bags 30% Off?!]

  1. The Styled Collection you often blog about is horrible. I ordered a necklace and it came completely broken, not to mention it was super cheap looking and feeling. they were shady about helping me so I disputed the charge with my bank. what a pain. just thought you would want to know. love your blog. thank you.

    Sara saunders

  2. can you share your top and sunglasses fRom your insta story on valentines day ?? I love the top and shades you have on when your opening the belt from john!!??

  3. What is the color name for your pink Tory Burch handbaG. When I go to the site, it shows a much paler neuTral pink. I love the color you have. Thanks!

  4. Hi Emily! love this post! if you haven’t tried the nespresso gran lungo pods, try them. my hubby loves that they are a cross between coffee and espresso….his fave flavor is alflorazio. He loves the altissio espresso pods too 🙂 please let us know how your vampire facial turned out….are you happy with results? can’t wait to hear!

  5. Hiii! Where is your pink mUles from? It’s the one you are weAring on The 5th picture posted above 🙂 i love your page and i just bought that pink mango tory burch bag!

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