Disney!!! Okay, if you follow on social platforms, you probably saw that my family did our re-occuring Disney trip this spring break! [See all of our Disney posts HERE & even more on my Instagram/Highlights] So, first of all, my family is all in education for the most part so we decided right after John and I were married that we’d do a Disney trip every other spring break as a family. We went in 2013 and then again in 2015 but we were not able to go last spring break because I was pregnant and John was still a resident and didn’t have a flexible schedule. SO! We got to go this year which I think was even better because it’s Luke’s first Disney trip! My family goes all out for these trips – my sister is a master planner and makes all plans and reservations a year ahead of time. She takes it so seriously! My brother and sister both have young kids so they looooove Disney! The Disney Baby products featured in this post were provided as a part of a paid partnership with Disney Baby.

The one thing I was most excited about for this trip was finding cute Disney Baby outfits for Luke. It honestly is not as easy as you’d think – I think because he is a baby boy and there are more things for girls really. I was connected with Disney Baby, who asked if I’d like to partner to talk about their new toys and apparel at Kohl’s and I was like “yes! Please!”. I picked out the little outfit he has on in the photos – but it also came with a cute white onesie. The little hat was a bit snug.. 🙂 He has always worn hats sized for babies a year older than him. I honestly loved the hat so much – it made the outfit but he was not going to have it! I also got these ADORABLE Freshly Picked Mickey moccasins and everyone is SO obsessed. We already love FP moccs because they are adorable and they actually stay on – but these Mickey ones are to-die-for.

On a side note, you may notice the Go-Grippers toys in the photos – this is the one toy that is a must for a baby. Last fall my mom took Luke to run some errands while I was working and she came home with Go-Grippers – and they were in the car seat with Luke. She said that they were checking out and another kid had one and Luke couldn’t take his eyes of it – so she bought one. And boy-oh-boy! She made a smart purchase because that little Go-Gripper has about had it! I was thrilled when I saw they made Mickey & Minnie ones now though. He likes to use them as cars now but around 6mos he just wanted to hold it and squeeze the plastic part and play with the wheels. I was honestly shocked when she showed me – I thought “oh dear! Another toy!” and she proved me wrong. We always travel with them, keep one in the diaper bag, and we keep them in a couple of rooms in our house. Sorry for the long winded post on baby toys but I had to share because I get so many questions about the best toys and what Luke actually loves!

MY OUTFIT DETAILS: Swimsuit | Cover-Up | Sunglasses | Necklace | Earrings

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