TOP: A.N.A. | DENIM: Levi’s | WEDGES: Liz Claiborne (love the nude version!) | NECKLACE: similar style | BAG: Free People [similar styles HERE & HERE] | SUNGLASSES: Quay [similar style]

A few weeks back I did a post with Fenty Beauty / Sephora in JCPenney and wore a few tops from JCP and had a ton of people e-mail and comment saying that they would if I did posts like that more frequently. To be honest, it is kind of easy to access a JCP in Oklahoma because… we have them! Lol! We do not have much shopping at all – I do a large part of my shopping when we are on a trip in a large city or online. The mall that I enjoy shopping at in Tulsa has a JCP and I always park near it to go into the mall [read: bc it is closer to Sephora!]. Anyway, I noticed that they carry a variety of Levi’s jeans which I love!! First of all, the Levi’s jeans are crazy popular and on trend right now – and the best part is that they aren’t over $100! Right now JCPenney is doing a BOGO on them.

All of that ^ to say that I went in over the weekend and was determined to get a complete outfit [jeans, top, shoes] for around $100. It ended up working out because they are running a promotion and you can get 60% off if you spend over $100. (Or 40% off if you spend over $40!) I was actually shocked that I was able to get the Levi’s jeans, the wedges, & top for around the $100 mark.

I am going to link a few of my favorite jeans on the site and some wedges in the widget below so you can see other items I love and they are also super affordable.

Thanks to JCPenney for sponsoring todays post.

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12 thoughts on “A Full Spring Outfit Under $110

  1. I love this outfit! A.N.A. has some beautiful tops, I always kind of wrote JC PEnney off, but the one in my town got a Sephora in it during the past year so I started going in there a lot, and I was so surprised at how many cute clothes I found!

  2. Great post. I think real style is more about the “how” then the “what.” Meaning, I don’t think you need to spend a ton of money to look modern and stylish.

  3. So the jeans that you linked dont have the same drop hem that i was looking for. Could you link the exact ones? Thanks! Love the shoes too!

    1. Ah the may be sold out if they are no longer showing up as an option on that link! 🙁 Maybe they will restock!