My Sephora VIB Shopping Haul [Items You May Not Think About]


I always look forward to the Sephora VIB sale SO, sooooo much! [15% off of your purchase!] My Sephora love is a problem.. similar to the problem I have w/Reeses eggs around Easter, lol! I remember last spring when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, I would go to Sephora like 4x a week! I couldn’t fit into any clothing, I couldn’t wear anything cute, but by-golly, I was always up for a new lipstick or bronzer!!

Any who, I placed a huge order online and I have also gone to Sephora 3x since last week! I am trying to stock up on things I use regularly [e.g. shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc.] while also use the discount to try new products for summer. Also, I did a little bit of splurging. 🙂 One of the luxury items in my house is my Joe Malone hand soap. It’s like $40???? A little boujee in my opinion. Because of that I am so stingy with it! But goodness, it leaves your hands smelling so good AND their packaging is elegant and not a totally eye sore, ya know?!? I also love their perfumes as well. The fragrance I always get is ‘Peony & Blush Suede’. SOOO, my splurge…. was buying an extra hand soap, the bath oil, AND the body creme! I’ve only been able to use the bath oil & body creme once but I definitely don’t have any regrets. Sidenote – these are both great gift ideas for someone who is hard to shop for – like the friend who ‘has it all’!

Okay, so my acrylic cart is full of makeup that I love that is available at Sephora. I honestly was mind blown because I have like 4 foundations I love… and 4 bronzers… and one mascara… and 3 highlighters… and 2 primers… and oh-my-stars!! Keep in mind, I have a lot of makeup that didn’t make this cart! So, anything in the cart is something I love and wear regularly! I’m struggling to narrow down this post and give it a ‘theme’ – like “best skincare” or “best foundation” so this will be pretty generalized. I’m really just zoning in on a few favorites you may have missed, ya know?!

Also, if you have a specific category you’d like covered – please leave a comment and I will do dedicated posts to those topics! 🙂


#1 JOE MALONE ANYTHING! || But really, the hands soap, perfume, candles, bath oil, etc. All amazing and they are pricy so now’s the time if you are wanting to try something by Joe Malone. I have heard great things about the diffusers, too but I opted to try the the bath oil and the body creme. Again, ‘Peony & Blush Suede’ are my favorite scents. This is a high quality product and lasts and wears well! My mom always takes my travel sized bottles of the perfume and the other day I said “mom! Why do you smell so good?!” and she gave me a sneaky grin. 🙂

#2 CANE & AUSTIN RETEXTURIZING PADS || I just started using these the past couple of months and I really, really, REALLY like these. I use the 10% Glycolic Acid and I can see a difference. I am ALL about resurfacing my skin and getting a smooth texture so when I heard about these I figured it was worth a try. I am SO thrilled and I am trying to get John to use them as well! I’d actually recommend just reading the reviews because you get a good feel of what they will do and what strength you will need. I didn’t want to go too strong so I started small.

#3 MARC JACOBS PRODUCTS || Marc Jacobs makes some of THE best makeup, ever! About 3 years ago I was introduced to the reMARCable Foundation and I have never left it fully. AKA. when times get tough, I go back to this foundation. This is what I used pre-Accutane back when my skin was super oily, scarred, covered in blemishes, etc. and I still got compliments on my makeup. It is concentrated so a little goes a very, very long way- but boy it will cover ANYTHING and it will stay put. Also, their lipstick ‘Fawn Over Me’ came in PR a few months ago and I love it so much. SO much that when I lost it at Disney World I was like “John!!! It’s gone!! I have to go get more!” LOL. #drama But really, each time I wear it on my IG stories I get a bazillion questions. It’s my favorite shade out of that collection.

#4 ALTERNA PRODUCTS || For YEARS I’ve used Alterna products on my hair! I remember it was not a brand that was on the radar at all and I randomly tried it because a Sephora employee/friend knew I was on the hunt for something new and said to try it. Now, every blogger is using the line. It’s an incredible line in general. The product that no one is really aware of that I am swearing but is the Kendi Line – I go through a bottle of this Kendi Oil every 5 weeks or so! It makes my hair SOOO stinking shiny and smooth + it smells amazing.

#5 IGK PRODUCTS || IGK has only been on my radar for the past 6 mos and I’ve tried a few products – some are majors hits and a couple I wasn’t obsessed with.. but the one product that is a STAND OUT product is THIS First Class Dry Shampoo. Woah, mama! After 15+ years of washing my hair daily or every other day, I did Accutane and it stopped oil production. [PRAISE THE LORD!] However, I am back to producing a little bit of oil lately. I do not like washing my hair because.. well you guys know.. it’s a commitment.. a production… etc. Like washing my hair alone is something I mentally prep for, haha! Anyway, I do wash my hair every 7 days now. I have a few dry shampoos I love but I bought this new one in Miami and HOLY GUACAMOLE. It is the REAL deal. I showed it on my IG story last week. Basically, I sprayed it throughout my roots on the top of my head and I let it set for a few minutes. Then I began rubbing and messaging my head where it was getting really white [like look gray] and as I messaged it in the white disappeared. I pulled my hair into a clip and spent ab 25 minutes doing my makeup and when I took my hair down – I ab died! It worked WONDERS.. considering I’d been traveled to Miami, gotten a spray tan, walked miles and miles in the heat, been to the pool & beach and the result looked like my hair was freshly washed. The best part… VOLUME. I posted a photo on my IG and everyone was commenting wanting to know the product because it made my hair look so much better. There are different levels of this dry shampoo collection and this was the strongest level. It has charcoal in it and the description says  that the charcoal powder lifts dirt and build up WHILE absorbing oil or sweat. Sephora’s site says it is ‘heavy duty’ and I can’t agree more. A girl in the comments of my IG recommended another girl a different dry shampoo [I own it] and I was like “ahh! These are two different levels!”. This dry shampoo is intense – its not like the others you’ve tried. They do have travel size bottles so if you are nervous – try that first!

#6 KEVIN AUCOIN PRODUCTS || Oh my stars! I was fortunate to go back stage of a show at New York Fashion Week where his team was doing the model’s makeup. At the time, I’d never tried any KA products so I didn’t quite understand how fortunate I was to be in this position. Kevin Aucoin makeup is SO good and the price reveals that… but I promise the concealer is the one thing that is a MUST. It’s a small little pot but it will last over a year – even with using it daily. It’s AMAZING. I heard about it because apparently at one point Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist would mix it w/a primer and she wore it as a foundation. I was warned that it was powerful and to use only a tiny amount – which was great advice. I use my finger and dab a tiny bit under my eyes and it covers completely and it STAYS. It doesn’t budge or look dry at all! My mom is 56? I think and she kept using mine so I just bought her her own – it is what she wears each day as well.

#7 SETTING POWDERS || Okay, I buy into every setting powder on the market. I literally own them all and I do like most of them! However, I saw a Casey Holmes rave about the Peach Perfect Setting Powder so I caved and now I am totally on board. I get the hype 100%! First of all, I am dry skinned so I was worried I wouldn’t like it since it’s for mattifying BUT it does not dry you out! It’s beautiful – flat out beautiful. Leaves your skin looking smooth & airbrushed. And I’m not gonna lie – the smell is one of the best parts.


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19 thoughts on “My Sephora VIB Shopping Haul [Items You May Not Think About]

  1. omg i love this post! it helps so much to know what is worth splurging on…um could you do a post on your lipsticks? i think you mentioned you got some at this vib sale but didn’t mention any!

    xoxo thanks!

  2. best sale of the year! I just pulled the trigger on the ysl éclat primer courtesy of your recommendation in previous posts!

  3. Hi Emily!
    Love your blog! What are your opinions on la mer Skincare? I always am tempted to splurge during these sales – but not sure if its more of the name i want!? Or if its truly that good!! If you like it, What are your top 2 products !? Thanks so much!! ?

  4. I need the Peach perfect setting powder (out of stock right now)! I have ordered a ton of stuff, this sale is the best!

  5. So many great products i need to try! I love marc jaCobs products! Fawn over me is the best! Question: Can you link your shirt? I am in love with it!

  6. Hi Emily! Love your blog and I follow you on other social media accounts. I tried to post in Instagram, but my comment got messed up. Have you ever done a tutorial of how you apply your under eye concealer? I love how your makeup Always looks so smooth and bright under your eyes. I just bought the Kevin Aucoin concealer and I would love to see how you apply it! THanks!!!

  7. I was wondering if you COUld do a makeup collection and storage post. Like how you store the products you like but not enough to put in the acrylic tower. Or just getting to see your makeup collection in general. your insta story about the lipsticks you got in PR is like makeup goals! anyways love your blog!

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