SWEATER: Free People | SHORTS: Articles of Society [highly recommend – $49] | SANDALS: Jeffrey Campbell | NECKLACE: The Styled Collection c/o | SUNGLASSES: Chloe [dupes HERE] | WATCH: Michele | BRACELET: The Styled Collection | BAG: Louis Vuitton [reviewed it in a post HERE]

This outfit was one of my favorite while in Cali! I put this on my IG one day and said this outfit was my favorite season… the oversized sweatshirt w/short weather is seriously my favorite! The weather in Laguna was so nice – it was chilly but in the sunshine it was a little warmer and felt so amazing! I know I wear these shorts ALLLLL the time on here – I think I’ve worn them in like 50 posts this spring, lol! But really, I say it all of the time – they are SO good. And affordable!

In other news, John is off work today so we are going to pack up and go on a little road trip! I am excited to get some quality family time in with he and Luke! We have had SOO much going on the past 10 days – like sooooo many things going on at once. It has been wild! And I feel like it just got worse and worse – but nothing actually ‘bad’. Yesterday was the Monday of all Mondays – it was actually comical because at one point there were like 10 random people in my house trying to help fix 3 different problems. First of all, if you saw my IG stories you may have seen that I had printer issues which turned into a whole new level of issues! [See stories to understand that!] And then a girl was here last week and touched a light fixture which caused for a whole section of lights to go out within our home. So I had to have our electrician come over- after a weekend of not having much ligh. And then a girlfriend accidentally backed over our mailbox last week [which was not a big deal at all] but  we have to have a certain style/brand mailbox in our neighborhood – from a specific place. Well, the guy who installs them went MIA for a little while so we weren’t getting our mail for a few days. Lol, what made this whole thing so funny is that John jokingly tried to duck tape it! It is like a huge heavy, steel mailbox! And people who come over are like “did you knock it down and then try to duct tape it?!” Ha! Anyway, it has just been one of those kind of funny weeks where you are basically laughing because none of it is bad, it is just a lot of extra things on top of an already busy work week – and all you can do is laugh and be grateful that it isn’t anything worse!  John has been super busy and gone a lot with work so I was relieved that I didn’t have to get ready and do photos throughout all of this chaos!! Thank goodness we did these while in Cali because I really wanted to share this outfit here.

Okay, totally rambling… but that’s because I have to pack and I’m procrastinating! But we have to hit the road soon soooo… Hope you all have a good day!

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