10 Sephora Recent Must-Haves

#1 Marc Jacobs Finish-Line Coconut Setting Powder || I am a huge Marc Jacobs fan so I was excited when this was released! I ran out and purchased it so quickly. It is a hydrating, setting powder. It doesn’t make your skin look dry or chalky – but very matte. It gives a very soft, matte, but glowy finish. It is also long wearing which is why I love it – it wears like this up to 8 hours! I use it on top of my foundation to keep it locked down and not cakey/creasy!

#2 Cover FX Power Play Foundation || Oh. Em. Gee! I got this kind of randomly.. I had seen reviews on YouTube and was on the fence because some love it and some don’t love it. Personally, I am obsessed! It is not as full coverage is it claims to be at all – but it dries matte and doesn’t necessarily need to be set. I actually mix it with a drop of a full coverage foundation and then apply and it looks very natural and skin-like. If you have great skin but produce oil – you will really like it and be able to wear it totally alone all summer! It is supposed to be full coverage, transfer proof, have blurring technology, and be shine free – I do find that most claims are true w/exception of full coverage. Granted, I have textured skin w/dark spots and scarring so I like to really cover that all up!

#3 Belief Moisturizing Eye Bomb || I saw this product on Casey Holmes YouTube channel and she raved about it more than once so I knew it was a true hit for her. I went online and noticed that it has almost 5 stars on the reviews which is amazing considering it has over 1000 reviews! It is great for any skin type and is very gel-like so it kind of just soaks right into your skin to hydrate and bring life to that area!

#4 Olehenrikson Cold Plunge Pore Mask || OOOOOhhh my word! Okay, this stuff. Well, I got it in a PR package randomly a coupe of weeks ago. I have a little box where I store my “try” products. Since I blog about beauty a lot I am constantly testing out new items. This was at the top of my list to try because it says “Pore Mask” and I have some serious pore issues. Over the past 4 years I have improved them by taking really good care of my skin and doing accutane helped however – there are days where my skin is better than others. If I get ‘lazy’ and don’t mask for a couple of weeks I notice my skin looking dry and more porous. ANYWAY, a YouTuber that I love, Amanda Ensing, tweeted something about how amazing this mask is the same day I received it. I sat it on my bathtub to remind myself to use it that night and I literally am in loveeeee! It has a very cold, tingly feeling – it is amazing. It gives you the most refreshed feeling while you wear it but when you wash it off helps smooth out your skin a ton. It claims to help reduce the appearance of pores, control oil, & smooth the texture of your skin. I am a huge fan – especially during this summer heat!

#5 Boscia Sheek Masks || I’ve been a Boscia sheet mask fan got a couple of years – mainly the hydrating ones. But they have a new one that I really like that ‘provides deep hydration for baby soft skin’! What caught my eye in the store was that it had an oil in it that helped hydrate more deeply which I desperately need. The oil seems to absorb into the skin better [deeper] and give a smoother, more hydrated look, ya know?! If you are looking for a hydrating mask – definitely give one from Boshia a try! I’ve been ‘masking’ a lot more the past couple of weeks and I use a few different brands [rotate through them!] and I see a difference.

#6 Touch in Sol Glitter Eyeshadow || Okay, this is not necessarily new but I am back on using it every.single.day and when I do, I get a lot of compliments! Its one of my favorite glitter/pigment shadows because it is very metallic and it stays put and looks gorgeous. I am always trying glitter shadows for my lid and I notice they wear off quickly or they don’t necessarily ‘pop’ as much as I’d like. This one actually stays put & looks good! I’ve only ever used the ‘gold’ shade so I can’t say which color is my favorite but I always re-purchase the gold!

#7 Sol de Janeiro Glow Oil || OKAY. This product is a MUST for summer. It smells phenomenal- every one of my friends and family who have come over to the house have tried it and been obsessed w/it as well. Its an oil so it softens your skin and gives a bronzy/glowy effect since it has glitter in it, however it is not obnoxious or messy. The glitter does transfer a bit but it isn’t the regular glitter, its tiny and isn’t messy by any means. I wear it quite a bit but mainly because the smell is so unreal and it leaves your skin so soft.

#8 IGK First Class Dry Shampoo || Not new – I raved about this product here before and on my IGstories but I have to mention again because it is just THAT good. Everyone I know how read the last post and purchased this has told me that they are crazy about this too!

#9 Tatchy Dewy Skin Mist || I typically buy this in the travel bottle and use most when I am traveling. It’s very dewy so it is great for dry skin – and my skin gets more dry when I travel! I use it to set my makeup just to melt it all together and give a more natural effect! It’s a little pricy so I don’t use this daily or regularly though.

#10 Cane & Austin Glycolic Facial Pads || Again, not totally new. I got these in March and mentioned them once before but I have to shout them out again because many of you found me through my accutane posts. These are so great if you have texture or pores OR if you want to keep that top layer of skin new, fresh & glowy. In my words [lol], the acid more or less eats away at the dying/dead top layer of skin – kind of like a great exfoliator!

A couple of months ago I did a post about a Sephora haul on what all I purchased and I got a lot of great feedback SO I thought I’d update and share a few other recent favorites! Also, a couple I have mentioned before but I just thought I’d share again because they are *that* good and need an extra mention/update. I loooooveeee going into Sephora when home but I actually really love it when we travel to larger cities because there are new brands to try and check out. Annnnd I almost always forget something when we travel and John is pretty much just used to it! Anyway, lately I have been shopping Sephora online a lot because you can see the top rated items- which is a great way to discover new brands/products. Typically, I discover new products like that OR through a YouTuber!

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