With Mother’s Day coming up [this weekend!], I have had several requests for a blog post about Mother’s Day gifts. It actually got me to thinking about the ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day gift and for me it would be a day at home w/my family where we turn off our phones and just relax and spend time together. No cooking, no getting ready, just pure quality time! It’s definitely my love language though – so its no surprise that this was the first thing that came to mind! So many moms are busy working, getting themselves & their children ready, cooking, cleaning, — wearing SO many hats and sometimes the best gift is just keeping it simple, ya know?! So I’m thinking a great gift for Mother’s Day is to skip brunch and stay inside! And don’t make the Mama cook or do dishes, lol!

I am actually teaming up with Allswell today and they are doing a “Ban The Brunch” campaign similar to this idea! It’s all about celebrating Mother’s Day and giving the mom a chance to not have all of the responsibility – to just brunch in bed, instead! I am 100% a fan of this – we rarely ever get a day to hang out together as a family – just John, Luke, Fitz, & me. In addition to all of this though, I was able to work with Allswell to update our bedroom and give it a bit of a “makeover” if you will.Since we moved into our home I have changed our bedding each spring – sometimes just a simple duvet cover change or just a change in pillows. This spring, I opted to give the room a simple, clean look. I ordered a new duvet  from Allswell for my new linen duvet cover! Also, instead of having several large pillows, I opted for Allswell’s white Euro shams and Euro pillows. It changes the room just enough but leaves it looking simple & neat. Additionally, we got one of their mattresses – the Luxe Classic Memory Foam mattress. The mattress is 12 inches tall and has a built in plush topper. The best part is that the fabric that encloses the mattress has a cool feeling – which we love! [Ours is the medium-soft version in the Supreme Queen size!]

Anyone else have the same love language and love this idea?! Staying in and not getting out on Mother’s Day?! Let me know in the comments!

Right now Allswell is giving a special code so that you all can get $100 off of your mattress purchase – the code is BANTHEBRUNCH. The code expire on May 31, 2018.

Thanks to Allswell for sponsoring todays post.

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    1. I e-mailed you a response but this mattress is way different than the SN. The two are very different and are for different needs and budgets.

  1. Hi Emily,
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